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Years ago, the Rannian scientist Sardath developed a ray designed to communicate with alien lifeforms across vast distances. Known as a Zeta-Beam, this ray became infused with radioactive energy and evolved into a teleportation beam. The beam reached the planet Earth where it struck archaeologist which Adam Strange, transporting him twenty-five trillion miles through space to the planet, Rann. Sardath explained to Adam that once the Zeta-Beam radiation wears off, he would instantly teleport back to his point of origin, but in later years it was refined such that the teleportation was permanent (until Adam Strange desired to leave again.). To counter those who would use Zeta-Beam technology for personal gain, Sardath also developed a Nega-Zeta-Beam ray.

Planet Heist

Sardath later invented a gigantic version of the Zeta Beam, calling it the Omega Beam. It was so powerful it was hidden away because it could teleport entire planets across the galaxy. The Omega Beam is highjacked by Sh'ri Valkyr to transport Rann into the same orbit as Thanagar before the device is destroyed. The sudden appearance of Rann and the subsequent alteration of Thanagar's orbit leads the Thanagarians to consider it an act of war. The conflict leads to the Rann-Thanagar War.

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