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During the events of Wicked Ways Thanatos is currently the eldest surviving son of Lucifer.

Lady Death requires his approval or at least recommendation to once again be the official ruler of hell. Cremator notes this might be difficult as she was responsible for his fathers destruction.

They travel to Gehenna and find him welcoming but ambivalent to the coming Judgement war. Lady Demon attacks Lady Death in his throne room and as the two struggle they start to meld back into one form. taking advantage of their struggle he orders Soul Merchant, his soul extracting minion, to extract her soul for him to feast on. Nightmare cuts Lady Demon and separates the two and then its hilt strikes Lady Demon's forehead laying both ladies out. Nightmare takes over and defends its mistress while she isn't conscious. When she comes too she quickly takes Thanatos' head.

The head s then used to deliver a message to the lords of hell, that Lady Death is going to rule and they should fall in behind and unite or die.

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