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This issue starts out 2 months from last issue. You see s.h.i.e.l.d. agent Sharon Carter in what seems to be an interrogation room she explains her job and the definition of her job and then they ask her to ask her what her most recent job was, she answers with Otto Octavius. She says how she was to find out where Otto was while he was hiding. She brings up the story of when Otto made a live press conference.

She mentions how Peter beat him up and she was grateful for that so she cleaned up Dr. Otto's mess and decided to check out what he was looking for so they entered Justin Hammer's workplace where they saw 3 young scientists who were talking about what Spiderman's genetic code might be. When Sharon Carter points her gun at them, they mention an experiment that is locked away James woo opens up the experiments file to find out that his name is Flint Marko while Agent Carter opens the door. Once Flint realizes this James Woo that he's dangerous.

She points her gun at him and he erupts into sand and blows her away. He runs off and Sharon checks on her fellow agents, James Woo is okay but her other pawn died of suffocation from the sand. They pull up his file and find out that he's a big time criminal that was given to Hammer's office, probably bought off, he was experimented on, his codename sandman which easily explains his powers.

She quickly runs outside to find Spiderman fighting sandman saying his normal jokes. Peter is getting his ass handed to him by Flint. Sharon shots flint in the head but he just spits it at a s.h.i.e.l.d. agent. He beats them some more when Peter comes back with a firehouse left over from the Otto battle. Peter wets him and he shrinks. Peter tries to help the s.h.i.e.l.d. agents when Flint comes back Flint starts to suffocate Peter when he gets knocked out by one of the scientists and a special gun that is meant to knock him out for only 10 minutes. Peter asks for a ride home from Agent Carter but she refuses to give him one and just ignores him.

It skips back to agent Carter in the interrogation room where she is finishing up the meeting saying that she thinks that instead of probing and experimenting on the illegal genetic mutants they should have them killed so that they don't do anymore damage.

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