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Scorpia was part of the first attack against Asgard and Odin. Nothing is heard of her for a while, but when her daughter Sinestra is dishonored in battle, Genocide puts Scorpia in charge of Necro-Elite Guard.

She attacks the gates of Asgard with the full force of her troops and lays siege to the walled town.

The battle rages for a long time. On seeing Scorpia on the field Vulnavia cautions against rash attack but Lady Death drives in and again, like she did to her daughter, she pounds Scorpia's face with her bare fist. On the edge of battle Tyr is wallowing in despair. His family, friends and troops massacred while the majority of the Valkyrie remain, if only Odin had given his sons the power they would still be alive instead. He throws his sword, the tip heated magically, that carves through Lady Death's back and out of her chest. Without Lady Death the energy sphere dissipates leaving the Valkryie unprotected and surrounded just as Vulnavia feared. The battle is won and Asgard falls.

Scorpia wants to kill Lady Death for defeating Sinestra twice but is stopped by Genocide who has more plans for Lady Death. Scorpia then accuses Genocide in working for order not chaos and she is transformed into a beetle and fed to Genocide's minions.

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