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As the title suggests I was wondering is it illegal to hang glide in a city like New York?

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Dr Fate

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I have an idea for a Captain Marvel villain if your interested: Unbeknownst to Captain Marvel another kree survived though was sent two years before captain Marvel. He used future knowledge and enhanced intelligence to create a fake identity and start a business and was planning to go into politics, see his genetic programming involved preventing the future he came from but the other kree suffered brain damage and his programming was corrupted, he believed the only way to prevent his future was to take over the world. So he made a plan and set it in motion, he believed it would be his job to point out the evil in the world and stop it so he created a name for this role: Accuser, hence he became known as Ronan the Accuser.

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I have another idea for Captain Marvel that anyone can use if they want:

In the distant future the world has been decimated by civil war. To prevent this future from happening, the AG (Allied Governments, made up of America, UK and Canada) use a prototype time machine to send a group of genetically engineered soldiers (known as the Kree, a name derived from their creator’s name Jonathon Kreed) to the past to prevent the events that led to this future. However the time machine malfunctioned and only one soldier seemed to make it alive: the soldier code-named Marvel who had captain rank hence his name was Captain Marvel.

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I have an idea for iron man, I don't have time to write it but if someone wants to use it they can:

Technology/weapons company CEO Tony Stark had been caught in a gas explosion that cause permanent injuries to his heart, to fix this he used an experimental new technology to keep his heart working. This technology used an entirely new energy source he called blue energy.

A few years later Tony Stark is abducted by an advanced alien race. When these aliens abduct humans for study and experimentation they use a machine to knock them unconscious but during abduction they scan the human, the scanner used sees if human abductees are armed but it’s designed to search out human technology which is easier than making a scanner that looks for all kinds of technology.

Because the scanner only looked for human level technology it missed the technology in his heart which caused the alien technology used on him to malfunction. The malfunction allowed him to escape through the ship. When running through the ship he discovers a room containing what appeared to be space suits designed to fit any size and shape. When he picked it up the space suit spread over his body, not only allowing him to survive in space but fly (for transport in space and on other planets), protects him from harm and increase his strength (for of planet work).

He used the suit to escape the ship and return to Earth. He waited on Earth for the aliens return but they didn’t. To prepare for a possible return he equipped the suit with various weapons. He waited and when the aliens didn’t come back he decided to find another use for the suit. He didn’t feel the need to give the military a new weapon so he decided to use the suit himself to save lives.

There could be a future story about the aliens returning and why they didn’t return before, perhaps the whole abduction was staged; they simply wanted to see how a human would react to obtaining alien technology.

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I have an idea for Sentry but I don't know if I have the time to write it but you can use it if you want:

In 1947 a branch of the government, Department K, was attempting to create super soldiers, at this time they developed a process that would grant a person superhuman abilities but when they reached human testing the process didn't work, the affects ranged from non-existence to horrible deformities.

After examining the test subjects (who were all members of the military) and having them sign a waver that says they can't tell anyone about the experiment the non-deformed ones were allowed to leave (the deformed ones remained for treatment for their deformity).

One of these test subjects was John Reynolds and unbeknownst to Department K he had been affected, though he had no super powers he did have the potential for it but the mutated part of his DNA wasn't active but this mutation passed through the generations up till modern day in his grandson, Robert Reynolds had it.

Robert unfortunately grew up in an abusive home, this abuse led him to develop multiple personality disorder, though his second personality rarely came out. One day Robert was walking home at night when he saw two men assaulting a man in an alley, when the assaulters saw him they chased him to scare him into not going to the police, they chased him into a dead end alley. The adrenaline rush he got from the situation brought out Robert's mutation, granting him super powers which he used to fight of the men. Realizing the good he could do Robert decided to become a superhero.

At first he was very effective and loved by the public but his second personality was still there and one night while shutting down a drug transaction at the docks Robert (with the alias of Sentry) his second personality emerged, slaughtering the criminals, when Robert came back he couldn't remember what happened but he saw the dead and the blood on his hands, he realized it was the other him, the void, he tried his best to convince himself it wasn't his fault but he realized he'd be blamed so he stole the drugs and tried making it look like the criminals were attacked for the drugs and Robert simply didn't get there in time, he even forged a note claiming a separate criminal called the void was responsible, this note was meant as a taunt and Robert vowed to stop the void.From here Robert would fight criminals but also would have to deal with the void all the while trying to hide the void's true identity.

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I think Alpha is Marvel's attempt to have a character in spider man that younger readers can relate to, I think that was the original point of Robin.

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Alias: Dark angel

Real name: Warren Wayne


· Black bird-like wings enabling flight

· Aerial adaptations

· Peak physical shape

· Expert combatant, incorporating his wings into his fighting

· Expert Detective

Origin: Warren’s parents were rich since his father’s the CEO of his own company, Wayne enterprises. Warren’s parents openly fought for mutant rights, they were friends with Alfred Xavier, a former military medic (it was during military service where he suffered a spinal injury from stray gunfire that paralysed him from the waist down), inheritor of a big family fortune and fighter for mutant rights like the Waynes who was a mutant though he kept his mutant nature secret. One night after leaving a movie theatre with Warren Wayne was a child they were killed by an unknown killer who hated mutants and killed the Waynes for helping them, before trying to kill Warren the killer notices a witness calling the police so he ran away.

Later Warren is adopted by Alfred and lives with him at his mansion. While there Warren discovered a room designed to allow mutants to train in the use and control of their powers, it was called the danger room, and Alfred used it as well as Warren’s parents and other local mutants. After his parents’ murder Warren and later Alfred discovered Warren was a mutant and began manifesting black bird-like wings growing from his back.

Alfred trained him to use his wings to fly as well as had straps made (the maker of which had his memories wiped by Alfred to avoid anyone finding out Warren is a mutant and therefore a potential target for hate crime, if no one finds out he’s a mutant they may leave him alone despite his parents) to help him hide his wings.

Warren wished to avenge his parents’ death by fighting the evil that plagues his city (New Gotham city, an amalgam of New York City and Gotham city) so he secretly trained in the danger room to hone his combat skills every night. Thanks to his telepathy Alfred knew what Warren was doing but he knew it was important to him to the point that nothing would stop him fighting crime and why he felt this way so he tried wiping his memory but his will was so strong he was able to resist it, after this Alfred decided to help prepare him since if he’s going to do this he might as well be best equip as possible so he doesn’t die so he helped him train, even helping him train as a detective.

When Warren was in his mid twenties Warren designed a costume and equipped himself with experimental technology such as explosives, smoke bombs and finger print kits as well as a suit that had Kevlar built in to protect Warren from gunfire and includes a cowl that had built in technology to block telepathic probes particularly from Alfred since he didn’t want Alfred keeping tabs on him, this technology was made by Wayne enterprises for the military who wished to have protection from telepathic mutants. After all this was done Warren put on the costume and went out as the superhero: Dark Angel.