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I posted the first idea in the top post

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OK hears the game: someone posts two or three characters for someone else to combine into one, anyone can combine the characters. Up to three people can post their version of the amalgam then people post who they think did the best, up to five people can post who they think won then someone can post new characters to combine. (If things are moving slow then I'll post saying to move to the next amalgam). I'll start with:

Iron man and Hawkman!

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The Freedom Four (Fantastic Four and the Freedom Fighters)

Mr Fantastic-Uncle Sam= Mr. America

Human Torch-The Ray= the Human Ray

Invisible woman-Phantom lady= Phantom woman

The thing-The black Condor= The Condor

Team origin:

In the 1930’s a scientist named Dr. Sam Richards was working on a rocket for the government that would put a man on the moon. In late November 1941 the government was threatening to cut his funding if he didn’t get results so that night he went to the rocket site with the intention of testing the rocket despite not having permission, accompanying was his best friend since college, John Grimm who is a military pilot who agreed to pilot the rocket, Sam’s fiancé Sue “Stormy” Storm (daughter of the late Senator Henry Storm making her quite rich who helped fund the rocket’s development hence why she was allowed to come) and her brother Langford “Happy” Storm (a reporter allowed to come as someone to report on the trip).

They went on the launch but while in space they were hit by cosmic rays, this damaged the rocket, causing it to crash to Earth while also knocking out the crew, however the spirit of America visited the crew, it bonded with Sam, waking him up and allowing him to land the rocket as safely as possible.

When they all left the rocket they discovered they had gained super powers, Sam Richards gained the ability to stretch and bend his body like rubber, he later discovers he’s bonded with the spirit of America and the extent of how much he can stretch is tied with how much faith the American people have in liberty and freedom), Stormy gained the ability to turn invisible, intangible and the ability to create invisible energy constructs, Happy gained the ability to turn into a light based form, in this form he can fly and project light based blasts. John Grimm had mutated into being large, pitch black, red eyes and black feathers on his back and head (John would have a hard time adjusting to his new form, he would become serious, uncomfortable around people and short tempered). While still adjusting to their new powers the Pearl Harbour attack happened leading to the four to decide to fight the Axis as the Freedom Four.

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: Thanks but I just wanted to know if the origin made sense.

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Thing is though the choice isn't live forever or live a normal life span, if we had the ability to live forever we could just live as long as we wanted, though if immortality was possible there probably be a legal age limit to avoid over crowding and government positions would all need a limit for how long you could do it, even jobs like chief of police (businesses would probably do the same) so the world could progress at every level so the same people aren't in charge forever.

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OK I though of an origin for a superhero but I'm not sure it makes sense (hence the title) so I'll just let you all read it and tell me if it makes sense:

An alien travels to Earth to study the planet,when he wishes to return home he activates a device that calls his ship to pick him up. The ship would do this by using a function of it's to convert the alien to energy with a beam of energy so he could be brought into the ship at the speed of light and be turned back, effectively short range teleportation. However the ship is spotted by a government spy satalite built secretly to track alien ships coming to Earth which alerts the military who send fighter jets who fly to the ship and attack it on the chance its a scout ship, this attack causes the ship's teleportation system to malfunction, instead it passes through a storm cloud, coming out in the form of a bolt of lightning and striking a person below, the malfunction teleporter turns the person (the superhero) into a semi-electrical energy based form, though it never beams him up, in this form he can reshape his body and gains electric based abilities that involve projecting the electricity of his body in different ways.

I do intend to explain what happens with the alien but do you all think the origin makes sense?

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DC re-imagined: Martian Manhunter issue #1

The War. Four thousand Earth years ago Mars was gripped by civil war, the worst war in Martian history, between the two Martian races, the green and the white. Martians largely resembled humans except they had no hair, eyes with no irises or pupils, a pair of slit nostrils instead of a nose and four digits on each hand and feet, the green Martians though have green skin and red eyes while the white Martians have white skin and black eyes.

The war had gone on for decades, in the early years green Martian scientists created a new weapon known as the Manhunters. They were created by altering Martian soldiers through highly advanced genetic engineering, enhancing all their physical abilities ranging from their physical strength to their natural nine senses, as well as granting them the abilities of flight, phasing through solid objects, invisibility, telepathy, shape shifting, super breath and what was dubbed “Manhunter vision” which included heat, telescopic, microscopic, infrared, electromagnetic and x-ray vision.

