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Slade Wilson

At the age of sixteen, Slade Wilson was determined to enlist in the U.S Army, so he ran away from home and lied about his age to be in the army. He soon showed talents and skills in guerrilla warfare far superior to that of any other soldier in the army and was quickly promoted over and over by his superiors.

After a while his outstanding reputation landed him under the wing of Adeline Kane, an instructor who became one of his superiors and whom he befriended. Slade trained under his commanding officer, Captain Adeline Kane, and quickly amazed her, demonstrating he was an expert in combat and had impressive talents and skills.

Slade mastered several combat styles and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Some time later, Slade Wilson began a romantic relationship with Adeline and had a son with her.

Soon after the birth of his first son, Grant Wilson; The Army asked Slade to be a volunteer of a secret medical experiment that was said to be a defense against the enemy's Truth Serum and he agreed. (It was later revealed to be really an attempt to create a test to make metahuman super-soldiers).

Slade's body reacted violently to the experiment, it made him aggressive and enraged, and he needed to remain sedated and bedridden through the birth of his second son Joseph Wilson. Only later would Slade discover that the experiment had worked and actually enhanced his strength, speed, senses, stamina, intellect and reflexes beyond that of any ordinary man. With his duties in the army limited to that of desk work, Slade dedicated himself to professional hunting in order to fill the void he felt within himself as a fighter and he married Adeline Kane. However this life too was put on hold, when William Randolph Wintergreen, a lifelong friend, was sent on a suicide mission and was captured. When his superiors refused to help, Slade was forced to do the impossible; he put together a costume and went on an unauthorized solo mission to save his friend. In the end he saved Wintergreen, but was discharged from the army for disobeying orders. Slade decided this was for the best. Fed up with the army and its code of blind loyalty, Slade created the costumed persona of Deathstroke the Terminator, the greatest mercenary the world would ever know by using the knowledge he had acquired from his military training and under the tutelage of master martial artist Natas.


Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Deathstroke first appeared in The New Teen Titans (vol.1) #2. Deathstroke was originally known only as "The Terminator" but with the making of the popular Terminator movie franchise starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (four years later) the name was abandoned to avoid the possible confusion.

Character Evolution

Modern Age: New Earth

Deathstroke (New Earth)

Depending on the writer, Deathstroke can be a "violent gun-toting mercenary, unafraid to kill", a likeable anti-hero, or just another hired gun meant to fill in the pages. His character is molded by a certain Code of Ethics, that may change at any given time depending on the situation of his life. When his code is more strict, he can become one of the good guys, while other times he can almost completely throw his honor out the door, and do something as cold blooded and senseless as destroying an entire city, as in the destruction of Blüdhaven in the Infinite Crisis story arc or murdering a group of teenage mercenaries.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

Deathstroke (Earth-0)

Writer Kyle Higgins takes Deathstroke back to his bloody, gritty roots. After finishing a blood-soaked assassination in Moscow involving decapitating a target, Slade catches the attention of a new client. Christoph offers Slade a new contract. It's a kill and retrieve contract that requires him to work with a young and obnoxious support team that calls themselves "The Alpha Dawgs". Deathstroke carries out the contract but uncovers a briefcase and a secret within. He takes it back and shows Christoph then leaves but not before killing "The Alpha Dawgs" after viewing them as his competition. This version of Deathstroke is also a former member of the elite Team 7.

Major Story Arcs

Modern Age: New Earth

Before The One-eyed Merc

Adeline shooting Slade

Slade continued to take up contracts under the guise of Deathstroke, becoming famous on an international level, all without telling any of his family members about it. However that all changed the day he was hired to kill a high ranking colonel in the Qurac military. His youngest son Joseph was kidnapped by a terrorist known as ''The Jackal''. The ransom: the names of those who hired him to kill the colonel. Determined to keep his code of honor, Deathstroke gambled his son's life against the power of his meta-human abilities. He killed all the kidnappers and his son was saved, but just barely, his throat had been slit and with that his vocal cords were cut and Joseph Wilson would remain a mute for most of his life. Slade took Joseph to the hospital, and at the time he was also forced to finally reveal his secret identity to his wife, this along with his seemingly careless actions towards their son enraged Adeline and drove her to try and kill Slade by shooting him in the face. Slade managed to dodge the fatal gunshot, but not enough to save his right eye; however that didn't make a great impact on his physical abilities. Slade and his wife divorced soon after, and Adeline decided against telling her first son, Grant, about Slade's secret identity, a decision that would later backfire.

Judas Contract

A few years later Slade was offered a contract by The H.I.V.E. to kill a group of super powered teenagers known as the Teen Titans. Slade refused but Grant Wilson, who ironically idolized Deathstroke (never knowing this was his father), became The Ravager, and assumed the contract himself. As payment, The H.I.V.E. offered him powers beyond those of Deathstroke's abilities. When Ravager attacked the Titans Deathstroke intervened, but in the end joined his son instead. Together they seemed to be on their way to winning, when Grant's powers suddenly overloaded. His cells began to decay rapidly and Slade Wilson could only watch as the Ravager, his first born son, died in his arms.

