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This issue starts off with Captain Stacy at the Police conference when a large explosion goes off, a lot of police officers go to the explosion and find the fake Spider-Man robbing an armed car. Then it cuts to Peter in his classroom, his teacher doesn't think that he is feeling good so he is sent to the nurse, which obviously he doesn't go to, but he does go to his locker where he finds a note to go to the black van outside.

He goes there and finds the Ultimates Wasp there who helps him by giving him a special formula made to help his wound heal faster than normal. After school Gwen, MJ, and Peter are walking home when they find police cars outside of Peter's house, he rushes there as usual worried about Aunt May but when he enters he sees some of Captain Stacy's officers there talking to May.

Apparently Captain Stacy was killed by the other Spider-Man. Ben Ulrich asks around the people that were there on what happened and found out that captain Stacy was killed by some of the explosives, that the other Spiderman used to open the armored car, while he pushed a kid out of the way.

The next scene Peter is at the Bugle listening to some of his boss's conversations as usual when he finds out that the other Spider-Man is robbing another bank. Peter quickly leaves the Bugle and goes to the bank. There he finds the other Spider-Man holding a taser up to some lady in the bank.

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