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When the Old Gods fell in Ragnarok, the New Gods filled the void. But this was a cycle, and the power, methodology and ultimate fate of the Old Gods remained within the New Gods. All that is Darkseid's has been taken by him through blood and force. It is unsure how Uxas evolved into the embodiment of evil that he is now. But it is known that two key events propelled him on his path. First, Uxas killed his mother, Heggra, to wrest control of Apokolips from her after Yuga Khan, his father, was trapped on the Source Wall in his attempt to unlock the secret of The Source. Then Desaad betrayed Drax, Uxas' brother, as he was trying to master the Omega Effect. Uxas then killed his brother, rightful heir to the Omega Effect. With power, a following, and a drive to accomplish his goals without regret or remorse, Uxas took up his God Name: Darkseid.

At one point, and for the only time in his life, Darkseid fell in love. He took as his wife a woman named Suli, a scientist who believed in using power not for conquering but for the common good. Queen Heggra, terrified that Suli might "corrupt" her son, had Desaad assassinate her, but not before she bore Darkseid a son named Kalibak. Upon Suli's death, Darkseid had Desaad poison his mother as revenge then eternally turned his back on the concept of love.

New 52 Origin

As a mud grubber on his home world, Uxas despised the Old Gods. Feeling they cared little about him and his people. Enraged by another Old God rampaging through his village, Uxas traveled up the sacred mountatin were the Old Gods slept. As they slept, Uxas whispered into the ears of all the Old Gods, causing them to turn on one another. They clashed and as they were weakened by battle, Uxas killed them one by one. Absorbing their great power, Uxas was transformed into Darkseid. His appearance was altered and outwardly he showed a rocky and greyish appearance. Armor began to wrap around his body covering his body and head. His beard was covered and he no longer had brown hair.

Meanwhile, Darkseid's brother, Izaya, begged the Sky Father to return Avia, his now dead wife to him. Instead, the God granted Izaya his power. Izaya was granted the power because of his faith and took the name Highfather.The brother in laws competed in a battle that would design the fate of their world.

Darkseid was filled with such contempt that the planet was destroyed during battle with Highfather. The battle broke the world apart and two worlds existed. When Darkseid overcame his brother, he controlled Apokolips, a hellish world where he is king and Highfather ruled New Genesis. Eons passed and an individual named Kaiyo, the Chaos Bringer, a teleporter had laughed at parademons fighting amongst themselves. This angered the ruler of Apokolips, he attempted to kill Kayio. But she had an unknown ability to jump to different dimensions.

Darkseid followed, and what he found was other worlds to conquer that he didn't even know existed. Darkseid went on to conquer many worlds in the pursuit of Kaiyo. He conquers and vanquishes many of these planets including Earth-2 and Earth-3. One in particular, Earth-Prime where Darkseid has trouble defeating this Justice League. After being defeated, Darkseid waits patiently for his next attack.

More recently Darkseid has accidentally been revived from a stasis like prison on Apokolips by Miracle Man. He has been fighting the heroes of Earth-2 while waiting for Apokolips to devour planet Earth. Apokolips is revealed to be a God planet that needs to feed on other planets. At the end of Earth-2 and Worlds End Darkseid fought Flash, Aquawoman, Powergirl, Val-Zod, Dr. Fate, Batman, Red Tornado(Louis Lane) and other heroes. They proved innefective against the powerhouse of evil. Darkseid seemed to barely even try and yet he was beating the team down with ease. Powergirl went for Darkseids eyes and seemed to cause Darkseid some pain, but Darkseid quickly put her down too. He is then quickly shown to have regenerated the wounds to his eye right before Alan Scott arrives with the power of all the Green from the Multiverse. Along with all the power of all of the Green, Earth-2's council decide to make Alan their avatar as well. So he gained the power of the red, grey, white, blue, etc and he still could not defeat Darkseid. As the fight continues on he notes that he feels weaker due to Earth-2 being severely weakened and on the brink of being consumed by Apokolips. He seemingly makes his last act as Green Lantern an honorable one. He somehow uses his abilities to recharge Powergirl, Val-Zod and the other heroes.

Darkseid will be seen in the Darkseid Wars in June, 2015 where he will face off against the Anti-monitor with Earth-0 and our Justice League heroes caught in the middle.


Darkseid was created by Jack Kirby.

