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In part 1 of "To Be a R.E.B.E.L.," the clash between Vril Dox's space cops and the Green Lantern Corps escalates to a place where war might become inevitable! And Lobo and the others never back down from a fight!

Rookies Gorius and Altin are explaining to the Gurdians their actions of the past few days. Altin starts by explaining that the two rookies were fallowing a ship that fired on them and the trail led back to Vril Dox and his team of R.E.B.E.L. The two laterns don't have proof that Vril is behind the attack but accuse him anyway. Vril counters with his secret weapon, Lobo. Altin and Lobo fight to a stand still and Vril is forced to play dirty but alerting the local news organizations that the Green Lantern are on planet. The two rookies realizing that this is a PR nightmare bck down as does Lobo. The two then head back to Oa to file their report, and Vril seems to have won,this meeting.

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