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Omac goes to Central Europe to battle Kafka, a conquering dictator in command of 100,000 troops.

OMAC watches a virtual reality film, in which he is the star. OMAC's viewing is interrupted by agents of the Global Peace Agency. OMAC is given the honorary rank of "General", and tasked with maintaining world peace. OMAC wrestles with his new responsibilities, as well as lingering questions regarding his identity. A Global Peace Agent introduces OMAC to his new "test parents", selected specifically for OMAC by computer.

OMAC is tasked with dismantling Marshal Kafka's army, a force one hundred-thousand strong. OMAC travels by rocket ship, to Central America. As OMAC's capsule descends, Kafka sends heat-seeking missiles to welcome OMAC. OMAC jettison's his engines, to draw the missiles away from his craft. OMAC's capsule is destroyed by Kafka's armor. OMAC escapes the capsule in a hovering assault chair. OMAC uses evasive maneuvers to avoid the tank fire and flame throwers.

OMAC freezes the entirety of Kafka's armor, with a quick freezing nitrogen spray. Kafka sends in his air force. OMAC destroys the entirety of Kafka's air force with a highly corrosive spray. To neutralize Kafka's mobile forces, OMAC destroy's the road. OMAC's hovering assault chair is destroyed in a barrage of Multi-Shot. OMAC charges and engages Kafka's infantry. After a pitched battle, OMAC defeats Kafka's infantry, and commandeers an armored transport. OMAC confronts Kafka's rolling bunker.







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