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Alex Ellis was a United States Army soldier whom fought in the Desert Storm war in Irak. During his time in Irak, he was shot in his leg during battle when he was rescuing a teammate. He managed to get home safely, but his teammate perished either way and due to complications, Alex lost his leg altogether. Back in America, he heard about the Annex unit, testing to replace lost limps with new high tech robotics. Dr. Barto created the Annex unit and had made a deal with the military to see how much potential it had as a weapon. Alex volunteered to become the first person with a robotic limb, however without knowing it could also be used as a weapon. Alex eventually donned the Annex costume and started working in the costume. However, the Annex unit accidentally uploaded Adarco programs of weapons, making the annex unit Adarco's stolen property. These programms also made it so that Alex was temporary influanced by the suit. This cosed him to reign havoc upon New York City untill Spider-man intervened. It was then that Spider-man managed to let Alex return as the operator of the suit and the two teamed-up to defeat the powers at Adarco. A new hero seemed to have been born.


Annex was created by Jack Harris and Tom Lyle in 1993 and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual issue 27 (1993).

Mayor Story Arcs

Becoming a Hero

Alex decided to use the Annex unit to protect innocent people and bring justice to the corrupted. Ardaco sent Brace (an assassin and arrand boy of Ardaco that use to be an employee of Ardaco but became injured, so Ardaco fixed him up with robotics but they had to keep adding more and more robotics until he was only 20% human) to retreive the annex unit, which he would use to become more human. Brace succeded in retreiving the annex unit, so Dr. Barto and Alex decided to use Dr. Barto latest work, an implant that would give Alex the same abilities as the annex unit plus more and a lot more power. Now Brace wearing the annex unit and Alex with the annex implant have to battle it out.

The Initiative

Annex was drafted into the Initiative to train. Although a good soldier, he mainly stayed away from his other teammates, not caring much about social interaction. Alex fought the Skrulls during the Secret Invasion, and after his training period he was assigned to the New Mexico Initiative Team; The Mavericks where he stayed for the duration of the Initiative until the corporate Initiative was cancelled after Norman Osborn was taken down during the Siege of Asgard. Whether the Marvericks are still a team and if Annex is still part of it is unclear as of yet.


The annex implant gives Alex the powers of flight, super strength, adaption, plasma and electronic weapons and invulnerability.

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