Character Evolution

Silver Age: Earth One

Darkseid (Earth-One)

It was not known what occurred in the first few millennia of his rule. But eventually a war was waged (most likely instigated by Darkseid) between Apokolips and New Genesis. To stop this war that would surely have exterminated the New Gods, a pact was made between New Genesis and Apokolips. The terms of the pact were that Scott Free (Mister Miracle), the son of the leader of New Genesis Highfather Izaya, would be traded for the son of Darkseid, Orion. This trade would seem an odd move for the cunning Darkseid, as it has been foretold that Orion would be the one that slays him. But Darkseid knew the fires that raged within his son were hotter than the fires that raged from the pits of Apokolips, and that when the fury of Orion was loosed all the New Gods would tremble. All except Darkseid. And when the time came, Orion would slay his father, and end his tyrannical rule.

Modern Age: New Earth

Darkseid (New Earth)

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, not much Darkseid history was change. In issue #2 of Countdown to Final Crisis, the prophecy had come to past as Orion rips his father's heart out while the two had their final battle with each other. The once powerful and mighty Darkseid had fallen in battle at the hands of his son as foretold. However Darkseid, always the strategist, cheated death by possessing human the body of Dan Turpin as a host for his modus operandi; resurrection and releasing the Anti-Life Equation on Earth. After many deaths and ultimate control of billions of humans, Darkseid is killed by Superman during the Final Crisis event.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

Darkseid (Earth-0)

In Justice League #1, Darkseid's name is invoked by a Parademon. He is later mentioned again in Justice League #2, and in Justice League #3 Darkseid make his first appearance in the series, seen in a vision by Victor Stone after he is injured by an exploding Mother Box. In the final pages of Justice League #4, Darkseid himself appears. In Justice League #5, the League confronts him but they are overpowered by him, when he severely hurts Superman with his Omega Beams and breaks Green Lantern's arm. Finally, in Justice League #6, Darkseid is driven out when Cyborg activates the invaders' Mother Boxes and Superman forces him through a Boom Tube. The issue also reveals Desaad and Steppenwolf, referring Darkseid's daughter and their ceaseless search for her across countless worlds. In Legion of Super-Heroes #3, a Daxamite dignitary refers to Daxamites having been used by Darkseid as enforcers in the past (a reference to the Great Darkness saga)

Major Story Arcs

Silver Age: Earth One

The Forever People

While on Earth the Forever People disrupted the evil plans of Darkseid. This was not the kind of attention Mark wanted, During their visit Beautiful Dreamer was kidnapped, Mark was not impressed. Due to the fact that they had stumbled across an intergalactic war, New Genesis and Apokolis Had got themselves into a war while they were vacant from supertown, Mark blamed Sarifan for the situation they were in. They had to rescue Dreamer. Darkseid was the leader of the Apokolis. He was about to test the Non-Violent Group to there fullest.The war was the fault of a maniac partner of Darkseid known as Devilance, They both partnered up to destroy the peaceful place of New Genesis, they waged war on all that was peaceful, and earth was where he chose his headquarters.

Modern Age: New Earth

Anti-Life Equation

With a planet under his iron rule, Darkseid began to create a war machine with a capability to wage war that outstrips that of whole galaxies. Soldiers, weapons, armaments, and other instruments of war at his disposal. Most of these are to wage a war with his fellow New Gods on New Genesis. Unlike Apokolips, New Genesis is a lush, idyllic planet populated by just or righteous Gods. Much to Darkseid's chagrin the New Genesis is more advanced since free will and creativity are encouraged there.

Darkseid's greatest ambition is to eliminate all free will from the universe and reshape it into his own image. To this end, he seeks to unravel the mysterious Anti-Life Equation, which will give him complete control over the thoughts and emotions of all living beings in the universe. While he has yet to obtain a working copy of the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid has tried on several other occasions to achieve dominance of the universe through other methods. He has a special interest in Earth, as he believes humans possess collectively within their minds most, if not all, fragments of the Anti-Life Equation. Darkseid intends to probe the minds of every human in order to piece together the Equation. During his efforts to secure the Equation, he encountered and battled many of Earth's superheroes, chief among them Superman, a relationship which bordered on outright hatred on the Man of Steel's part.

