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Variant Threat Response Battle Suit

Tony Stark first build this armor to combat the villain Masters of Silence, a trio of warriors with armor designed to negate Stark's standard Iron Man Weapon Systems. When Stark faked his death he left an upgraded (and slightly altered) War Machine Armor for his best friend, James Rhodes.


  • Repulsors
  • Wrist-mounted twin barrel cannons, flamethrower, energy blade and force shield generator
  • Shoulder-mounted Gatling gun, rocket launcher and portable particle cannon

The armor is twice the thickness of Iron Man's armor and is also been fitted with a hyper-refractory polyprismatic coating to defend itself from laser attacks.

Eidolon Warwear

The Eidolon are warrior aliens that are believe to be extinct. They created an armor that bonds to its wearer like a symbiote. It can also store memories of its past wearers in its system.

See Eidolon Warwear.

Sentinel Armor

Stark designed an armor for Rhodey to use while training the Sentinel Pilots of O.N.E.


  • Pulsar Beams fired from the palms
  • Blaster fired from the eyes and chest armor
  • Sonic emitters
  • Missile Launchers
  • Non-lethal weapons (nets, smoke bombs)
  • Mutant power countermeasures

The Sentinel armor is constructed from a chemical combination of steel and fiberglass, created by Mr Fantastic.

Stanetech War Machine

When Rhodey was severely injured, he needed to be in life support and cybernetic implants were required to placed in him combine his current Starktech War Machine and Obadiah Stane's reverse engineered technology derived from the Iron Man armor he stole from the past.


  • Same as the Starktech weaponry (stated above)
  • Stanetech technology that renders him immune to Starktech systems attacks
  • The armor is made from a mixture of titanium and vibranium from stealth purposes. It can interface from other systems and and can physically integrate mechanical constructs to repair and even upgrade itself such as fusing itself to a fighter jet or a tank.

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