Upon Grant's death, Slade bitterly swore to fulfill his son's contract and kill the Teen Titans in his stead. Soon however, Deathstroke found the task too much to fulfill on his own, and so employed Tara Markov, a young girl with dangerous earth-bending powers. She worked alongside Slade as a spy amongst the Teen Titans, learning all their secrets and weaknesses. Finally, Deathstroke made his move and one by one he delivered the Titans to the H.I.V.E. At the same time Adeline, who had been keeping tabs on Slade, along with Joseph approached Dick Grayson aka Robin and offered to help rescue his friends if he merely accepted Joseph into the team, This would mark the first appearance of Joseph Wilson as Jericho. Nightwing ( The new persona of Dick Grayson) and Jericho successfully freed the Titans and Slade was apprehended and put on trial for kidnapping. However Gar Logan, still mourning over the death of Tara (who tragically died at the hands of her own emotionally unstable powers) sabotaged the trail and went after Slade intent on killing him. Slade confronted Gar unmasked and unarmed, and the two men parted on a truce. Slade finally free of the burden of Grant's death, retired from life as a mercenary, and took up hunting again in Africa.

Titans Hunt

Slade would later return to being Deathstroke, however this time with a stricter code of honor, that allowed him to became an ally of the Titans. When the Titans were captured by the Wildebeest Society, Deathstroke helped the New Titans track down their missing teammates. Much to everyone's surprise, the leader of the Wildebeest Society was a corrupted Jericho. While transferring the souls of Azarath to the bodies of the Titans, the real Jericho resurfaced and begged his father to save him. Without any other choice, Deathstroke killed his son by driving a sword through his body, causing himself a great deal of grief, as he felt that it was his fault that both of his sons were now dead.

Deathstroke The Hunted

Deathstroke goes underground after he becomes a hunted fugitive for the framed murder of a U.S. senator. During the manhunt, Slade is seemingly killed, but awakens from death completely healed; this would reveal the full extent of Slade's healing abilities, virtual immortality. Eventually Deathstroke was able to clear his name, with help from Sarge Steel and the New Titans, he proved that the assassination was actually planned by Steve Dayton who was driven insane by the Mento helmet. Amidst trying to clear his name, Slade's friends and loved ones also become targets of a wrathful man abusing the name of the Ravager. The assassin kidnapped Rose Worth, the Daughter of Lillian Worth- a short term love interest to Slade after the divorce of Adeline Kane. Wintergreen rescued Rose, but Lillian was killed. Slade feared he would not be a good father to Rose, and decided to leave her in the care of Wintergreen. In the final battle with the new Ravager, Slade discovers the murderer is his jealous half-brother, Wade DeFarge.

Titans Immortal Coil

During the battle with Wade, Adeline Kane is shot and presumed dead, until she miraculously reawakens. Following the events of Deathstroke's World Tour story arc, Slade gives Adeline a blood transfusion to save her life, which apparently also included his regenerative abilities. However Adeline would later resurface as the new H.I.V.E. mistress, driven mad by the same blood that made her immortal. Deathstroke teams up with the Titans in an attempt to save Adeline and stop Vandal Savage, the leader of Tartarus, who attempts to harvest Adeline's blood to gain immortality. Bleeding out slowly and drained of her superpowers, Adeline reaches out to Slade and begs him to reunite her with their sons. Deathstroke refuses, but Starfire makes the decision herself, and ends Adeline Kane's life. Starfire's drastic act causes Deathstroke to break all ties with the Titans.

A Kid's Game

When the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans emerges, Deathstroke discovers the spirit of Jericho living inside him, gradually taking over (see the Titans Hunt story arc). with Wintergreen's help, Deathstroke tries to exercise his son. But Jericho retaliates, takes full control of his father's body, kills Wintergreen and goes after the new members of the Teen Titans (as Deathstroke), vowing to prevent kids from becoming costumed heroes. Jericho manipulates his father's heightened skills to subdue most of the Titans, including shooting Bart Allen in the knee cap, taking out Victor Stone's Cybernetic eye, and nearly killing Robin. The rest of the team, Superboy and Wonder Girl, are finally able to overwhelm Jericho, and he retreats out of his father's body, only to be trapped by Raven moments later.

Slade, Haunted by the death of yet another friend, and no moral compass to guide him, decides to recruit his estranged daughter Rose. So in a twisted ploy to gain Rose's trust, Deathstroke hires Wade Defarge (the assassin who murdered Rose's mother in Deathstroke Hunted) to kill her surrogate family. Deathstroke then steps in to "save" Rose, double crossing Wade. Rose inevitably joins her father and becomes the fourth Ravager. With Rose at his side, Deathstroke goes after Raven and his son, still trapped inside her. His search leads him and Rose to the cult of Brother Blood, where they cross paths with the Teen Titans. Soon a three-way battle unfolds between the followers of Brother Blood, the Titans, and Deathstroke. During the fight, Raven loses control and releases Jericho. Deathstroke orders Rose to kill Jericho, but she hesitates and they are forced to retreat instead. Cyborg however succeeds in recapturing Jericho, imprisoning him in a computer disk, until Raven finally finds a way to resurrect Jericho into a new body in the follow story arc, Titans of Tomorrow.

After the battle with the Titans, and Rose's failure to kill Jericho and avenge Wintergreen's death, Slade starts to re-evaluate his decision to make Rose his protege. However, this coupled with doses of his own watered down super-serum, pushes Rose over the edge, and she cuts out her own eye, proving her devotion.

Identity Crisis

In one of his most defining moments as the world's greatest Mercenary, Deathstroke is hired by Doctor Light as a bodyguard against the Justice League. He alone battles and almost defeats the entire team consisting of: Elongated man, Hawkman, Atom, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Zatanna, Wally West (Flash) and Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern). Unfortunately, while Deathstroke is embroiled in trying to gain control of Kyle's ring, Green Arrow jumps Slade and stabs an arrow into his right eye, making Slade lose his temper and thus leading to his defeat. This embarrassment would start a long and bitter rivalry between Green Arrow and Deathstroke, one that would last through One Year Later and even into Green Arrow's wedding to Black Canary.

