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Anesthesia & her father.

Anesthesia is a Sleepwalker/human hybrid, with a human father and a Sleepwalker mother. She was raised in the Mindscape, the Sleepwalkers' home dimension, where lies and deception do not exist. On Earth however, her father sleeps in a comatose state. Monica Rappaccini, Scientist Supreme of A.I.M., promised to help him in exchange for Anesthesia's assistance in A.I.M.'s endeavors.

Major Story Arcs

Stealing Heaven

Under Rappaccini's orders, Anesthesia infiltrated the Infinite Avengers Mansion through the sleeping mind of Eric O'Grady, the current Ant-Man, in order to steal a device created by Hank Pym called Heaven. This device was a virtual reality dimension intended to act as a utopian, heaven-like experience for the consciousness of Pym's deceased friend, Bill Foster. A.I.M. intended to reverse-engineer this device to unlock its secrets, a process that would inadvertently destroy Bill Foster.

When Pym and O'Grady followed Anesthesia back to A.I.M.'s base, she realized she was being used by Rappaccini when it was clear the Scientist Supreme was more concerned with capturing the two intruders than she was with the welfare of Anesthesia's father. She therefore bargained with O'Grady, promising to free him form Rappaccini's trap in exchange for taking her father to safety, only to be duped again when O'Grady zapped her into unconsciousness once he was free.

After waking back up, she tried to escape A.I.M.'s flying headquarters while the Avengers battled A.I.M.'s forces, but wasn't strong enough to lift him. O'Grady offered to help her, but she now refused to trust him and remained on board the A.I.M. ship as Pym teleported it to Earth-9939, an alternate future conquered by the power-mad being known as Charnel. This bleak future was one where barbarism ruled, science was dead, and A.I.M. was ultimately responsible for it all.

Powers & Abilities

Anesthesia's Warp Gaze.

Anesthesia's main Sleepwalker-based power is her Warp Gaze. This vision-based power can essentially alter reality on a small scale, allowing her to alter and twist physical objects to suit her needs, whether this means crumpling a steel door into a ball, making a hole in a stone wall, or making objects float in front of her. She can also use this gaze to break a foreign entities control of a human's brain.

She is also able to levitate herself off the ground rather effortlessly, but carrying anything other than herself seems to be beyond her limits. Like all Sleepwalkers, she can also travel to, from, and through the Mindscape using another person's unconscious mind.

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