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A man is breaking in to a criminal gangs room of operations. Where life-like, mechanical dolls that are meant to please their owner, are made.

The man is OMAC, and he sees that a woman named Lila is one of these robots. He`s sad about this, and wonders what determines humanity.

He destroys the factory.

Then the story goes back a few hours, and we see an unhappy factory worker Buddy Blank, who hasn`t been treated well by life.

He gets joy of seeing a woman named Lila every now and then.

Mysterious men are thinking about making Buddy in to a great soldier.

Buddy follows Lila in to her work place. He confronts angry men, who want to kill him.

Suddenly, a beam from the orbiting Brother Eye-satellite turns Buddy into The One Man Army Corps! He then goes on a rampage, finds out that the life-like dolls are meant to blow people up, and destroys the complex.

He then finds out about Brother Eye, Global Peace Agency and Mr. Big. A crime boss who is in charge of the operation that OMAC destroyed. After him, then. In the next issue.







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When i read this comic book i was blown away from the amazing story and art of one great man Jack Kirby whos creative mind means a lot to us.The story works very well the stories are  simple and detailed  it all makes sense to you.The is art so awesome i never seen anything like it i love his other previous comics  from marvel Captain America Thor Hulk.When he moved to dc his creations astonished  billions of comic lovers.I wish Jack Kirby was still alive today his art and stories were awsome an...

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