The Secret Society of Super Villains

After trying and failing to infiltrate the Secret Society of Super Villains on his own as a spy, in order to destroy them from within, Nightwing finds the only way to gain access to the Society is by becoming a member through Deathstroke. Nightwing tries to talk to Deathstroke, but they battle instead, when the battle is soon interrupted by Ravager (Rose). Deathstroke then decides to let Nightwing in, if in return he trains his daughter. After the bargain is struck, Nightwing takes up the new identity of "Renegade" and starts training Ravager, with a series of seemingly random missions. However Renegade also uses this time to convert Rose into a hero. Deathstroke quickly catches on and he threatens to kill Nightwing. But instead Nightwing makes a deal with Slade: Bludhaven would stay off limits to the Society, and in exchange Rose would be left alone...The deal doesn't last. Deathstroke later helps destroy Bludhaven using Chemo in Infinite Crisis. An enraged Nightwing in turn breaks his part of the deal, and reveals to Rose that the Kryptonite her father had put in her eye, during one of their missions, was poisoning her and would eventually kill her. After this revelation, Rose breaks off any sort of relationship with her father, and under the guidance of Nightwing, becomes a member of the Titans alongside her half-brother, Jericho. During the Battle of Metropolis, Deathstroke is confronted by Nightwing, Batman, and Robin, who question him about abandoning his code of honor, and his only response is by blaming Nightwing.

Titans East

In the aftermath of Infinite Crisis and the events that followed during 52, Deathstroke becomes more twisted than ever. He rebuilds the old Titan's Tower and recruits a new team consisting of Match, Risk, Kid Crusader, Duela Dent, Enigma, Sungirl, Inertia, and a drugged Batgirl (Cassandra Cain). He uses the team to attack and capture the Titans, including his own children. However his unstable team soon falls apart, when Robin manages to free Batgirl and Raven convinces Duela Dent to switch sides. Slade and his remaining Titans face off against both current Titans and the original Titans led by Nightwing who later came to their aid. Deathstroke's team is defeated in the end, and although Slade manages to escape, it is later revealed that the true reason Deathstroke formed his team was to insure that Rose and Jericho and people they could trust, a family, something he could never properly provide.

Final Crisis

During Last Will and Testament Slade is confronted by Geo-Force, the vengeful brother of Tara Markov (see Judas Contract). Geo-Force confronts Deathstroke with everything he's got, though his plans seems at first ill-thought-out, as Deathstroke quickly negates his powers, forces him into an alleyway down into an alleyway. But then Geo-force explains how he had chosen that exact spot particularly to get at Slade's psyche because this was the one place Deathstroke had actually lost, that alleyway was the same that Joseph Wilson had his throat cut years before. Deathstroke pushes the trick aside and proceeds to tell Geo-Force about his plans to use him to take out the Justice League. Geo-Force refuses to let Deathstroke win and slits his own throat. The act, almost mirroring the night Joseph was kidnapped, stuns Deathstroke to the core. Deathstroke tushes to save Geo-Force, but in such a maddened, frantic state he loses sight of the sword in Bryon's hand, and is stabbed through the heart.

Following this, in Faces of Evil, Deathstroke is seen recuperating in Bellevue Hospital. As his heart repairs itself, thanks again to his miraculous healing abilities, Slade is haunted by those he has most let down in life, including Adeline, Grant, Wintergreen, Joseph and finally Rose. When he reawakens, Deathstroke stands determined to get a last audience with his daughter, even taking such lengths as to faking ailing health. But as soon as the two are left alone, Rose tries to strangle her father, forcing Slade to fight her and reveal at last that he was in fact not dying, as the prison security believed, but back to perfect health. Father and daughter battle it out, exchanging bitter words until Deathstroke escapes with a dramatic exit and Rose left in tears. After successfully escaping Slade reveals his last act as a father to Rose was creating a strong and lasting wedge in their relationship, in the hopes that Rose would grow up not wanting to follow in his footsteps, safe from his cursed life. Deathstroke then decides to start over, to rebuild his reputation, and finds someone new to take under his wing, a young street kid, named Poprocket.

Blackest Night

Slade is sitting in his home reading the diary of an old friend of his that he killed while possessed by his son Jericho. He takes the blame for that murder and goes to the window. Lightning strikes to reveal Rose standing outside the window. She attempts to take her revenge on him while he tries to tell her about the Black Lanterns. She doesn't believe him until his son Grant, the original Ravager, comes to kill him. Slade attempts to kill him a couple of times, but is unsuccessful due to the ring's power. Grant tries to kill him by slowly shoving his head into the fireplace, but is stopped when Rose slices him in half. She fights him while Slade is forced to take on his first wife and his acquaintance, feeling emotional pain.

Batman and Robin

Recently, Deathstroke has been seen working with Talia al Ghul, controlling the body and physical actions of the current Robin, Damian Wayne, in order to kill Dick Grayson, who has taken up the mantle of Batman. Deathstroke is able to control Damian's actions thanks to a neural-implant inserted into Damian's spine by his mother while it was being surgically replaced. Grayson defeats Deathstroke by taking advantage of the two-way connection between him and Damian by using a taser on Damian, the resulting electric shock overwhelming Deathstroke's enhanced senses. He then tracks Slade down and attacks him in his hospital bed for controlling Damian and for the Chemo attack, informing Slade that what happened then is just a 'trailer' for what he will do later.

