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Starro the Conqueror returns to rebuild his empire, and his first act of revenge against super-genius Vril Dox is to turn him into a mind-slave. Meanwhile, with his rebel crew in hot pursuit, Lobo thinks he's discovered another Czarnian! But he's the last of his race…isn't he?

Smite and Storm-daughter are kidnapping Vril Dox from New Rann, and there is nothing the REBEL team can do to stop them. As Storm-Daughter is making off with a helpless Virl, Smite seemingly kills Tribulus. As the team tries to figure out what to do next, Lobo takes off after Storm-Daugther, who he still thinks maybe a Czarnian. The rest of teh team deside there is no way to fallow Smite and Storm-Daughter but Wildstar can track Lobo.

Meanwhile on the Psion Homeworld, Starro reveals to Vril what happened after their last battle and what his plans are. Befor Starro can truely gloat he is forced to use a starro on Vril because Lobo had found the secret base. Starro solution is to send Storm-Daughter to go try to seduce him again but this time Lobo came prepared, he wore a clothpin on his nose so he couldn't be seduced by her smell.

Lobo quickly kills Storm-Daughter not really caring why she did what she did.

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