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Vril Dox: mind-slave to Starro the Conqueror. Adam Strange: a failure as leader. Lobo: M.I.A. If you think things couldn't get worse for our rebellious team of space-cops, think again. Their only hope lies in a mindless monster and a traitorous teenaged super-genius.

Lobo has just killed Storm-Daughter, for tricking him into thinking she was a Czarnian and stealing a large chunk of his life force. Smite, Storm-Daughter's only friend, wants Starro to do something about it. Starro frist attempt is to free Vril Dox, who Starro has under his control, and ask him how to stop Lobo. Vril boasts that he is better then Starro and says "the only thin that can stop Lobo, is Lobo." This gives Smite an idea and after Vril is put back under Starro control Smite reveals a batch of cloned Czarnians and up loads them with the information the Psions have on how Lobo killed their race. Before smite can release them Starro stops him and forces Smite to face Lobo one on one.

Meanwhile Adam Strange and the rest of REBEL, minus Tribulus (who is nearly dead and trying to be saved by Lyrl) are one their way to Psion to rescue Vril and help Lobo, unaware that back on New Rann, Blackfire and Sardath are under attack from Starro's mind controling spores. And that Starro himself is using a jump gate to leave Psion, and head to New Rann.

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