Titans - Villains for Hire

Deathstroke then recruits Cheshire, the Tattooed Man, Cinder, and Osiris, taking the name Titans. They ambush Ryan Choi, the new Atom, in his home, then kill him. Deathstroke takes the atoms belt, and exchanges the body for an unknown object with Dwarfstar. Deathstroke has revealed the secret to life itself and offered it up to the members of his team. Roy Harper and Cinder start a mutiny against the rest of the group. While a recently resurrected Jericho betrays his father and prepares to destroy both him and the Methuselah device.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

The Legacy

In Deathstroke #3, while still trying to show the world that he's more deadly and dangerous than ever, Deathstroke turns to his own arms manufacturer for answers about the mysterious contents of the briefcase that he was contracted to take from a former german scientist named Jeffrey Bode. But when the aftershocks of his actions during the Harmory job start to hit, Deathstroke is presented with a new threat called "Legacy", a threat that only seems to grow no matter how many times it is killed.

Hunt for Lobo

Deathstroke accepts a lucrative contract to take down Lobo who has recently escaped from a maximum security prison. Bittered by his long captivity, Lobo plans to use his spacecraft called "The Ark" to destroy earth. Deathstroke, accompanied by Zealot and The Omegas , hunt down Lobo and together they eventually battle and defeat Lobo on his spacecraft (The Ark).

The Dark Knight-Knight Terrors

Deathstroke is one of dozens of Batman villains, injected with a mixture of Venom and Fear Toxin. He is able to take down the Batplane, with his sword forcing Batman to have to eject down onto Harmon Island.

Personal Data


  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 225 lbs
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: White


  • Citizenship: American
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Occupation: Mercenary, Assassin, Soldier, Bounty Hunter, Warrior

Powers & Abilities

Super Strength / Speed / Endurance / Intellect

As a result of an experimental hormone therapy conducted by the US government, Slade became a super soldier. Unbeknown to Slade's superiors, the procedure boosted his brain capacity, increasing his coordination and stamina further than a human could process, becoming an enhanced human. His mind is like a computer built for strategy. Deathstroke's mental faculties are accelerated by a factor of 9, allowing him to think and perceive nine times faster, affording him a greatly superior reaction time. It is stated in Identity Crisis that, unlike a regular man, Slade uses 90% of his brain capability making him a strategical genius, while normal humans only use 10% of it. Because of that, he alone momentarily beat Wally West, Hawkman, Kyle Rayner, Zatanna, The Elongated Man, Green Arrow and Black Canary. Lately, he has also been shown to be able resist telepathy, namely from his son Jericho. He is said to have "the strength of ten men," and he also possesses enhanced speed, agility and endurance.

Deathstroke's muscular system was hardened and strengthened making him way stronger than an average human being. He is strong enough (without his armor enhancement) to snap a sword in half, cut through a car with his sword, and even trade hits Donna Troy.

He is fast and agile enough to engage entire teams of metahumans such as the Teen Titans alone and even tag characters such as Kid Flash in combat, which he has done on multiple occasions. He has been shown to even side step Starfire's blast. Other characters (such as Hawkman) have often commented on how impressive Slade's speed, reflexes and agility are.

His endurance and pain tolerance are also above human levels, since Deathstroke has on many occasions continued fighting even when losing massive amounts of blood or taking punishment that would kill a normal human.

In DCnU, Slade appears to have a great degree of enhanced strength. In Deathstroke #1 he was shown ripping the door off an airplane at 40,000 feet above sea level with one arm. Indicating physical strength in the multi-ton range. In Deathstroke #14 Hawkman stated that Deathstrokes Nth Metal armor increases his strength and natural abilities even further. In reality Slade, over the years has shown strength, speed, endurance and reflexes above even peak human levels, that could be classified as low level metahuman.

Healing Factor

Slade has also been granted a modestly accelerated healing factor which enables him to recover from physical injuries much faster than most humans, which supplies him with great longevity. This ability has limitations, as he can not regenerate lost eyes or limbs, although he can heal from fatal injuries such as being shot multiple times, stabbed with a sword through his vital organs or great impacts such as falls from great heights and hits from super strong metahumans (such as direct hits from Donna Troy)He has recovered from otherwise fatal injuries, but the experience is traumatic. He has suffered from short-term periods of insanity and animalistic behavior after these "resurrections" (much like Ra's Al Ghul after using a Lazarus Pit). These episodic feral states are temporary, however, and he eventually regains control of himself.

Enhanced Senses / Reflexes / Agility

As he is able to think nine times faster than most humans, Deathstroke possesses heightened senses, reflexes, and physical acumen, making him a one man army and a great tactician. His senses allow him to identify small changes in the air that enables him to react to attacks from behind, and even allows him to cut a fly in half with a paperclip. His reflexes and agility is at such a degree that they allow him to casually dodge point blank gunfire from multiple assailants, fight an entire ninja clan alone, jump multiple feet (from one building to another while tackling a Warhawk) and perform other seemingly impossible tasks with ease.

Expert Combatant / Soldier / Marksman

Slade even before he had his physical attributes enhance was considered one of the world's top (and most decorated) soldiers (considered the best even among the members of the elite Team 7 that included characters like Grifter and Black Canary).

He is an expert of unarmed combat as well as an expert in the use of both melee (bladed) and ranged (rifles, guns) weapons. His arsenal is extensive and, with his augmented physique, he can turn any object into a deadly weapon. Nevertheless, he prefers his broadsword, bo staff/bazooka, and automatic pistols. In short Deathstroke is the DCU's premier mercenary and assassin.