Olympian Gods

Seeing other gods as a threat, Darkseid invaded the island of Themyscira in order to discover the secret location of the Olympian Gods. He planned to overthrow the Olympians and steal their power. Refusing to aid Darkseid in his mad quest, the Amazons battled his parademon troops, causing half of the Amazon population's death.

Our Worlds at War

Darkseid with the Infinity Gauntlet

Wonder Woman was able to gain her revenge against Darkseid for killing so many of her sisters later on during the Imperiex and Brainiac 13 by placing a portion of her own soul into Darkseid, without his immediate knowledge, when she and her sisters, along with Raven, reignited his Omega Powers. This supposedly weakened the god's power as he lost a portion of his dark edge.

He later made a cameo appearance during JLA/Avengers, where he was shown in the possession of the Infinity Gauntlet. After finding out that the Gauntlet was useless outside of its home universe, he casually discarded it.

Superman/ Batman: Supergirl

The end of a rivalry

Darkseid attempted to attack Earth by kidnapping Supergirl. He had used Black Kryptonite to brainwash Supergirl, thus providing him with a leader for his Female Furies, as well as a warrior on par with Superman. However, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman were able to save Supergirl. This set forward a plan of revenge by Darkseid to destroy Supergirl; this plan also fails as Supergirl is teleported out at the last minute. Superman is set into an unparalleled fit of rage as he hurls Darkseid into the sun where they attempted to destroy each other. Superman beats Darkseid unconscious enough to throw him into the Source Wall, where Superman declares that, "For years and years, you've tried to learn the secrets of ultimate power from the other side. But you will never get the answers, just like the others who are entombed here. This is where you belong. Along with all the other failures in the universe."

Later the Joker attempted to control Darkseid when the Clown Prince of Crime gained powers similar to Mister Mxyzptlk. It was later revealed that Bat-Mite was inside the Joker the whole time (Bat-Mite literally crawled out of his mouth). Darkseid actually attempted to vaporize the Joker with his Omega Beam, but failed to hit his target. To pay a debt incurred to an alternate reality Darkseid and in order to realign the time line, Superman recently freed Darkseid from his entombment in the Source Wall. Mister Mxyzptlk revealed that Darkseid's destiny was yet to be written and that their futures were tied together via the cryptic statement "From the fourth world into the fifth dimension. Kinda like the ring tone of that, Big D." It has been revealed that Darkseid had been drained of his omega powers when he was imprisoned in the Source Wall. Desaad used a mind-controlled Superman to retrieve Highfather's staff from the Source Wall, and use it as a conduit to recharge Darkseid's energies, via a portal to the Omega Realm.

Death of New Gods and Countdown to Final Crisis

Meanwhile, during this time Darkseid orchestrated events to his liking, observing what was happening across the universe as the death of the Fourth World drew near, plotting to remake the universe in his own image. As New Gods were killed across the galaxy, Darkseid marshaled his forces on Apokolips, even resurrecting Virman Vundabar despite his earlier attempt to assassinate Darkseid--notably putting his forces in defensive deployments. In conversation with Metron, he then indicated that he knew more than his fellow New Gods about what was transpiring with the mysterious God-killer, which he refused to share, content in knowing more than Metron for once. It has since been revealed that Darkseid appears to be manipulating almost all the key characters in Countdown to Final Crisis on a giant cosmic chess board. He has given his protection to Jimmy Olsen, vaporizing a parademon for attacking him, and he has ensured that Karate Kid, carrier of the Morticoccus virus, survives. His reasons for both these are unknown. Later he attempts to recruit Mary Marvel as his sorceress using his pawn Eclipso, but she turns on him and escapes. He has also assigned Desaad to ensure the "Great Disaster" comes about, and assigned Granny Goodness to recruit new Female Furies from Earth in the guise of Athena. It has been indicated Darkseid seeks the rise of the "Fifth World", possibly on Earth, and is harnessing the Great Disaster and the Death of the New Gods to bring this about. Additionally, Darkseid has been manipulating the monitor Solomon to bring about a war between the Monitors and Monarch for the fate of the Multiverse.

