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In the later years of World War II, Baron Von Strucker created an organization known simply as HYDRA. He divided HYDRA into two branches Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) and the Secret Empire. The division known as AIM began as a group of scientists whose purpose was to design weapons for HYDRA.

A.I.M. was responsible for creating the Cosmic Cube, the Super-Adaptoid and MODOK.


AIM was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Team Evolution

Under the umbrella organization known as THEM, Strucker directed the terrorist operations of the Secret Empire, Hydra, and AIM, with a “Scientist Supreme” serving as the head of AIM’s own ruling council. When Strucker seemingly perished in the destruction of Hydra Island, AIM broke all ties with the Secret Empire and Hydra. The organization eventually succeeded in overthrowing the government of the Caribbean island-nation of Boca Caliente, rechristening it “AIM Island.” However, in recent years, AIM has been plagued by infighting amongst various factions vying for control of the organization. MODOK and Monica Rappcini have fought for the title of Scientist Supreme, a third faction known as Radically Advanced Ideas in Destruction ( RAID) broke away to serve the Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), while a fourth called Advanced Genocide Mechanics (AGM) surfaced in the Congo.

AIM has fought against many superheroes and villains alike. And is the focal point of a continuing investigation by SHIELD. SHIELD even raided a secret android processing facility in the Florida swamps that was funded by AIM. AIM retaliated by raiding SHIELD's base of operations in New York. And as a result, AIM's base was utterly destroyed.

Major Story Arcs

AIM hired Batroc the leaper to steal for them a substance known as Inferno 42. They also sent a chemical android to dispose of both Steve Rogers and Nick Fury.

AIM has also at one point captured Iron Man to try and reproduce his famous armor.

AIM is responsible for infecting Betty Ross with Gamma Radiation and turning her into the Harpie.

For a short time, a power shift in AIM resulted in the faction splitting into two groups the Blue faction and the Yellow Faction. These two factions did battle even dragging Deathbird into the fray. The Yellow faction captured Thing and Namor for study. The Blue faction tried to re-create the Cosmic Cube. But currently neither faction seems active, they seem to have become one unit again.

AIM succeeded in murdering M.O.D.O.K. when they hired the Serpent Society.

AIM has used jets to assault the West Coast Avengers compound. They launched a microbe into the Stark Space Station.

AIM has attempted to steal the Quantum Bands from Quasar.

AIM has recently become a techno-anarchist group and is no longer affiliated with HYDRA. They also helped in the creation of the Red Hulk.

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