Missing Right Eye

Slade lost his right eye due to a gunshot wound. His ex-wife Adeline Kane was enraged after finding out that her son Joseph became mute. She became enraged at Slade, arguing that he betrayed her and risked her sons life. She then fired a gun at Slade, and he managed to evade the bullet but his right eye was lost. Though so far, his fighting ability has yet to be hindered by his blindness.

Weapons & Equipment

Nth Metal Armor: In the post Flashpoint Universe, Slade wears a special armor made partially from Nth metal which is stronger than titanium. It's more durable than regular armors and further enhances Deathstroke's natural abilities. His armor allows him to tank heavy blast, and gives him added protection against piercing weapons. His Nth metal armor is incredibly durable, to the point he is able to take direct hits from Lobo.

Broad Sword: Slade carries a promethium broad sword that is more durable than Titanium. The durability of the sword mixed with his metahuman abilities are extremely formidable. He has been known to cut through a jet wing in a single strike with his sword.

Grappling hooks: Slade also carries grappling guns that shoot hooklines and allow him to reach great heights or restrain his targets (similar to Batman's).

Energy Staff: One of Deathstroke's signature weapons, a near indestructible bo staff (sometimes made out of prometheum) that can also discharge an energy blast (strong enough to destroy aircraft, and even injure powerful metahumans). Lately, he has been shown to be able to separate his staff into two nightsticks, similar to Nightwing.

Other Weapons: Deathstroke's normal equipment also consists of various handguns, rifles, explosives and bladed weapons. Lately he has been known to use sniper rifles with promethium bullets, though this is more situational.

Deathstroke has also amassed a fairly large fortune due to the contracts he undertakes, which pays for his equipment. He also employs some outside aid (like Wintergreen) that helps him get new contracts, provide equipment and when needed medical help.

Other Versions


An anti-matter version of Deathstroke has appeared once. This version was almost identical to Deadpool, a reference to the fact that Deadpool began as a Deathstroke copy. Throughout the comic he attempts to say his name, but never gets farther than Dead. He attacked Superman and Batman aboard a cruise ship early in their careers. This was the case in which they revealed their identity to one another.


On Earth-9, an alternate version of Deathstroke is a member of the Fatal Five. This version is a man in an armored suit, and along with his teammates was responsible for the death of that world's second Atom.


Deathstroke & the Curse of the Ravager

In the DC universe sweeping event Flashpoint, the famed mercenary Deathstroke is a violent and infamous pirate captain in search of his beloved daughter Rose. His daughter, who Deathstroke considers to be his greatest treasure, has been taken from him and he will stop at nothing to get her back . As the war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons wages on, Captain Deathstroke and his crew of fearsome pirates sail the oceans and the seas pillaging war ravaged civilizations on his ship the Ravager.

Amongst their travels, Deathstroke and his crew come upon the feared pirate named Warlord and his ship the Skartaris. When one of Deathstroke's crew members confirms that the Warlord does indeed have a female captive in suspended animation within his ship's hold, Deathstroke assumes it must be his daughter and orders his crew to board the enemies ship and leave no man standing. Deathstroke and the Warlord engage in brutal combat with neither captain gaining the upper hand. Once he is informed that his crew is in possession of the female passenger, Deathstroke orders his crew back to the ship and cuts his battle with the Warlord short. The Captain has his crew member Icicle deep freeze the Skartaris and it's crew of miscreant swashbucklers, but the Warlord escapes the destruction and flees on a jet ski. Deathstroke is furious when he finds out that the female passenger was not his daughter, but rather another metahuman named Jenny Blitz.

In an enraged state, Deathstroke tortures one of the Warlord's captured crew members for any information regarding his daughter's whereabouts. To make matters worse, the Ravager lost a handful of crew members during the clash with the Skartaris and is now in desperate need of more hands on deck. Deathstoke orders his crew to steer the ship toward the island of Saint Helena, where they will pick up more crew and save his daughter. The Captain and his crew storm the prison island, only to discover that Rose is no longer being held there and that she has been transferred to a metahuman lab somewhere in Norway. Before leaving the island, Deathstroke makes an offer to a group of prisoners to sail the seas under his leadership and plunder to their heart's content or rot away in their cells. Every prisoner takes him up on his offer, including Machiste, Clayface, The Eel, and The Fisherman. Deathstroke along with his new crew begin to sail north towards Norway.

Along the way the Ravager overcomes a ship that immediately surrenders and hands over a metahuman named Sonar at the bequest of Deathstroke, who knew that they were holding him. Sonar has the ability to see what is below the water's surface, a skill that Deathsroke finds very important and helpful. As soon as the Ravager heads into war zone waters near what was formerly Paris, France, it is immediately boarded by the Emperor Aquaman and his brother Ocean Master. Deathstroke is genuinely disturbed by this tyrant's sudden appearance, and rightfully so as Aquaman stabs Deathstroke with his trident and orders his brother to leave no survivors.

Gravely injured, Deathstroke lies helplessly as Aquaman and Ocean Master slaughter several members of his crew. Deathstroke is able to recover from his injuries through the combined efforts of Eel and Sonar. However, Deathstroke had to agree to give Sonar fifty percent of whatever his ship collects and to make him second in command. As he and his crew bury their dead comrades at sea, they are attacked by Warlord and his fleet of ships. Deathstroke shoots Warlord in the right eye with a sniper rifle, but before he can fire another shot, Jenny Blitz awakens and hurls several deadly fireballs at Warlord's fleet, sinking a few of his ships. She then proclaims herself to be the new captain of the Ravager.

