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Marco Ivan Emmetovich fought in the army with Matthias. When he was killed, he cursed his former leader for abandoning God. Pagan then showed him his wife, and told him to choose which of them would go to Heaven. Marco chose to go to Hell so his wife could have a happy afterlife. In Hell, he started to forge special weapons and became to be known as Hell's blacksmith.

When Lady Death arrived to Hell, Cremator secretly followed and helped her, but always let her think that she had managed to defeat demons on her own. When she made it into a village destroyed by Matthias, Cremator finally made his presence known. Lady Death ordered him to forge her a sword that she could use to kill her father Matthias. Cremator labored on the sword for days, and when done, he named it Darkness. He then taught Lady Death the arts of swordsmanship. After Lady Death had purged herself on her humanity, she and Cremator went to war against Matthias. They discovered Mathias was a puppet and Lucifer had never been defeated at all. The duo charged into battle: Cremator took the minions and Lady Death took on the prince of lies himself.

After Lucifer was defeated Lady Death remodeled part of Hell in her own image. The duo traveled Hell together eradicating Lucifer's influence. It was also a quest to find Marion, Lady Death's mother. They happened on the River of Fear and it made them live out their fears. Cremator proposed that they separate and find their own way out of the madness. Cremator made it to the River Styx but was carried away by the current and buried under rubble.

Power Upgrade

He was trapped for centuries until Purgatori arrived and used mind control to subdue Cremator. He again forged a mighty sword for his new mistress. Purgatori then sent Cremator to battle Lady Death but during the fight Cremator remembered who he was and swore his allegiance to Lady Death again. Just as Cremator warns Lady Death that Purgatori wants her blood he is struck through with a spear. It takes some time for him to recover from the wound and in the meantime Lucifer twist Lady Death into his own servant, Lady Demon.

As he healed Cremator once again roams Hell in search of both Purgatori and Marion's soul and having found it, Cremator sends Lady Death's Nameless Wolves to fetch Lady Demon. Upon seeing her mother's soul, Lady Demon is reinvigorated with the power of Lady Death. With her rediscovered power she challenges and again defeats Lucifer. After her victory Cremator offers his services to her again but is refused as she declares that she must be strong as an individual.

Wielding Spear of Destiny

A short time later, Pagan manipulates Lady Death and sends her through the Nexus of All Things in an attempt to take over Hell for himself. Civil wars erupted all over Hell and Cremator did all he could to hold the realm together. When he went to clean Lady Death's room, he saw through one of her viewing portals to the Trinity of Evil planning to attack Hell. He went and forged himself a sword, Demonslayer, with this he planned to unite all the Arch Dukes of Hell and fight against Trinity's invasion. He first visited his old master Cyr, and offered him the deal, but a fight ensued, and he demonstrated the swords power. After a quick explanation, Cyr agreed to help Cremator in his quest. Cremator planned to release an old enemy of Lucifer to fight against the Trinity of Evil, a mad angel named Apolyon. One of Pagan's minions interfered his mission, and Cremator was captured and dragged to Matthias. He defeated Matthias quite easily and moved towards the prison of the angel.

On the way there he is confronted by Evil Ernie. Ernie thinks that Cremator is responsible for Lady Death's disappearance and the two enter into battle. Ernie gained an upper hand and left Cremator for the dead. But the arcane energy Evil Ernie used to defeat Cremator merged with his own energy and made him more powerful than ever, so he then continued his trip and freed Apolyon. When the dungeon started to collapse after the angel's escape, Cremator barely made it outside, only to be confronted by an army of wraiths. After defeating the entire army of them, he gets little time to rest, as Asteroth discovers and attacks him. The fight is ended by a third party who teleports the opponents in different directions. However, Cremator was mortally wounded and was on the brink of death. Cremator was approached by angels in his recovery and they revealed that when hell falls creation will be in danger. He is offered the job of Hell's guardian. Being almost dead, he does not want to fail his lady and accepts the calling.

Cremator is sent back to his body and he travels to ninth circle of Hell, and picks up one weapon none of the other Hell denizens could, the Spear of Destiny. Then he confronts a raging Asteroth in a battle to decide Hell's fate. With the spear in his possession, the battle ended quickly in favor of the new guaridan of Hell. Cremator 's next target was the Trinity of angels who had invaded Hell. Cremator throws Spear of Destiny at the corrupt angels and they fall to Cremator. He then transforms himself into hellfire and reassembles himself near Apolyon, striking him through with the Spear of Destiny. Civil War in Hell is ended, and the demons go back to their duties of torturing souls. Cremator celebrated his ability to save Hell.


