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Silver Surfer and Jack of Hearts meet Torval in the Anvil. A giant robot tells them that they should not be there. They convince it to let them speak and learn that it is just a suit of armor created by Torval.

Meanwhile, Geatar has brought Nebula in for processing. The Chancellor is no fool, and tells them he will not incarcerate her but both of them. Geatar proves that he truly intends to turn in his captain and turns over his weapon. Nebula is taken away.

Torval learns of the situation with Jack of Hearts and is not interested in any charity work. Jack losses his cool and attacks Torval. This angers the Surfer who in turn puts the same fear into Jack as he had with Torval. Jack apologizes to Torval. The Surfer convinces Torval to help with offering him a few amenities in his prison stay.

In processing, Nebula is strip searched. The guards taunt her and tell her there are few women in the prison and start to make advances on her. Back in the Chancellor's office, Geatar convinces him that what he is looking for is a job. When the Chancellor turns his back, Geatar takes his electric staff and attacks him with it. He drags him to where Nebula is being held, who has already killed her captors.

On Galactus' ship, Firelord and Air-Walker are very curious over the happenings of Galactus behind closed doors. Little do they know, he has successfully ressurrected Morg.

Nebula and Geatar take the Chancellor to get their crew when they run into the Silver Surfer. They immediately take the Chancellor and threaten to kill him if the Surfer makes a move.

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