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In Eddie Brock's dormitory room, Eddie is talking to Gwen Stacy. He tries to hit on her, to which Gwen firmly rejects. Turning on the TV, Eddie sees footage of  Spider-Man's black suit, which looks exactly like the suit their fathers made. Eddie goes to check if the suit is still there, and finds Peter Parker taking it. Peter tells Eddie that they can't control the suit and that he has to destroy it. Eddie guesses that Peter is Spider-Man. Peter apologises to Eddie for taking the suit and goes to destroy it, while Eddie leaves, claiming he has to wrap his head around everything he's heard that night.

Peter drops the suit down a chimney, where it is burned and destroyed.  He returns home, where Gwen tells him that Eddie tried to hit on her. Gwen tells Peter she has an instinct about this kind of thing, and that Eddie's a bad person.

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After Eddie went to go wrap his head around everything he's heard, he secretly doubled back and found that Peter had taken the suit. Taking a separate sample, Eddie dips his fingers into it, ready to use the power of the suit.

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