Other Media


Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Deathstroke (played by Antonio Sabàto, Jr.) appeared in the eight episode of the fourth season of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Deathstroke in Lois & Clark

In the show he is a former scientist exposed to magnetic particles by an accident, giving him magnetic powers. After this, he becomes an assassin, killing with his powers. He and his wife take the name Bob Stanton and Carol Stanton when they arrive to Metropolis. They become friends with Clark and Lois, when they discover that Lois is going to interview a billionaire. They plan to assassinate the billionaire before he goes public, taking his identity and his fortune. Superman finds out and frustrate their plan, leaving Deathstroke to the police.

Teen Titans

Slade in the Teen Titans

Deathstroke appeared as the most recurrent villain in the animated series of the Teen Titans, voiced by Ron Perlman. However, since neither of the names "Deathstroke" or "The Terminator" were accepted as suitable for a cartoon aimed for kids, he was called by his birth name of "Slade", though this is never stated to be his real name in the cartoon; it is used as if it is an alias. Slade's appearances and motives are unknown as first and seem to vary with the shows seasons, with the first season having him driving Robin to a point where he could control him and eventually turn him into his apprentice, which eventually fails when Slade underestimates Robin, the other Titans and the relationship they share. Season two is broadly based on the Judas Contract story, where he encounters Terra after she leaved the Titans, luring her in with promises to help her control her powers and while manipulating her to make her hate the Titans before sending her back to them as a sleeper agent to gather information before she would let Slade's robots into the tower. Slade further augmented Terra's powers by grafting a suit onto her body to ease her control, while making him able to control her body should she one day rebel.

However Slade again suffered defeat as Terra eventually turned on him when he tried to force her to kill Beastboy, knocking him into a pool of lava, killing him. On account of him being dead, Slade didn't make any actual appearances in season three, though he made an appearance as a drug induced hallucination on Robin's part when he inhaled some dust found on Slade's old mask. However Cyborg noted that the dust was triggered from outside the tower, leading to further about if Slade was truly dead or not. Season four however saw Slade return from the dead as an empowered henchman to Trigon, possessing a vast amount of pyrokinetic powers, flight while being indestructible. Slade explained later on to Robin he had agreed to serve Trigon and prepare Raven for his arrival in return for his flesh and blood, which Robin had realized was missing and Slade was really nothing but his suit and a walking skeleton. During his time as a mere henchman however saw Slade reveal new sides of himself, such as a dark sense of humor while obviously enjoying tormenting the Titans and Raven in particular, whom he apparently didn't think much of before Trigon revealed what she really was and what she was meant to do. Whenever because of Raven's choices or Trigon's cruel nature, Slade was usurped by Raven as commander of Trigons army and cheated out his reward when Trigon claimed it was him and not Slade who made Raven go along with her destiny. Slade didn't take kindly to this and while his new powers were taken from him, he survived to ally with the Teen Titans to fight Trigon after leading Robin to where Raven was being kept in Trigon's realm.

Slade as a Trigon henchman

After Trigon's defeat, Slade disappeared. Season five only featured Slade once in the series final, where Beastboy encountered and fought one of his robots after finding a girl that looked just like Terra attending a school. Beastboy being convinced it was Slade who had made her forget him, though Slade claimed to have no part in it, rather it was Terra who wished to forget what she had once been and that Beastboy had no right to remind her of it. He is the only villain not accounted for by the end of the series.

In the comics based off the show, Rose makes an appearance.


Slade In Smallville

Slade Wilson appeared in the 10th season of Smallville and was portrayed by Michael Hogan. He has been shown as an United States Army Lieutenant General who enforces the Vigilante Registration Act. In the episode, "Patriot", Slade tricks Green Arrow into signing the Vigilante Registration Act. Later, Slade used Oliver's and Aquaman's own weakness to torture them. Clark Kent and Aquaman's wife, Mera, step in to save them and Slade was confirmed dead during the explosion of the facility. In the episode, "Icarus", Slade returns and attempts to reveal the true identity of the Blur. Slade sends one of the military personnel to interrogate Clark's friends while they were being held at the Daily Planet. As a result, Clark sends Slade into the Phantom Zone where he won't cause any more trouble with the vigilantes but after some time, he is freed from the Zone by General Zod as both have become agents of Darkseid. Slade was last reported to be comatose and wasn't seen for the rest of the series.


Deathstroke in Arrow

Deathstroke is the main antagonist in Season 2 of Arrow, with a mission of vengeance to take away everything Oliver cares about.

It is revealed in Island flashbacks that Oliver actually met and befriended Slade. Together they made several attempts to escape from the Island. Slade later became sick, so in a desperate attempt to save him Oliver and Sara Lance injected him with Mirakuru. His body reacted violently, and was presumably dead. When he awakens he finds Oliver and Sara, but Shado is dead. He swears vengeance upon whoever killed her. Slade is physically improved due to the Mirakuru, he is stronger, can run faster, ect. Later Slade hears that Oliver had a cause in Shado's death, and is outraged. He leaves Oliver behind on the island as a punishment.

Years later when Oliver Queen is back in Starling City, he finds that Slade Wilson (now called Deathstroke) is in Starling City, threatening to destroy his family and everything Oliver has even valued. After a long fight with Oliver, Slade was eventually incarcerated in an ARGUS prison on Lian Yu.

Deathstroke is played by Manu Bennett.

