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The Original StormWatch

After Despot went insane, Henry Bendix and the U.N decided to form a super-human crisis unit. The U.N spent three years finding members and building their base, the Skywatch. The original members were Jackson King, Flashpoint and Nautika. The members were trained by the super hero Backlash. Bendix took on the leader role of Weatherman and soon the hero Sunburst joined.


The Wildstorm version of Stormwatch was created by Jim Lee and first debuted in Stormwatch #1 in 1993. The DCU version of Stormwatch was created by Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda, and debuted in a new volume also called Stormwatch, part of The New 52 event.

Team Evolution

Wildstorm Universe

Stormwatch One

StormWatch One

On an early mission, all the members aside from King were seemingly killed when the villain Deathtrap and his Mercs hit the team in a sneak attack. The heroes Diva, Winter, Fuji and Hellstrike would become the new members as Stormwatch One.

Stormwatch Two

StormWatch Two

King then recruited Fahrenheit, Ion, Lancer, Cannon and Strafe as Stormwatch Two. However, over the course of Stormwatch's existence the roster changed due to various reasons (death, imprisonment etc).

Stormwatch Prime, Red, and Black

StormWatch Prime, Red, and Black

Bendix would often switch leadership of the team between King and Synergy. However this changed after the Fire From Heaven event. It prompted Henry to redesign the team, and after firing many of the members in Stormwatch One and Two, he reformed the remaining heroes into three three manned units. Stormwatch Prime: ( Fuji, Winter, Hellstrike), Red: (Flint, Rose Tattoo, Fahrenheit), and Black: (Jenny Sparks, Swift , Jack Hawksmoor). He even conditioned a team only he was aware of, including members Apollo, Midnighter, Amaze, Crow Jan, Impetus, Lamplight, and Stalker; The majority of that team died on their first assignment, excepting only Apollo and Midnighter. This would prove to be one of the many actions revealing Bendix's growing insanity. He even ordered Stormwatch Red to kill 233 Gamorrans as pay back for the deaths of 233 people caused by Kaizen Gamorra.

After the High and his group first appeared, it became apparent Henry had now become a villain. He ordered Rose Tattoo to assassinate two members and later sent an acid bomb payload to kill all the members in their base. This left only the High, who was killed after flying into the Storm Door. Jenny Sparks forced him out of the group and Jackson King was promoted to Weatherman. Red and Prime were merged into one unit and Black remained operating in secret.

StormWatch: Team Achilles

SW Team Achilles

Stormwatch was later disbanded following the destruction of their base, but the surviving members would go on to form two new teams the Authority and the Monarchy. A new Stormwatch team was soon formed called Team Achilles.

Stormwatch P.H.D ( Post Human Division)

StormWach P.H.D

Jackson King would also build Stormwatch PHD ( Post Human Division) with the resurrected members of Stormwatch that perished in the Alien attack. They work mainly out of the U.S with limited funding and have mainly rely on tactics rather than superpowers.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0


The Stormwatch Team

Following the reality altering events of Flashpoint, Stormwatch is now a shadowy spy organization that has existed in the DCU since the middle ages, being the modern day incarnation of the Demon Knights. Run by the mysterious "Shadow Lords", Stormwatch primarily protects the world from major alien threats. The organization firmly rejects the idea that they are a "superhero" team, preferring to exist in secret, but most members of the organization possess extraordinary abilities. Current members of Stormwatch as of the first issue included The Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor and Jenny Quantum, as well as new character Adam One, the Projectionist and the Eminence of Blades, and former Justice League member Martian Manhunter. Later, Apollo and Midnighter join, and several of the others leave, making the current lineup The Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor, Jenny Quantum, Apollo and Midnighter.

Major Story Arcs

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

The Dark Side

In the first issue, a group from Stormwatch attempts to recruit Apollo. The team, however, was interrupted by Midnighter, who attacked the present Stormwatch members and stated that he had been observing Apollo for some time, and wanted to be partners. He told Apollo he could give him what he really wanted, instead of offering him a job on a 'Superhero Team'. Martian Manhunter revealed that he was faking his unconsciousness and that the team could use both of them on their roster, because they weren't a team of 'Superheroes'.

Meanwhile, Harry Tanner was on the surface of the moon and was investigating what had happened. He then discovered that the moon had been taken a hold of by an alien creature known as the Scourge of Worlds. The Scourge claimed that it wanted to save the world by testing it. Tanner allowed the creature to go into his mind, pretending that he would help the creature save the world, but during this time he actually dove into the creature's mind as well and rewired it to make it vulnerable to the Engineer, who was now on the surface of the moon, investigating Harry's disappearance. Harry gets the better of the Scourge, but not before the Scourge sent pieces of the moon flying towards Earth. Apollo is dispatched and destroys most of them, but one gets past and is revealed to be a monster. The team proceeds to fight the monster and even though most of the team was absorbed, Midnighter, Apollo and the Projectionist saved them. Then half of the team ventured into a lost city to find an ancient alchemy power stone, which was powered by Jenny Quantum and used to change the monster into glass.

Back on the Eye, the team discovers a member of the Shadow Lords threatening to kill Adam One, citing his negligence and incompetence as the reason. Once Adam has been... disposed of, the Shadow Lord chooses a new leader for the team, making the surprising choice of the Projectionist. However, Harry ends up taking her hostage during a bid to take over Stormwatch, during which he very nearly destroys the Eye. The rest of the members end up electing the Engineer leader.

Alternate Versions

Jim Starlin' Stormwatch

Because of the meddling of alien forces know as the Kollective, which killed Adam One at the moment of his birth, the story of the Stormwatch team was rewrited. Now under the leadership of Storm Control, some members changed (as Apollo and Midnighter, and Jenny Quantum became Jenny Soul) and its new formation included Force and Hellstrike and alien members as Forecaster, Lobo and the Weird. They mostly had to deal with alien forces, being the most relevant Extremax. However it would be Extremax along with Jenny Soul the ones who defeatd the Kollective and restablished the original timeline, bringing back the (DC's New52) original Stormwatch team.

Futures End Stormwatch

In Futures End, a possible future for earth 0, born from the coming of earth 2 survivors to the Prime earth universe, five years in the future, Stormwatch still operates but far from the earth. Its membership includes Nina Mazursky and Hawkman. They would be hit by an alien threat (revealed as a multiversal Brainiac) and only newer recruits Frankenstein, Amethyst, Black Adam and Atom would survive.

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