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This issue starts out in the class Peter would be in if he wasn't dealing with Geldoff at the other school. His science teacher seems to be very angry that Peter is cutting class. He says that Peter is the only kid who actually pays attention in class and he skips. MJ tells him that he had a stomach ache and the teacher reacts by saying that his family is going to get a phone call about how it doesn't matter what grades he gets but if he doesn't follow the rules he'll stay here till he's 50.

This goes on until his monologue is interrupted by the principle on the loud speaker. He says that there is some mutant problems going on at a school close by so school is canceled for the day. He says that the buses and their parents are already there in parking lot c.

Then it skips to where Peter is. Jean Grey Kitty Pryde and Ororo and trying to tell Geldoff that he's a mutant, and Peter is telling him I told you so to him when he faints. The x-men are looking over him when Kitty Pryde turns to Peter and asks if he's really spiderman and he answers with one of his usual jokes. Kitty talks to Peter about how much of a fan of Peter she is. Ororo asks for some help and Kitty goes to help leaving Jean to freak out Peter with her telepathic powers. Peter feels very uncomfortable about how she is in his head.

Then Jean brings up the point that Peter is the first guy in six months to not immediately think of her naked. Once she says that it's the first thing to go in to his head. Peter says he's done about 3 times and he's not actually until the last time when Geldoff wakes up then Jean says you okay telepathically, which freaks him out making him faint again.

Jean says that it was her fault they understand why when she tells them. They then start to wonder what to do with him because they're not exactly sure if he's a mutant. So they decide to ask Jean to call the Professor. At this point Peter is confused asking if Geldoff is a mutant or not when Professor X telepathically appears by saying Good Morning Angels. They ask him what they should do with Geldoff, he says that he needs his equipment to study him, he says that even though it's kidnapping that they should take him to the school.

Kitty asks if Peter would like to come to the school, she eventually convinces him to come but he says he needs to be back before six. They skip to Peter's school where everyone is leaving the school. MJ over hears someone from talking on the phone to someone from the other school, MJ asks if she knew about Spiderman and she answers saying that Spiderman came and didn't do much but talk to Geldoff. MJ walks away and runs into her mom who is very worried about her and saying that she would have her home schooled. Then May finds MJ and asks where Peter is MJ says that he was just here then Gwen comes and says that he wasn't MJ defends the idea that he was here and May asks where he is now. It skips to Peter in an X-Jet.

Kitty is talking to Peter about how he lost his costume but all Peter can think of is how sick he's feeling on the plane. They continue to talk about their costumes when Geldoff wakes up but no one notices until Jean telepathically realizes that he's awake. They try to calm him down but he is too exited and blows up part of the ship. It skips again to May talking to Ben Ulrich on the phone trying to find out if Peter went to work, she gets transfered to someone and they say that she needs to be transfered to another person.

It skips back to Peter, there is a massive hole in the jet and Storm falls out but she can fly so it's not that bad. Peter Webs Geldoff so that he doesn't fall out and Jean and Kitty are holding onto some chairs. Storm tries to slow the plane down with a wind storm but it knocked out Peter and Geldoff. Storm has to save the plane Peter and Geldoff.

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