Death of the Fourth World

It is later revealed that Darkseid had turned Jimmy Olsen into a container for the powers of the New Gods. He sends Mary Marvel, whom he had coerced into taking back her dark powers, to capture him. Superman comes to Jimmy's aid, only for Darkseid to take control of Jimmy's powers, making him radiate Kryptonite. Ray Palmer manages to shut off Darkseid's control, and the villain is confronted by a gigantic turtle-like Jimmy. After battling Jimmy across the Metropolis landscape, Darkseid moves in for the kill only to witness The Atom emerge from Jimmy's head. Palmer quickly destroys the vessel of the New Gods' powers freeing them into the void. Enraged, Darkseid is taken by surprise when a Boom Tube opens above the skies of Metropolis. His scion and son Orion emerges from the tube, having managed to escape being murdered by the Infinity Man. Orion and Darkseid battle, and after a furious exchange, at the end of it all, Darkseid realizes it was not meant to be and his heart is ripped from his chest by his own son.

Yet, his son's victory was a Phyrric one at best. When Darkseid "died" his essence was thrown back through time and space, landing on Earth months before the fall of the New Gods and twilight of the Fourth World. it is revealed that Darkseid finally discovered the Anti-Life Equation, and is using it to create a power-base on earth. The other members of his elite are also embodied on earth, Desaad is an evil psychiatrist, Granny Goodness is a pimp for the Female Furies, and Darkseid himself is now an evil businessman who is referred to only as "Dark Side". It is revealed that Darkseid actually gave the Sheeda North America in return for Aurakles, Earth's first superhero. This is, in turn, purely in order for Darkseid to get Shilo Norman, whom he considers the "Avatar of Freedom", in his clutches so that he can eventually destroy the New Gods. While attempting to gather an army for his rise to power, Dark Side has run-ins with Oracle's Birds of Prey, the Teen Titans, and Bart Allen as the Flash. After he has enough he sets his plan into motion.

With his follower and disciple, Libra, proclaiming to the Society of Super villians that they can be given their heart's desire if they pray to the "God of Evil", Darkseid is able to gather even more power as "Boss Dark Side", leader of the villainous "Dark Side Club". Using Metron's abandoned Mobius Chair, Darkseid assassinates his son Orion via a "time travel" radion bullet fired into the past following Orion "killing" his father, an event which brought Dark Side's actions to the attention of the Superhero Community. Darkseid begins to take over Earth with the aid of the corrupted Mary Marvel, Libra, Mr. Simyan, and Mokkari, and the astral forms of his fellow evil New Gods, who like Darkseid now possess human bodies. This signals the beginning of the Final Crisis.

Final Crisis

Darkseid reappears during the events of Final Crisis. It is claimed there was some sort of cosmic war, and Darkseid came out as the victor. He and the rest of his elite core of followers have reappeared in Blüdhaven, operating a business known as the " Dark Side Club". In their new states of existence, the New Gods are capable of possessing human bodies and using them as hosts, though the process eventually kills the host and necessitates a new body. Following the murder of Orion, Dan Turpin discovered that the Dark Side Club was connected to the disappearances of several metahuman children. In Darkseid later reveals to Turpin that he gained control of the Anti-Life Equation and is using it to corrupt the children, being looked over by Granny Goodness and Bernadeth.

Darkseid Reborn

Over the following weeks, Darkseid used his servant Libra to unite Earth's super villains in the Secret Society, planning to use them in his coming conquest of Earth. Additionally, Darkseid had Libra arrange an attack on the Daily Planet to distract his old enemy Superman, murdered the Martian Manhunter as a means of recruiting more super villains, framed Green Lantern Hal Jordan for the murder of Orion, captured Batman, and infected Wonder Woman with an unknown virus, depriving the Superhero community of some of their greatest leaders. In addition, Darkseid also took to restarting the Evil Factory with the intent of making new bodies for the New Gods, at which point Turpin realized that Darkseid was trying to take over his body. Following these events, Darkseid released the Anti-Life Equation over the Internet, bringing all who saw under Darkseid's will and capable of spreading it to others. Darkseid eventually succeeded in taking over Turpin's body. However, an unknown force resurrected Barry Allen, the second Flash, in an effort to stop Darkseid, whose very presence was corrupting the multiverse. One month into his rule of Earth, Batman managed to free himself and confront Darkseid. He shot Darkseid with the same radion bullet Darkseid used to kill Orion, while at the same moment Darkseid unleashed his Omega sanction on him. Darkseid was wounded and poisoned by radion, but still alive. After a confrontation with Superman, his defeat came about when Barry Allen and Wally West guided his own omega beams, the bullet that killed Orion from another time, as well as the Black Racer, to him. Darkseid's spirit survived, however, and was only destroyed when Superman realized that everything is a vibration, and created the opposite vibration to cancel him out for good.

