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You've met our star-studded cast - now let's see if they have what it takes to free themselves from Tyrant's planet-sized fortress! We're talking about the combined power of Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, Jack of Hearts, Morg, Terrax, Ganymede and the Silver Surfer! Who could stand up to them? (Offhand, we'd say Tyrant's doing a pretty good job!)

Giant-Sized special issue

Tyrant has captured the Surfer and the others and now brings in a new captive, the Jack of Hearts. But he fights back, but is easily defeated by Tyrant. Instead of being captured, he chooses to release his suit and blow off all of his energy. He succeeds in destroying the device everyone was attached to.

Tyrant unleashes hundreds of his battle robots to distract them. They all try to make their way to Tyrant except Morg, who continues to attack Terrax. Tyrant still handles all of them with his might. But as he does, Galactus rips open the Fortress to speak with Tyrant.

Galactus tells him that all he wants his his herald, Morg, back from Tyrant. They agree that a colossal battle between them would benefit neither of them. But Tyrant also tells him the only one he wants is Morg. Galactus is ready to wage war but Tyrant calls him bluff, and Galactus gives in to him.

The Surfer asks why he dealt with Tyrant so lightly. Galactus tells him he will deal with Tyrant at the time of his choosing and that he has seen far too much of the Surfer lately. The Surfer then takes the others to safety. They all awaken and part ways, Jack of Hearts having survived and to be helped by Ganymede.

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