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The Surfer meets up with Beta Ray Bill again, but their reunion goes to ruin when they are attacked by a raging, out-of-control Thunder God! Thor's out for blood and nothing can stop him! Also guest-starring Adam Warlock and Pip the Troll!


The Silver Surfer has followed Beta Ray Bill to help him find a mad Thor and finds him about to be killed by Thor. The Surfer gets in the way and tries to talk Thor to his senses but he will not listen. Bill awakens and begins to battle with Thor again and manages to stop him temporarily. He tells the Surfer that Thor has the Warriors' Madness.

Thor is completely under the sway of this Dark Valkyrie, but she is just part of his imagination. Speaking with her gains his strength back and he continues his assault, quickly defeating Beta Ray Bill. The Surfer uses his board to get him at a safe distance and begins to fight with Thor. But Thor has plans to destroy any in his path to the ultimate destruction of Asgard and is not going to let the Surfer get in his way. Thor smashes the Surfer with his hammer, slamming him into the planet below.

When Thor comes down to the surface to finish him off he is met by Adam Warlock and Pip. Adam tells Thor that he wants to help save his soul.

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