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The behemoth known as Tribulus is unleashed in a last-ditch gambit to save team leader Vril Dox from the mind-slavery of Starro the Conqueror. Can the combined might of Lobo, Adam Strange, Starfire and Captain Comet be enough to stop Starro's latest bid for conquest?

Starro and a mind controlled Vril Dox take a jump gate from Psion to New Rann, where most of the population is under Starro's controll. The last bit of resistence is being put up by Blackfire but even she is no match for Starro and Vril's combined strength.

Meanwhile, Adam Strange and the REBEL team are on Psion trying to track down Lobo when they get a distress call from Lyrl, informing them that Starro is on New Rann and is taking over the planet. Lyrl has a plan but needs more time. Adam desides to split the group up, Starfire, Captain Comet and himself use a Zeta Beam to go back to New Rann, while the rest look for Lobo.

Back on New Rann, Adams team help Blackfire but it isn't till Lyrl releases his secret weapon, a suped up Tribulus, who has the new ablity to short circuit starro's spores.

Meanwhile back on Psion, the rest of REBEL find Lobo and Smite sharing beer in a Psion pub.

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