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Ruthless dictator Kafka goes to trial, but is confident that his avenger will free him.

OMAC, engaged in combat with Marshal Kafka's armored, rolling bunker, screams out to Brother Eye, for the power not just to persevere, but to triumph. Brother Eye feeds more energy into OMAC, increasing his strength. OMAC surges forward, lifting the massive armored bunker off the ground. Kafka releases a powerful explosive. OMAC uses the force wave of the explosion to aid him in flipping the bunker over. Barely surviving the explosion himself, OMAC tears into the bunker, revealing that Kafka, too, survived. Kafka is taken into custody. Kafka is processed and charged by the Global Peace Agency, at the Super Court, perched on the summit of Mount Everest.

Kafka threatens that his "Avenger" is coming for him, and that everyone will soon die. Alarms begin sounding throughout the facility. OMAC requisitions an aircraft, to meet the threat before it can reach the Super Court. OMAC engages Kafka's "Avenger". The monstrous creature's hide proves to be impenetrable. In retaliation for OMAC's opening missile volley, the immense creature bombards OMAC's aircraft with sonic waves. The aircraft shatters, as it violently shakes to pieces. OMAC calls out to Brother Eye, to save him from a mile high fall to certain death. Brother Eye alters OMAC's molecular density, so that he lands as gentle as a feather.

OMAC returns to the attack, keeping Kafka's Avenger focused solely on him. Incredibly, the creature shears off the top of an entire mountain peak, toppling it onto OMAC. With the power granted to him by Brother Eye, OMAC leaps to safety, spanning thousands of yards, to keep up with the creature. Atop the creature, OMAC realizes that the entire monstrosity is a living atomic bomb. OMAC tears off one of the beast's guidance horns, sending it spiraling high into the atmosphere. Kafka's Avenger detonates. OMAC's fall from Kafka's Avenger is stopped by the Global Peace Agency. Inside the Super Court, OMAC confers with a Global Peace Agent, vowing to remain ever vigilant against threats like Kafka.







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