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When the heralds arrive to fight Morg they soon realize they are no match for him since his power has been augmented. Terrax tells the Surfer that Galactus has some respect for him and they only way to stop Morg is through Galactus. Surfer heads for Galactus' ship while the others begin battle with Morg.

The Surfer approaches Galactus, who will not listen. They battle each other and Galactus nearly kills the Surfer. The Surfer tells him that he and Morg can kill all of them, but Morg's evil will draw others and Galactus will be forever tormented. This information makes Galactus think and he agrees to take the power he has given Morg away from him.

When the Surfer returns, Air-Walker has been severly damaged. Firelord is cut and bleeding. Terrax is down and his axe shattered. Nova launches an attack to Morg, seemingly defeating him. But Morg is only faking and attacks her when she turns her back. She knowns something is wrong and dies in the Silver Surfer's arms. The Surfer is furious and gets ready to attack Morg. They are stopped by Galactus. Galactus then removes his Power Cosmic.

He is still extremely powerful without it and continues to fight the heralds. Terrax tells them they must work together to kill him, but the Silver Surfer will not sink to his level and refuses. Surfer tries to stop Terrax but is too late, he has killed Morg with his own axe.

Firelord and Air-Walker agree to become Galactus' heralds for the time being. A man of his word, the Surfer allows Terrax to leave, and he takes his new axe. Surfer already misses Nova and says a few words, sending her body into a nearby star.

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