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In this issue Peter is on his way to the school where Geldoff goes. He's thinking about how he would rather be making out with Mary-Jane but he knows that he has to go fight this who he know nothing about what he can do or how he acts. In these circumstances he usually gets his whatever kicked all the way to Passaic and back. He also doesn't want to deal with people telling him that his half a costume stinks.

He eventually makes it to the school and sees a bunch of exploded cars at first no one believes he's spiderman until he web slings Geldoff's hands. The cops come Peter tries to leave after telling Geldoff not to do anything stupid. When Peter web slings away Geldoff grabs on to peter before he goes and is taken with Peter. Geldoff at one point lets go and is about to fall to his death, but Peter catches him with a web and they land on top of a building. Peter tells him that he could have been killed but he doesn't seem to care, Peter just seems to be calling him an idiot while he tells him that he blew up the principals car because he suspended all the kids that were at the party last night.

Geldoff then shows Peter how his power works, he thinks, focuses, and point at something and it blows up. He says that he doesn't know how he got his powers so Peter says that he's a mutant. Geldoff doesn't seem to like that and he screams at him telling him that mutants are the devil's children. Peter says okay and things go back to normal. Peter asks whats with the accent and finds out that he is an orphan from Latveria who was adopted 2 years ago. They seem to be scared of him he says. Peter then mentions that his powers probably damage the molecular structure of of an object making it blow up.

Peter then tells Geldoff that he should use his powers to help people instead of doing stupid things. They are interrupted by some gun shots, Peter tells Geldoff to stay put but Geldoff wants to help.

Peter enters the store where the shots came from and there are three guys one in a black panther mask, another in a captain America mask, and an Iron man mask. Peter beats up the guy in the captain America mask and the rest give up when and explosion of a car happens outside. Luckily no one was killed. Peter goes back to Geldoff and slaps him to the ground Geldoff gets angry at this not understanding that he didn't help anybody. Peter tells Geldoff that he's going to bring Gledoff to the cops at his school, Geldoff then counter threatens to blow up Peter when Storm, Jean Grey, and Kitty Pryde come to talk to Geldoff.

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