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Buddy Blank finds himself marooned, upon a barren rock, in the Indian Ocean. Blank cries out for help. Brother Eye prepares to transform Blank into OMAC. Brother Eye transmits the OMAC "structure print" to Blank. Before the broadcast can reach Blank, he suddenly becomes insubstantial, and falls through the surface of the stone he stands upon. Blank is brought before Doctor Sandor Skuba. Blank is completely unaware of Skuba's scheme to steal the waters of the world. Skuba has his "children", Seaweed and Apollo, escort Blank around Skuba's lair.

Blank is shown the astonishing process by which Skuba transmitted his lair into a hollow cavern of the barren rock. It is the same process that brought Blank into Skuba's headquarters. Brother Eye's scanners penetrate Skuba's lair. Skuba disrupts Brother Eye's scans, and addresses the satellite, demanding that Brother Eye identify itself. Brother Eye commands Skuba to surrender. Skuba finishes his analysis of Brother Eye, discerning that Brother Eye is an artificial intelligence in high Earth orbit. Blank is shown a chamber of horrors.

Seaweed strongly suggests that the horrific creatures on display, were once human. Men who spurned being wed to her. Apollo harshly chastises Seaweed for saying too much, while revealing that he is the only man to agree to marry her. Skuba enters, gun in hand. Skuba prepares to murder Blank. Brother Eye disintegrates the gun in Skuba's hand. Blank flees, still not comprehending why he's in so much danger. Apollo chases after Blank. Brother Eye bombards Skuba's lair with magnetic waves. Heavy, metal objects begin launching themselves at Skuba, with the speed of bullets.

Skuba's own defensive measures begin targeting him. Skuba locks himself away in his command chamber. Skuba locks on to Brother Eye's position. Skuba's machines begin drawing meteorite rock toward Brother Eye. The satellite is mercilessly bombarded. The meteors begin coating Brother Eye. A beam of solar energy emerges from Brother Eye, that turns the meteor rock molten. As it cools, Brother Eye finds itself imprisoned in a cocoon of slag. The battle has taken it's toll on Skuba's machines. A system overload begins a chain reaction that ends in a devastating explosion. Skuba, Apollo, Seaweed, and Blank are all, seemingly, killed in the explosion.







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