The Manhunters wore a uniform that was black that covers my whole body except for my head and hands, it also had a red belt and cross over the chest and a cape the colour of which signified the manhunter’s rank. The manhunters gave the green Martians a great advantage over their white Martian opposition that is until the white Martians tracked a lone Manhunter, they managed to kill him and used his corpse to reverse engineer the genetic engineering that went into making the manhunters so they could make their own, unfortunately for the green Martians they succeeded. This caused the war to escalate to lead to decimation of both sides non-Manhunter numbers.

In the final days of the war the white Martians developed a new super weapon: an anti-matter bomb. It worked by generating a small wormhole inside the bomb that led to an anti-matter based universe, it would draw a pre-programmed amount of anti-matter inside of it, when the anti-matter comes into contact with the bomb’s matter would cause an explosion the size of which is dependent on the amount of ant-matter brought through though even an ounce of anti-matter coming into contact with regular matter could decimate a city.

The first use of the bomb was meant to be used on the green Martians current central base (the designated central base changed regularly to avoid discovery, the current one was on an undisclosed location on Mars) in the form of a missile, the location of the base was found thanks to a paid off green Martian traitor known as Ma’alefa’ak. The bomb would cause extreme damage to the base’s outer layers and numbers, allowing white Manhunters to go in, hack the green Martians mainframe to find the location of their other bases which would allow the white Martians to use anti-matter bombs to destroy all the green Martian bases.

However I J’onn J’onzz, a newly made manhunter (hence I wore a blue cape), discovered the plot when discovering the traitor attempting to escape the base using a single person teleporter, he told me what was about to happen, thinking it was too late to stop, before blinding me for a few seconds with a phaser gun in the eyes, giving him the chance teleport away. Without enough time to get help I flew out and attempted to stop the bomb, however I had little understanding of this form of weapon and in an attempt to stop it I seemed to accidently activate the bomb, then everything went dark.

When I woke up I was on a strange alien planet at night that only seemed to have one moon. The only nearby planet with a breathable atmosphere and one moon was Des’rel’ik or “Earth” as I later found out that the locals call it. I woke up in what seemed to be a forest but after a quick scan of the local area I realised I was in the middle of a human settlement but there was a problem: humans were extremely primitive, yet though far less advanced than Martian cities this city was far to advanced for humans to have been able to build.

To find out what was happening I took on a human disguise and entered the city, I learned the local language, “English”, from locals using my telepathy. I found a book store and I found a book about local planets, based on the map I discovered which of the planets described was mine. What I discovered was horrifying. My planet, my home, was a wasteland. According to this book Mars had been this way for thousands of years. Upon this revelation I collapsed. Local humans tried to help me, asking what was wrong but I just left.

I realised that I must have been brought to the future somehow, I realised this could only have happened if the anti-matter bomb had produced a much larger explosion and tore a hole in the fabric of space, producing a wormhole. But an explosion that size would have decimated Mars... It was my fault. In trying to stop the bomb I caused a much larger explosion, I unintentionally committed genocide. This revelation shocked me into my true form which terrified the local people but I didn’t care. I had committed the worst atrocity in Martian history. I couldn’t live with myself anymore so I started flying into space; I was going to kill myself by suffocation. While flying I saw a building on fire. I couldn’t let any more people die because of my negligence so I flew to the fire, I phased inside, and carried the humans trapped in the fire to safety, I then used my super breath to put out the fire. The humans were grateful for my assistance though they feared my alien appearance. When they asked who I was I said I was a manhunter, the media later said I “was some kind of Martian Manhunter”. When leaving I decided the best thing to do was use my power to save as many lives as I can... it was my only chance at redemption. Later human media

Far from Earth and J’onn J’onzz an alien space ship on the edge of the solar system a group of unknown aliens are moving towards Earth. <translated from an unknown alien language> “According to the human transmissions it seems that a Martian manhunter has turned up on Earth, good idea about tracking the wormhole energy signature, I figured it was caused by some aliens messing with things they don’t understand but I guess it was a manhunter”. Another alien says “yes and now wieve found a manhunter we can continue with our plans.”

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So can I do Martian Manhunter?