Powers and Abilities

New God Physiology

The beings of Apokalips call themselves gods and live in a realm called the Fourth World which is outside normal space and time. Their strength is due to their relative proximity to the Source, an energy which fuels the powers of the beings in Apokalips. The inhabitants of New Genesis are far more stronger, faster, smarter, and are said to be immortal.

  • Superhuman Strength: Uxas is a very powerful alien from the planet Apokalips. His strength easily exceeds 100 tons as he is one of the strongest characters in the DC universe. However, his strength varies on his incarnation. Despite his strength fluctuations, his strength alone is a force to be reckoned with. He can easily destroy colossal objects, overpower far stronger characters especially cosmic beings, has the capability to bend and break any man-made material, lift massive objects, and easily demolish immensely fortified infrastructures. His strength is so great that he can easily overpower heavyweights such as Superman and Wonder Woman in hand to hand combat. He has also been shown destroying a Green Lantern Ring with his bare hands, and he once effortlessly punched Superman into the Source Wall. He has effortlessly taken down the likes of Superman and Superboy numerous times with nothing more than one or two punches.
  • Superhuman Speed: Due to Darkseid's New God Physiology, he can think, react, and move faster than a well rounded Olympic Athlete who engages in everyday exercise. Although not as fast as speedsters such as Flash and Superman, he would often surprise his foes by appearing right behind them. It is said that he can react within microseconds.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Darkseid's tissues don't create fatigue toxins resulting in him having inexhaustible stamina.
  • Invulnerability: Darkseid is extremely resistant to most forms of physical and mental harm. Darkseid's full durability capacity varies depending on the incarnation. Overall, because he is a high-tier cosmic being, humans couldn't even begin to harm him, bullets bounce off him, rockets, bombs and lasers won't even leave a mark on him, and high-voltage energy emissions can't penetrate through him. He is infact so durable that Lobo couldn't hurt him at all and only ended up hurting his own fists by punching Darkseid. He is completely immune to all earthly diseases and viruses. His incredible durability has also rendered him completely immune to the power of a Green Lantern ring and a tremendously powerful master-blaster. Despite his resistance, powerful beings like Superman or the Martian Manhunter can cause him great distress and pain. Also, materials forged from his home world can hurt him as well. He, like all New Gods, is vulnerable to Radion.
  • Immortality: As a New God, Darkseid has an extended lifespan which allows him to exist indefinitely. He doesn't age, wither, or degrade. He has been reduced to nothing before by the Spectre but it has been shown that he reformed his body shortly thereafter.
  • Avatar: Darkseid revealed he is a avatar of his true omnipotent self, when he was talking to Anarky.

  • Immunity to disease: Like all the New Gods, Darkseid's biology allows him to have an immunity to disease. Despotellis couldn't spread the New Gods with a disease due to their immunity.

Omega Effect

Darkseid is fueled by the Omega Effect which is a force of entropy from the destructive side of the Source. He can use the omega effect in a plethora of ways.

  • Omega Beams: Darkseid's most destructive use of the Omega Effect. He focuses this power as a form of concussion that fires from his eyes. He has complete control over it that he can change its path at will. He can make it travel in a straight line, curve, bend, or twist around corners. When it hits a target, it quickly reduces the target into nothing. His Omega Beams are proven ineffective against Wonder Woman's bracelets, as they were created from the Olympian Aegis. Nothing has been said to survive the full Omega Effect except for stronger beings such as Doomsday, Superman, and Hank Henshaw, though Darkseid once nearly killed a weakened Anti Monitor with the Omega Beams.
  • Telepathy: Darkseid can easily read minds of others anywhere in the Universe. He can also attack them telepathically and invade their thoughts.
  • Mind Control: Darkseid can control the actions and perception of multiple individuals at once.
  • Telekinesis: Darkseid can mentally influence the movement of other objects to move with the use of his mind.
  • Matter Manipulation: With the use of the Omega Effect, Darkseid can dissipate and disperse molecules from an object or organism. He can create life or erase them out of existence. He could also use it to control the internal reactions of an organism such as to de-evolve it.
  • Resurrection: Darkseid has been known to raise the dead back to life on multiple occasions.
  • Teleportation: Darkseid can teleport himself and other beings anywhere in the universe.
  • Size Alteration: He can easily manipulate his size, density and mass.
  • Power Distribution: Darkseid can grant individuals a fraction of his Omega Force or create new powerful minions such as Omega Superman, Stayne and even Eclipso.
  • Omega Sanction: Probably one of the most disastrous effects the Omega Effect can give. It can be described as a living hell for it traps the organism in a series of alternate realities, each one worse than the previous.

