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Omac battles a mad scientist, who intends to dry up Earth's oceans with an atomic weapon.

OMAC has been dispatched to Lake Aragorn, where every drop of water in the lake has vanished. OMAC surveys the lakebed, littered with the carcasses of dead marine life. OMAC comes across a strange cube, slowly sinking into the lakebed. Despite his incredible strength. OMAC cannot lift the cube. OMAC cries out to Brother Eye, for aid. Brother Eye broadcasts power into OMAC, increasing his strength tenfold. OMAC is still barely able to lift the cube. As he struggles to lift the cube above his head, it's massive weight causes him to sink into the lakebed. With a Herculean effort, OMAC leaps out of the lake, to shore. The cube shatters the lake wall, as OMAC passes out from his exertion. Brother Eye's analysis has divulged the secret of the cube.

Another cube, somewhat larger is dropped into Madras Bay. The cube collapses the water atoms at an incredible rate, as it pulls the bay inside itself. In a matter of seconds, Madras Bay has been completely drawn inside the cube, leaving behind miles of dry sediment, and lifeless marine life. The cube is picked up by a fantastic aircraft, piloted by Doctor Sandor Skuba. The cube's great density is countered by the ship's weight neutralizers. Wearing weight neutralizing gauntlets, Skuba stores the cube away. Skuba reveals a much larger cube, within which he intends to place the Atlantic Ocean. Skuba plans to steal all the world's water, then ransom it back to the world's governments.

OMAC recovers under a vitamin light bath. As soon as OMAC is ready, the Global Peace Agency tasks OMAC with finding Skuba. After many hours, and miles, have passed, Brother Eye finally gets a fix on Skuba's location. As OMAC approaches, his airship is destroyed, OMAC bails out, leaping one thousand feet down to the sea. As OMAC, inexorably, makes his way to Skuba's lair, Skuba finishes his analysis of OMAC. Achieving the summit of Skuba's lair, OMAC is bombarded with a strange radiation, that reverses his transformation, forcing him to, once again, become Buddy Blank. Awakening in unfamiliar surroundings, the hapless Blank cries for help, little suspecting the terrifying danger still surrounding him.







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