What about Jesse Quick's baby

       Anyone who's read Justice society in the last 10 years knows of Jesse Quick/Liberty Bell  
    You might also know her husband Hourman who'm she was impregnated by.  
   but what about the baby does it exist or what

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Wildstorm in DCU

Since Flashpoint we've seen Wildstorm characters in the DC Comics and I'm wondering when will teams like WildC.A.T.s and The Authority will show up because we've already got Stormwatch and Gen 13 characters in Superboy plus the upcoming Ravagers in DC's second wave due May

but since Martian Manhunter is on Stormwatch what DC characters could be on WildC.A.T.s and The Authority well......


Ever since I saw Helspont in Superman #7 I'm sure if hes taking on WildC.A.T.s arch enemy he'll encounter a version of them soon enough.

Green Arrow

after his encounter with Grifter can the WildC.A.T.s really be that far behind.

Kyle Rayner

After facing Voodoo don't you think a GL would want to know more.

Captain Atom

Since Captain Atom: Armageddon haven't you missed his relationship with Engineer


So Static Shock was cancelled that doesn't mean we can't have Dwayne McDuffie characters in the New 52 especially since Stormwatch is run by the all so secret Shadow Cabinet.

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Whatever happened to....?

Whatever happened to.... DC stealth teams?

You've seen how Marvel's been so successful with hit teams and stealth squads like Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers

but what you might no now id DC's had its fair share of covert ops groups as well like Justice League Task Force, Suicide Squad, Stormwatch, and Secret Six .

Granted DC's doing a great job with Stormwatch and Suicide Squad in new 52

,but Don't you think it would be more interesting with characters that have more of a moral conscience. to see a character deteriorate mentally and go through psychological distress.I mean who isn't intrigued by moments like Wonder Woman snapping Maxwell Lord's neck, when Batman shoots Darkseid, and well Identity Crisis.

If you don't think teams like this would work in DC just check out Young Justice on Cartoonetwork Saturday mornings.

The characters needed for this kind of team are


You know the ones who kill someone or do something terrible and aren't effected by it or suppress it or by drinking or not talking about it like

Jason Todd, Deadshot, Orion, and Midnighter.

These characters feel no guilt unlike....


Characters that shouldn't really be there because there young, gullible, or a rookie like Black Alice, Superboy, Wally West, Atom, and Mary Marvel

but at least there not......


These characters are the ones who enjoy doing crazy insane things like Ragdoll, Creeper , and Harley Quinn

there certainly no........


People who do this for a living like Deathstroke, Frankenstein, Grifter,and Catman

For example lets look at uncanny x-force

Wolverine- emotionless one

Psylocke- the nice guy

Deadpool- crazy

Fantomex- professional

I think DC could get more interesting if they worked this angle

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Whatever happened to ......?

Whatever happened to ...... Exiles?

The team of dimension hopping adventurers brought together by the Timebroker lasted August 2001- November 2009 in three volumes.

Founding members Blink from Age of Apocalypse, Nocturne daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch, Mimic of Earth 12, Morph the most constant member, Thunderbird former Horseman of Apocalypse, and Magnus son of Magneto and Rogue who died in the second issue and was replaced by a girl Sunfire.

throughout this series there was so many member changes you'd see characters like.....

Panther (T'Chaka) ...............................Sasquatch Heather McDaniel ..........................Longshot........................... Spider-Man 2099

Magyk..............................................Sabretooth AofA.............................Namora......................................Psylocke

and many others

Though the team never really disbanded the series was canceled but hopefully we'll see more of them.


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Comics I read now or CIRN

DareDevil By Mark Waid and Marcos Martin

A Devil I've never seen before.

Justice League by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee

With creators like these how can it not be great

Wolverine & the X-Men by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo

My favorite X-Men EVER!!!!!!!

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The Jack Kirby in comics

I like anyone who's heard the word comic book know of Jack "The King" Kirby co-creator of Captain America, Fantastic Four, THOR, and many others plus creator of New Gods, Eternals, The Demon, Machine Man, OMAC, and many others.


I've really enjoyed the recent FF an Fantastic Four series by Jonathon Hickman but I fear we might forget none of it would be possible without Jack (and Stan).

No Celestials, no Galactus, no mole people, all these characters and more. Granted Jonathan Hickman waves stories so good that harry potter starts to look like rush hour 3 ,but still give credit where its do.

Also I've noticed that Eternals just can't last lately. Eternals vol 4 didn't work out and all I've had for my eternals fix is a bunch of random celestials, Incredible Hercules story line and the recent HULK storyline (by Jeff Parker) I really wish marvel will give these great characters more light. At least Jeff Parker was awesome enough to add Machine Man



Ever since Death of the New Gods and Final Crisis I've worried about the end of Fourth world but tanks Didios and Giffens OMAC in the new 52 i was reasured but wait it was cancelled so what know he joins JLI , DC Comics presents New Gods/ Forever people where is fourth world. of course Darksied was the villain for justice league's first arc(new 52)

Lets not forget his darker side like the Demon Etrigan and Klarion the witchboy though Demon Knights is in the new 52 though as i understand he wasnt really in to dark writing , but man was he good at it.

Plus his other instant classics like Challengers of the Unknown, Kamandi, the Guardian, Bucky Barnes,Black Panther, and Many others

He could build worlds with a single thought. I cant wait to see more.

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