The Anti-Life Equation

Like all Dark Gods, Darkseid long sought the means to rule everything in creation. He realized that despite his vast power, his enemy was choice. It was free will that kept Scott Free strong despite the years of punishment. It was free will that quelled Orion's fiery heart, who chose to protect the ways of New Genesis and focused his rage on Darkseid. Yes, free will, choice, is an enemy. When Darkseid discovered that there was an Anti-Life Equation, a formula that would stamp out free will and allow him to mold and rule the universe at his whims as he ruled and molded despair ridden Apokolips, he essentially dedicated his life to uncovering this equation. He eventually found it during his trip through the Multiverse and used it to start the Final Crisis story arc.


  • Height- 8'9"
  • Weight- 1815lbs
  • Eyes- Red
  • Hair- None
  • Cosmetics-Great size, grayish colored rock like skin

Other Versions


In the Amalgam universe, Darkseid is merged with Thanos to create Thanoseid.

Possible Future

In one Possible Future encountered by Aquaman, the Flash, and Green Lantern, Darkseid had accomplished his goal and now ruled the universe. This version of Darkseid was defeated thanks to the combined efforts of several heroes, most notably Green Arrow and The Atom who actually killed Darkseid. All trace of Darkseid was wiped out of this timeline when Orion remade the Universe with The Genesis Box. This time line was stopped thanks to the interference of Green Lantern, Flash, and Aquaman who kept Superman from destroying The Philosopher stone.

Other Media


Superman/Batman Apocalypse

Superman/Batman Apocalypse

In Superman/Batman Apocalypse (a story created by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner) is based off of Superman/Batman: Supergirl. He was voiced by Andre Braugher. Darkseid kidnaps Supergirl. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Big Barda go rescue her in Apocalypse. Batman confronts Darkseid (he threatens to destroy Apocalypse, if Darkseid does not release Kara Zor-El. Darkseid says:”Had the Kryptonian or the Amazon taken this Gamble, they would have lost. They do not have the strength of character to destroy an entire planet to achieve success. But ... you are a human. You kill your own kind to win battles. It is an admirable quality. Take the girl. I will make no move against her". Later Darkseid appears in Smallville to kill Superman. Darkseid attacks Clark. But Kara and Superman defeat Darkseid.

Justice League: War

Justice League: War

Darkseid appears as the main antagonist of Justice League: War, voiced by Steve Blum. He sports a design similar to his New 52 incarnation, and is depicted as being much larger and more physically imposing. The film adapts the plot of the opening New 52 Justice League arc, with Darkseid launching an invasion of Parademons in order to take over the planet, only to be met with resistance from Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg, and Shazam (substituting for Aquaman). He is finally defeated and transported back to Apokolips at the close of the movie.


Super Friends: Legendary Super Powers Show

Super Friends: Legendary Super Power Show

He has first appeared in the 1970s Super Friends show, "Super Friends: Legendary Super Powers Show", in which he frequently made various villainous schemes and constantly tried to force Wonder Woman to marry him. Darkseid also appeared in "The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians", in which he was the main villain, along with his son Kalibak, and the torturer, Desaad.

Superman: Animated Series

Darkseid from "Superman the Animated Series"

Darkseid was introduced to the 1990s Superman cartoon in an effort to give Superman a greater rogue gallery. He had several teaser cameos before invading Earth. He attempts to bring Superman to his side, but when the latter refuses, he blasts him and takes him captive. Superman is later freed by Dan Turpin, but before the two can fight, The armies of New Genesis arrive and declare Earth under Highfather's protection. Darkseid concedes, but not before vaporizing Dan Turpin for his insolence. Dan Turpin's death was one of the most shocking moments of the show.

