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Major Story Arcs

Lady Death: The Crucible

Chaos assassin.

She is sent to Frigga’s castle to slay Vandala. But she is not a killer in nature and hesitates. Sinestra steps in and completes her task for her. Refusing to do her task, she was renounced and cast to Underhives for exile. During Genocide's plan to destroy all creation and let chaos rule the verse again, exiles are summoned to witness that action. But the time spent in exile Vex has convinced others that Genocide has come to serve order in his pursuit of chaos reign. She leads the rebellion to kill Genocide himself. The attack did not fare well, soldiers are all melt to dust, and the same is done to Vex, but something unexpected happens. She does not die, she is cast from Wrathworld to earth.

The Chosen

Arrival to earth.

She falls into water and emerges with an amnesia. She wonders around and ends up in homeless shelter, where she meets Voodoo Childe. Voodoo Childe knows her name to be Vex for some reason.

They go to rave party where they meet up with Oblivia. Oblivia sees something evil in her and attacks. She summons up the chaos power from her subconscious mind. The Savior plans to use her as conduit to bring chaos to earth and under his orders, she is taken from there. In his mansion she remembers who she is, her mother Antigone talks in her mind, that she is the gateway to bring chaos to earth. Now as she knows who she is, a daughter of chaos, she agrees to destroy Savior’s enemies. When battle begins she sees Vanessa – Voodoo Childe, momentarily she hesitates, but Chaos side takes hold of her and she joins the battle. Oblivia arrives and now knowing her roots she finishes the battle in an instant. Vex’s chaos side is suppressed again, and she again has no idea who she is. A group is formed from the ones in Morgan Gallows vision, Vex is asked to be part of it, she accepts.

More Human Looks

On Halloween a group of individual are brought to dream world. Vex meets Smiley the evil button there. Together they start walking, soon they find a house. Approaching the house they are attacked by Purgatori, she unknowingly uses her powers and wins the fight. In the house she finds Suspira, and saves her from goblins. On their travels they find a castle, inside is man known as Nocturnus. He has convinced Evil Ernie that Vex wants to destroy Lady Death. Evil attacks, upon their touch they share a vision, He understands it’s a dream and fades away. Vex then turns towards Nocturnus and destroys him, before he’s gone he says that he wanted to get rid of both Vex and Evil Ernie, because they would destroy the world and then there would be no dreamers and he would die. After that she awakens, knowing who she is and what she must do.


At the same time as Bedlam and Chastity drop into the house, Armageddon arrives on earth. This is the vision Morgan Gallows had and why the group was formed. When his minions attack, Vex senses that they have same aura as his father Genocide had. Before the city is destroyed Bedlam with a help of Voodoo Childe and Vex are able to teleport away. They go visit Timekeeper, he tells them a story, and sends them on their way. Back on earth Vex shield the group from Armageddon’s evil, but soon he awakens. Bedlam teleports the group a few hundred yard away from him, but are soon overrun with his minions. Armageddon talks to vex and informs that, by betraying her father, she has offended him. He attack Vex psychically, her old enemy Serendipity shield her from this attack and convinces her to attack Armageddon. So Serendipity attacks his mind and Vex his body. Vex however spends her energies and falls from the sky. Oblivia returns and knows how to defeat Armageddon. When it’s done, world ends and begins anew. It is unknown what happened to Vex.

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