Young Justice: Invasion

Deathstroke in YJ: Invasion

Deathstroke appears in Young Justice: Invasion voiced by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller. He debuts in the episode "True Colors", where he is introduced as Black Manta's bodyguard and the Light's new enforcer. He attempts to kill Sportsmaster, the man he is replacing, but the mercenary manages to escape with Cheshire's aid. In "The Fix", he and Tigress kidnap Miss Martian while she and Lagoon Boy are in Chicago.

Deathstroke in Beware the Batman

Beware The Batman

Deathstroke (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes) appears in the episode "Hero". He is recruited Anarky to target Batman and was first seen under the alias of Dane Lisslow. In "Twist", is revealed that he is both Slade Wilson (a former CIA agent and protege of Alfred Pennyworth) and Dane Lisslow. After Alfred witnessed how ruthless Slade Wilson was, he had him terminated from the CIA. Losing his life and family, Wilson is driven to work as top class assassin and mercenary Deathstroke. Years later, Alfred wants to mend their relationship, which causes Deathstroke to be fired and left for dead. He feels betrayed and wants revenge. Deathstroke confronts Batman and Katana, leaving them for dead. In "Alone", Deathstoke's memory is wiped with a chemical compound rending Deathstroke amnesiac.


Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Slade in JL: Crisis on Two Earths

In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths: Slade Wilson (voiced by Bruce Davison) appears as the President of the United States in the alternate reality inhabited by the Crime Syndicate. This Slade still has his white hair and eye-patch, though its over his left eye instead of his right and he never took the serum that enhanced him. His wife was killed by Ultraman (evil Superman), and his daughter Rose was nearly killed by the Archer (evil Green Arrow), but she was saved by Martian Manhunter, who came to her world with the rest of the Justice League to defeat the Crime Syndicate. He is afraid of the Syndicate.

Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox

Deathstroke in JL: Flaspoint Paradox

In Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, Deathstroke (voiced by Ron Perlman) appears as the captain of the ship, the Ravager.

In this distorted timeline, he and Lex Luthor were looking for Aquaman's Doomsday device, until his ship was found and attacked by an Atlantean army, Lex Luthor was killed and Slade managed to survive and kill some of them until he was attacked and presumably killed by Black Manta.

Son of Batman

Deathstroke in Son of Batman

In Son of Batman, Deathstroke (voiced by Thomas Gibson) is the main antagonist of the film.

He used to be a member of The League of Shadows and future successor of Ra's Al Ghul until his actions made Ra's thought he was unworthy. Feeling betrayed, Slade planned to overthrow Ra's. After Deathstroke defeated him, Ra's grandson, Damian, appeared to protect him, stabbing

Deathstroke's right eye. After escaping, Deathstroke works on a Ra's Al Ghul project to use Langstrom's Man-Bat gene splicing formulas on members of the League.

Deathstroke shoots Talia and fights Batman briefly untill he resuscitates her in a Lazarus Pit. Deathstroke and Damian start fighting which ends with Deathstroke defeated.

Video Game

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Deathstroke in MK vs DCU

Deathstroke (voiced by Patrick Seitz) is one of the DC characters chosen to appear in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. He makes his first playable video game appearance as one of the villains, and counterpart of Baraka.

In the game, Deathstroke founded of a group of powerful and skilled assassins dressed up in his image and called ''The DeathStrike Clan''.

DC Universe Online

Deathstroke takes part in DC Universe Online and is voiced by Tracy W. Bush. He is a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains and has several appearances in the main storyline as a major villain.

Batman: Arkham City Lockdown

Deathstroke appears as an main antagonist in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown and is voiced by Larry Grimm.

Injustice: Gods Among Us


Deathstroke appears in Injustice: Gods Among Us, sporting his New 52 design. He is also the character with the most use of guns. In the story mode, he appears to have aligned himself with Lex Luthor and was used as an ambush for Batman at Arkham Asylum. He is later seen as a part of the Insurgency being tortured by Raven and Cyborg. He later joins Cyborg in attacking the enemy's Watchtower. Deathstroke's player ability allows Deathstroke to never miss a shot with his guns and do extra damage, however their is a short cooldown period where the majority of his shots miss.

After Deathstroke wins, he is shown sitting at a computer, looking for his next target and flipping a knife. A variety of targets can be seen on his list on the computer (James Jesse, Black Canary, Kyle Rayner, Tim Drake, Buddy Baker and a number of others.)

In his ending (after beating classic mode), deathstroke defeats Regime Superman. After the Regime falls, new governments must be set up, leading to many more contracts for Deathstroke. The work eventually piles up and becomes too much for Slade. Slade manages to track down most of the people who worked as police for Superman. He trains his new army, and they rule the assassin business.

Batman : Arkham Origins

Deathstroke appears in Batman: Arkham Origins as one of the eight assassins sent to kill Batman. He is first seen when Batman is interrogating the Penguin on the ship "The Final Offer". Deathstroke drags Batman into an arena on the ship and they begin to fight. When Batman defeats him, Deathstroke is stunned and asks "What are you?". Batman leaves him for the police. Later in the game Deathstroke is shown in a jail cell in Blackgate Prison.

As a pre order bonus, players will be able to play as Deathstroke in 2 new challenge maps, and two new skins based off his look from the Injustice: Gods Among Us game, and his appearance in The Judas Contract.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Deathstroke appears in the Nintendo 3DS version of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

  • Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
  • DC Universe Online
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
  • Batman: Arkham City Lockdown
  • Batman: Arkham Origins
  • Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Secret Relationship

Deathstroke and Cassie Cage are dating.