But Darkseid is not out for good, as he son brainwashes Superman, makes him his pawn and sets him loose upon Earth. When he is finally freed from the brainwash, seeing the horrors he has done and that he has lost the world's trust, Superman, enraged, seeks revenge on Darkseid. In the only instance where he directly engages in battle, Darkseid quickly overpowers and subdues Superman, but when moves to finish him with his omega beams, Superman moves quickly and cover his eyes. The resulting explosion injures them both, but Darkseid is far worse off. Superman then throws him to his slaves, telling them to do whatever they want with him. To his surprise and disgust, they pick Darkseid up and carry him to safety. Darkseid's last words in the series: "I am many things, Kal-El... but here, I am God."

Justice League

Darkseid in the Justice League cartoon

Darkseid is later seen in the Justice League cartoon, where, with his force decimated by New Genesis, he finds himself unable to defend against Brainiac. Despite Superman's objections, the League and Darkseid form an uneasy alliance to defeat the cosmic menace. This however is a ruse, as Darkseid delivers the League to Brainiac in exchange for leaving his planet safe. However, Darkseid being Darkseid, he betrays Brainiac and takes control of him, at which point the league, with Orion's help, manage to free themselves. As Brainiac's base is about to explode, Superman, Orion and Darkseid engage in a brutal battle. In the end, Superman and Orion are pulled out by Batman, and Darkseid remains alone in the catastrophic explosion.

Justice League Unlimited

Darkseid - Justice League Unlimited

In the 12th episode of the 5th season of Justice League Unlimited, Lex Luthor attempts to bring Brainiac back to life, but instead brings back Darkseid. Darkseid has obviously been affected by Brainiac, as his physical appearance has changed to incorporate aspects of Brainiac. This "new" Darkseid has been dubbed by some people as "Brainseid". Brainseid retains Darkseid's motives to conquer Earth and obtain the Anti-Life equation, but is considerably stronger than before. After giving his "thanks" to the villains who freed him, he promptly reestablishes order on Apokolips and once again invade Earth. This time Superman finally cuts loose and overpowers him, until Darkseid uses his Brainiac given abilities, quickly taking the hero out. He is ultimately stopped when Lex Luthor gives him the Anti-Life equation. They both disappear afterwards.


Smallville's Darkseid

Darkseid was the main antagonist of season 10 of Smallville. Due to budgetary restrictions, he was depicted as a malevolent entity who possessed the bodies of others and was rarely seen in his true form. He arrived on Earth with his associates, Desaad and Granny Goodness, and attempted to subtly conquer the planet by bending the citizens of the world to his will. In the finale, he resurrected Lex Luthor in exchange for the body of parallel universe version of Lionel Luthor (portrayed by John Glover). Possessing Lionel, Darkseid engaged in one final confrontation with Clark Kent before being defeated once and for all.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

BATB Darkseid

Darkseid appeared in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Darkseid Descending!" voiced by Michael Leon-Wooley. Darkseid invaded Earth in an attempt to conquer the planet, but was defeated by the Justice League International.

Young Justice: Invasion

Darkseid's cameo in the finale

Darkseid appeared in the final scene of Young Justice, where it was revealed that he and Glorious Godfrey had worked together with Vandal Savage as part of a plan to save the Earth from the Reach, presumably so they could have the planet for themselves. Darkseid would've appeared as the main antagonist of Season 3 had the show been renewed, but the series was cancelled before this cliffhanger could be resolved.

Video Games

Justice League Heroes

Darkseid has appeared in Justice League Heroes as the main villain.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC universe

Dark Kahn

Darkseid appears in Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe as one of the main antagonists, voiced by Perry Brown. At the start of the game, Darkseid is shown defeated by Superman in the aftermath of a failed invasion of Metropolis. He attempts to flee by using a Boom Tube, but is blasted by Superman, causing a malfunction. The accident causes Darkseid to merge with the tyrant Shao Kahn to create powerful being known as Dark Kahn, the game's main villain. At the end of the game, Dark Kahn is split back into his original two entities, both of which are now powerless. Raiden disposes of Darkseid by leaving him chained up in the Netherrealm for all eternity.

DC Universe Online

He is also set to appear in DC Universe Online.

Injustice Gods Among Us

Darkseid's cameo

Darkseid appears in the Hall of Justice stage. A scene transition happens when an opponent is knocked through a teleporter into Darkseid's throne room, where he proceeds to beat that person and Omega beam them back through the teleporter. He was later released as a playable character for the mobile version for the game.

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