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To rescue Buck Blue's girlfriend and shut down a brain transplant operation, OMAC and Buck go after the Crime Cabal.

An undercover Global Peace Agent shows OMAC a disturbing film. Elderly members of the crime cabal are abducting young, virile men and woman, for forced brain transplants. The key figure in the operation is Fancy Freddy Sparga. OMAC is tasked with discovering the location of "The Terminal", where the crime cabal is holding all it's victims, and shutting the operation down, before it can begin. Sparga orders a hit on the Global Peace Agent, who infiltrated Sparga's operation. Sparga watches, on a video feed, as his assassin, using a missile-rifle, carries out his assignment. Thanks to Brother Eye, OMAC, and the Global Peace Agent, survive the missile detonation. Brother Eye creates two charred corpses, then solarizes the room.

As far as Sparga knows, the assassination was a success. OMAC begins his search for the Terminal, in a seedy section of Electric City. OMAC makes contact with a lowlife named Buck Blue. OMAC arrests Blue on suspicion of being a body snatcher. A sea of scum attacks OMAC, but are quickly subdued. OMAC takes Blue into custody. OMAC reports his progress to the Global Peace Agency, who stand ready to back him up. OMAC takes Blue to the estate of the notorious Godmother. After taking out the guards, OMAC, with Blue, peer through a window, into the Godmother's home. The Godmother is meeting with Sparga, who is showing her holograms of young women. Potential candidates for the Godmother's brain.

One of the women is Blue's girlfriend. As soon as the Godmother pays Sparga's fee, OMAC arrests them both. Blue confronts Sparga, over the abduction of his girlfriend. Sparga offers Blue a half million dollars for his silence. Blue, callously, considers it. OMAC angrily shoves Blue to the ground. OMAC informs Blue that because he knows where the Terminal is, the crime cabal will have Blue executed. OMAC offers Blue safety, for information. Sparga tries to kill Blue. A Global Peace Agent subdues Sparga. The Global Peace Agancy takes Sparga, and the Godmother into custody. Blue agrees to tell OMAC where the Terminal is, but refuses to accompany OMAC there. OMAC, taking Blue against his will, makes plans to storm the Terminal.







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