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Lady Death speaks with Cremator and outlines her plans to regain hell when a creature not unlike Vulbogliagh puts a broken sword to her throat as smaller demons wait around for scraps. It states she killed its brother. She laughs totally unconcerned and takes Cremator up on his offer to end its life. When it turns and runs she lets it leave the mansion only to have her undead attack it outside int he Endless Graveyard.

Lady Death announces she needs appointment from the Arch Dukes of hell to become ruler once more. Cremator informs her that Lucifer's eldest surviving son Thanatos will be difficult to persuade.

All the while Lady Demon has been listening in the shadows, drawn to her other half. She desires to be whole but finds the new Lady Death cold and brutal and unsure if she would accept her. Cremator is having similar such thoughts but still pledges his allegiance to his queen.

In the bowels of hell the coffin opens and Lucifer's first wife steps out confused by the lack of her husbands presence. She uses her powers to explode her way out of her chamber and then flies to Dis looking for her husband. She turns ghostly to pass through the rooms unnoticed before reaching the bed-chamber. She is certain that Lucifer has left her a task to perform so she can show him her devotion to him.

She finds the bed made and scries the sheets and sees visions of his conquests, again she takes it that he forced himself to take them while she was away from him, trapped in the coffin by Seance, and this is a test of her love. She scries the minds of 2 guards and finds a sorrow in them and declares that Lady Death banished her love. She ignites and clears Dis with an explosive wave of fire and swears this usurper will stand trial.

Lady Death raises her army of the undead from the Endless Graveyard and starts her march on hell. Meanwhile Lady Demon makes her escape on her steed Malevolence and goes to test a theory.

In Gehenna Lady Death travels and a tormented soul begs for mercy and she gives it with her sword, the soul thanks her as its blood is consumed by the ever thirsty Nightmare. Cremator is concerned about the swords influence and tells her as much. She replies that it is a good thing it is blood thirsty as so is she, seemingly now under the swords suggestive spell.

Thanatos grants Lady Death access to his fortress. Inside his minion Soul Merchant extracts the soul of a a drunk driving woman and feed it to him. She arrives and he thanks her lazily for offing his father. She tells him that Hell must unite or heavenly Seraphim will come and wipe them out in the Judgement War. Lady demon appears and swings her scepter at her. the two struggle and Demon tell her she is empty and needs to be rejoined as Thanatos calls Soul Merchant to extract Lady Death's soul for him.

Lady Demon steps forward and their feet meld, then their lands and hips until they are joined at the waist. Lady Death resists in horror as Demon laughs, neither noticing Soul Merchant behind them with hands raise to extract their souls.

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