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Ganymede engages with the Silver Surfer, believing him to be a servant of Tyrant. He manages to get her to realize that he is not and she tells him how she came to be and the threat of Tyrant. The Surfer has been tracing Tyrant from where Terrax disappeared and they continue to follow the trail. It leads to Tyrant's massive Fortress.

Upon entering they are assaulted by many of Tyrant's heavy troopers. They are easily destroyed by the Surfer. Tyrant appears and blasts them into unconsciousness. They awaken to find themselves strapped to a machine that siphons their power and uses it to power Tyrant's ship and machines. With them is Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, Terrax and Morg.

Meanwhile, Galactus seeks out Morg because of his long disappearance.

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