The Women (& Men) In Red

I've already created a list that features characters who are green and I've also seen similar lists that feature blue and even yellow skinned characters, those whose skin are of any spectrum, and even one that focuses on those with unique hair colors. But so far, I don't think I've seen one that specifically focused on those men and women (or whatever species) that are red. Call me curious, but I wanted to see just how many of them there are.

And by that I mean that their skin or bodies are actually red or scarlet or some variation thereof. I'm also not counting those whose hair color or costumes are red.

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Posted by SnowyMountain

Feel free to send me any red characters that I might have missed. By that, I mean characters whose skin/bodies are red; not their costumes or hair.

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Beast Boy from DC comics seems to be red skinned nowadays.

Devil Dinosaur from Marvel Comics.

Cliffjumper or Inferno or Optimus Prime or Ironhide from Transformers had red 'skin'.

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Posted by SnowyMountain
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I didn't see Purgatori on your list.

Allen the alien from Invincible comics from Image Comics seems to be red.

Posted by Malhavok

Very nice. How about another one? Tyr.

Posted by SnowyMountain

@malhavok: Thanks for the suggestion! I added him!