Resting from his latest adventure, Cremator notices Lady Demon in Hell. Thinking it is his lady, he follows her. They enter Lady Death's fortress and Cremator finds the just returned Lady Death. Lady Death asks Cremator to join her again, and he pledges his allegiance. Together they rode to the denizen Thanatos, and offered him a chance to join them in an alliance. Before he could give his answer to Lady Death, she was attacked by Lady Demon. Hearing the battle, Cremator hurried to his mistress assistance. Eventually Thanatos refuses and his head is cut off. After the battle Lady Death returned home, with Cremator by her side. She wants to get rid of her addiction to the sword Nightmare and Cremator wanted to help her. The sword gets the best of Lady Death and she threatened Cremator not to meddle with her affairs again.

When Leviatha turned Lady Death into her Earthly self, Hope, Cremator was trapped inside Lady Death's fortress. He was only released when Lady Death regained her power. Hell was disappearing and Lady Death had found a new realm with the aid of the Death Scythe. She wanted to transport herself along with Vassago and Cremator there, but for some reason Cremator and her horse weren't taken along. Cremator was then attacked by Matthias who's spirit was trapped inside the Endless Graveyard section of Hell. Lady Death returned and fought Matthias. In the struggle, Cremator was hit with the Death Scythe and he left Hell's plane.


Cremator was recreated on Earth, in the city of Las Vegas. Lucifer found him first and altered his memories; Cremator now thought he was ordinary human. Lucifer in his human guise offered him a job in casino Inferno. Cremator agreed and now he was known as wrestler, The Adversary. When Lady Death also came to earth, Lucifer sent Cremator to fight her. Lady Death recognized him and beat him into his senses again. While Lady Death fought Leviatha, Cremator returned to Inferno and went to the Hell's forge. He forged a new sword, made out of pure chaos, he named it Apocalypse.

He escaped from there by threatening Séance's life. He was teleported directly to Lady Death, and with the new sword, she easily defeated Leviatha. After Lady Death had taken over Leviatha's castle and recreating it, Cremator searched the city for Nameless Wolves. He was able to find them. Sensing his mistress in danger, he followed flashes of power, and found Lady Death fighting two furies. When Asteroth arrived and attacked Lady Death, an army prevented Cremator to help his lady and he disposed them as he could. In the end his help was not needed; Lady Death bested Asteroth in single combat and by the deal they made, Asteroth now served Lady Death. They then rode to attack Lucifer directly, when Lady Death summoned other three Horsemen of Apocalypse, the battle was won.

Cremator was thrilled, when he got to work on Hell's forge, and created new set of armor for his lady. But it turned out to be bad idea, as it was created in Hell's forge, Lucifer could control it; while fighting Lucifer Lady Death was trapped with her own armor. At the same time Hell's forge reassembled itself into a Lucifer Engine, the source of Lucifer's power. When Lady Death escaped, she came to her friends help and destroyed the machine, releasing the souls trapped in it. They were then attacked by Purgatori, Cremator wasn't much of a help, as Lady Death won the battle all by herself. Then came time to attack Heaven, they were victorious once again. Then Armageddon arrived on Earth and that was battle they were unable to win. Uncreation wave released at the moment of his death and reality was unmade.

Trapped and Drained

Cremator was fortunate enough to be remade on the new world, but unfortunately, he was captured by Armageddon's daughter Nocturne. Eventually Lady Death came to his rescue, and he recovered his flames in a furnace. They are again pulled into a war; joined with new and old allies. But Cremator is helpless when Lady Death is infected by Purgatori's blood beasts. Although they achieve victory over Abaddon, Lady Death disappeared. Cremator wasted months on the search, but without any luck. On one quiet evening, Cremator is suddenly pulled through a rift to a new world, and he finds his mistress alive. He used the portals that he, Vandala and Ravenheart came through to escape Morgana. Cremator and Brock constructed a gauntlet for Lady Death's broken arm, and some new weapons. Cremator reported the happening of her lands to Lady Death, but she casually discarded them, as they seemed to be too bloody for her now. Lady Death then went to confront Morgana again and won by deception. Morgan Gallows approaches them and shares a grim vision and names the ones in his vision. A dark alliance is formed to oppose newly resurrected Lucifer and his plans...whatever they are.

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