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Direct from the pages of INFINITY CRUSADE #4! The Surfer has become a living cosmic bomb in a last-ditch attempt to stop Goddess - but will he survive the explosion? And meet the Surfer's parents!

Aboard the Dreadnaught 666, Thanos ponders if the Surfer will survive becoming a human bomb and destroying the moon circling Paradise Omega. The Surfer hits the moon and detonates, blowing it into pieces. He soon awakens in a familiar train station on Zenn-La.

After an odd conversation with the man in the ticket counter he is met by his parents, Elmar and Jartran. His mother tells him that this is the place between life and death and he is somehow stuck in the middle. He has a choice to stay with them or return to the living world.

His father disagrees, bitter over his own life and having destroyed his own family. The Surfer forgives him for his actions and reconciles with him. This causes him to change his mind. They tell the Surfer they will see him again, but now is not his time. He must return.

He returns to reality unconscious. He falls down to the surface of Paradise Omega.

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