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This issue starts out with May and Gwen in their kitchen with May on the phone talking to Peter's teacher that was angry with him for skipping class. May at this point finds out that Peter was missing even before the emergency, this makes May very angry and asks Gwen if she knows where Peter is she answers with no. May tries to open the basement but it's locked so she yells a peter to open the door thinking he might be downstairs. She then gets a fire extinguisher and beats the doorknob off and enters the basement. Obviously Peter isn't down there. It then skips to Peter reading the book King Pin falls while eating twizzlers in the X-mansion. He is interupted by Charles because he needs to wake up from the dream he's in. When he wakes up he is surrounded by the x-men. He's not wearing his costume anymore and Kitty asks how old is he and he just seems to ignore it. He then asks what happened. Storm and Jean switched positions so storm saves the ship and Jean saves Peter and Geldoff. Storm is able to stop the jet from falling and Jean saves Geldoff but barely saves Peter just before he hits the ground. After the story is told Peter then realizes that they took off his mask. He says that he always gets found out that he's Peter Parker Kitty then tells him that they didn't know his name. It then skips to Peter's basement where May is trying to get on Peter's computer but she has to put in a password that she doesn't know. It skips again back to the X-mansion. Peter has his mask Gloves and pants on but this time he's wearing an x-man shirt. he goes to see Geldoff who is a lot happier than before because Charles gave him a happy thought. Kitty asks if anyone wants something to drink and she goes to get something for everyone. Charles than explains that he wanted to see him because cerebro can't seem to figure out whether he's a mutant or a human which has never happened before. Charles starts to explain the wonders of the placenta bringing up the point that before Geldoff was born someone injected his placenta with the mutant gene, they thought that it was a failure and his powers might have only manifested at puberty. Charles then starts saying how he will use Geldoff to bring more peace to illegal usage of mutant gene to help both humans and mutants. The only problem is that he doesn't like the idea of Geldoff being used as a tool he says that why can't Geldoff just have a normal life when Beast goes Peter and asks to define normal. Peter then says define this and punches Beast to the ground, he grabs Geldoff and runs off Cyclops blasts a laser at Peter who easily doges them and kicks him in the face. He then runs into Kitty or he runs through Kitty and kicks Colossus out a window and he jumps out to find Charles standing at a tree telling Peter that that wouldn't do any good. Peter wakes up again to find out it was just a thought. Charles says that Geldoff will be treated with the most respect. Geldoff then says that he wasn't going to hurt him earlier he was just showing off. Kitty then reminds Peter that he needs to go back to Queens. Peter goes home still in the x-man shirt thinking about how he should never meet people he admires because he always ends up hating them after words. He then starts to think that Charles was still listening to him when he enters his basement when he walks into Aunt May who says we need to talk.

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