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This issue starts out where the last left off with ultimate Gambit blowing up some cars when the cops came and everyone at the party ran Gwen and Peter ran into MJ and Liz they then ran away to the bus stop.

They found out that the kid blowing up the cars was Geldoff, an exchange student, no one seems to know whether it's a prank or he's a mutant. The bus finally comes and Peter and MJ sit together and talk. Peter tells MJ that he lost his suit and MJ doesn't make a big deal about MJ says that she wasn't being mean before and Peter said that he knew.

They get off the bus and head home but MJ asks peter if she can talk to him, she gives him a note and tells him not to open it until he gets home. Gwen and Peter head home and Peter reads the note and it says that MJ loves Peter and that she wants to get back together. Peter quickly runs to MJ's home and she apologizes to him and he says that she didn't have to and they make out.

The next scene has Peter at school with the words Geldoff Rules written all over the lockers, Peter starts to think about going to the other school and checking him out but then he says that he wants to hang out with MJ but then he thinks that he needs to go to work so he can get some money. He is interupted by MJ kissing Peter on the cheek.

Then this happy moment is spoiled by Flash asking Peter if he could talk to him. Peter tells MJ that Flash is trying to pull a prank on him and MJ tells him to grow up and Flash storms off angrily. Liz then enters the scene putting her phone up to everyones ears and it's sounds off explosions and cars crashing.

Apparently it's Liz's cousin from the same school as Geldoff goes to and he's causing trouble. MJ tells Peter that he has to go and she brings him out back to show him half of a Spiderman suit that was being made before they broke up. The only problem was that it was too big for him but it's all he's got so he goes off to the other school and that's when the issue ends.

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