It all started when when Deathstroke was looking for Batman and found Cassie. They fought long and hard but Deathstroke won the battle. When Deathstroke made real eye contact, Deathstroke and Cassie fell in love and now they're dating.

Creators on Deathstroke

"The reason Slade is a good character is because he is a character," Wolfman asserts. "He has depth. He has morality, and that morality is not a typical one. I like characters who are heavily shaded in gray." -

"But that moral ambiguity doesn't make Deathstroke any less compelling. "I think Slade's ambiguous nature as well as not being sure what he'll do next makes him someone you want to follow," maintains Wolfman. "His relationship with his ex-wife, his friends and co-workers is more than just another 'Man on a Mission' comic. He's not out to stop the mob. He's not out to stop evil. You hire Slade, he does his job. Unfortunately, his own life gets in the middle of things and mucks it all up."

George Pérez:

"The Terminator, my favourite of the TITANS' villains, because I really liked the idea of the strong, massive-yet-debonair older man. The fact that he's definitely a man in his fifties, but he's strong as an ox, very handsome, very polished - you can understand, again, a sexual appeal. I'm very big on sexual appeal of characters - particularly males. Since all the men are big and muscular, to show a bit of sexuality in them, that's a tough thing to do. The fact that the Titans have developed – we've gotten mail from women who think that Terminator is sexy as all hell. And that's great. That's the feeling I wanted."

Jonathan Peterson, Titans/Deathstroke editor:

"Well, going back to the history lesson. Issue 70 came out and was a hit. And to Dick's credit, we actually greenlit DEATHSTROKE behind the scenes before the book even shipped. In fact, I recall going into Dick's office with only the first 12 pages and saying "This is what it is...this is what it'll look like... please let me do this." And Dick, who trusted my judgment, said "Okay. Looks good to me. Go for it."

"So since I was so high on Deathstroke and pushing him, and was looking to give him his own book, I then turned to Marv and said "Look, you're going to be writing this new monthly about the guy... clearly he's let's use him to a core degree in the Titans revamp story as well. In short, let's cram him down the readers throats to REALLY get the character out there again."

Creators on Slade’s development

When Terminator first appeared in New Teen Titans #2, he was a violent gun-toting mercenary, unafraid to kill. And when DC finally gave him his own title, Wolfman says the character wasn't softened up to make him more appealing or accessible. "In fact, I probably hardened him!" the writer says. "When you're working with other people, you work at their level. Since he had to accomplish the same goals-he wanted to find his son-be had to work with the Titans. Ho needed their abilities. On his own, he doesn't have to temper

Terminator isn't your typical comic-book hero, says Wolfman-in fact, he's not exactly a hero at all.

"I have always viewed him as pretty much what he is-a mercenary. He's not a superhero. He's the protagonist of our hook and has a strict moral code, which regular people would probably disagree with completely. If he's attacked, he kills. He's a mercenary, and he takes on jobs as a soldier of fortune. I guess that's legal. unless you get caught by the other side! That's the way he has made his money."

He achieved popularity with his first appearance. Nevertheless, it has taken several years for Deathstroke the series to begin. "It's strange, because when I created the character with George [Pérez) back in Titans #2, we knew we had something. Dick Giordano thought the character should have stood on his own; that's how strong he was. We had done several stories that indicated this was a powerful character and could probably get his own book. This eventually became [Titans editor) Jonathan Peterson's idea. We did the pilot in Titans #70, which was a way of reminding people who the Terminator was, since he hadn't appeared in years. Reaction was so good that we made a regular series out of it."

Although some have drawn comparisons between Terminator and Marvel's Punisher, the writer says there are few similarities.

"We got this an awful lot before the book came out," he observes. "Obviously, Punisher was in the '70s, and Terminator was created in 1980, but Terminator, in my mind, is very clearly a mercenary. Punisher is a mob-hunter. They have completely different reasons for existing, and it's essentially the difference between a soldier and a policeman. Granted, they're freelancers, but one goes after the mob, and the other takes on jobs for hire.

"From what I've read of The Punisher, Vigilante, which I did, was much closer, but when we did Vigilante, there was no Punisher comic book. The other difference is that the stories are not personal stories in The Punisher. All of the stories in Deathstroke are personal. They're about him, they're about the people he cares about; there's a love interest. To me, Slade Wilson is a vitally interesting character. He's more interesting than (his alter ego) Deathstroke, who's more of a hired gun. Slade Wilson's a real person. The character in The Punisher exists solely to be the Punisher-his sole purpose is to wipe out bad guys."

One problem Wolfman continually faces is writing a lead character who isn't really a nice guy. "I think Slade can be likable. Terminator isn't," he says. "Slade is certainly a social animal-that's another difference between him and the Punisher-I can't even remember the Punisher's real name (Frank Castle), even though I wrote one or two back in Spider-Man, when he still used mercy bullets. Slade can be a very social and sexual character. He's a person who has needs, desires and everything. On the other hand, Terminator is a mercenary. He can be a very likable person in a job that most of us would find repulsive."

Wolfman isn't sure why Terminator is so popular, but he says they knew the character was a success from the beginning. "Frankly, when we started him in 1980. we knew we had something with him. Readers have always liked the character. He has always gotten the best mail of the Titans. I used him very sparingly because 1 saw he was so strong that I didn't want to overuse him as a supporting character," Wolfman explains. "I saw him as too strong for the book; he would eclipse everybody else-and he has done just that! To brag a little bit, I think it was one of those times that we came up with a nearly perfect creation, and you can't plan those. This character just sang the moment he was created, and we all knew it."

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