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Means and Methods


X-Men, Marvel's premiere mutant team

The majority of superheroes gain their powers from this method, as it refers to manifesting abilities based on either an event that caused it, your genetic code or even some other way that your body evolved into being bestowed superpowers. The most commonly thought of mutants are the X-Men and almost every other character involved in their stories, as the entire Homo Superior race are mutants. Another team of mutants are the Fantastic Four, even though they received there powers from cosmic radiation and are often referred to as mutates. They are mutants in the fact that they have been mutated, however it must be made clear that they are not a part of the Homo Superior race.

Another group that is considered to be in the same condition except they received their powers from gamma radiation rather than cosmic are the Gamma Corps and all the mutates their DNA is based off of, mainly the Hulk. The Inhumans would also fall under this list as they receive their superpowers from the Terrigen Mists as well as their special genetic makeup. An honorable mention to this array of mutants is Marvel's flagship character, Spider-Man who was mutated by the bite of a radioactive spider, allowing him to take on the creature's capabilities. As for the DC Universe, one of the actually referred to as being a mutant is Captain Comet whose latent mutancy was activated by a passing comet...100,000 years before his time. Another prominent mutant is Superman whose mutancy is caused partially because of the genetic physiology of a Kryptonian as well as the effects of the Earth's yellow sun.


The Powerful Green Power Ring of the Green Lantern Corps

Many heroes are also human, or at least considered weaker than average, and for that reason they possess artifacts (either mystical in nature or quite ordinary) that can be both technological or magical. They are used to augment one's powers and can be used as formidable weapons.

One of the most famous heroes who uses an object to gain all of his powers is Iron Man who uses various armors he has created. However an object can also be used to augment preexisting powers such as Cerebro is, in the case of the already formidable Professor X. Professor X half brother Cainalso known as the Juggernaut possess an item which gives him the powers of the Juggernaut. The object is known as the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. This gem varies from different places and origins but in order to wield its power you must read an incantation on the gem itself.

Cosmic Staff

Other objects such as the Infinity Gems can give their wielder unimaginable power, whether those that use them have any superpowers or not. Sometimes an entire team of super humans, the Exemplars for example, are composed of those who are bestowed with powers thanks to mystical artifacts. Others wield objects that are not necessarily needed yet have become a symbol, such as Captain America's Shield. Other times it is the object that chooses the user, such as the rings of the Green Lantern Corps, Star Sapphire and all other similar teams in the DC Universe.

Wonder Woman is another hero whose weapons symbolize her, the Lasso of Truth, Tiara and her Bracelets. Hawkgirl also is another hero that has a mace of Nth metal found on her planet that has the ability to give electrical charges, hurt magical items, people or things, and is also very rare and in certain phases can be highly dangerous. Also, on a rare occasion, an object can be such a thing as the Emerald Eye of Ekron in which the object is actually a portion of someone's being even though its wielded by another. Other universes besides Marvel and DC use objects to power their main characters including Dark Horse. In the Star Wars comics, the lightsaber is a mighty weapon that is original for every wielder but is used by both the Jedi and the Sith. Yet the lightsaber, though it supplies its wielder with superpowers, can only be used properly by those who have a connection with The Force, a superpower in and of itself. In Top Cow, a mystical artifact known as the Witchblade has survived for countless years, being wielded by generations of women, the most prominent being Sara Pezzini.


The Godly Galactus

Those who possess superpowers yet are neither doing this through technological means or mutations are usually cosmic beings or those who have received their powers from these divine beings. The basic ones are the five siblings that represent the universe Infinity, Oblivion, Eternity, Death and Galactus.

Another group of divine beings is the Octessence comprised of the eight beings who would grant their power to the Exemplars through mystical artifacts. These beings usually recruit others to serve them, some of their more famous heralds or servants include Thanos, Doorman and the Silver Surfer. Also, the one "mortal" who was promised he would witness the End of the Universe also falls into this category, Mr. Immortal. On the DC side of the spectrum the biggest groups would be the Wonder Family, Wonder Woman, Donna Troy and Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman's powers are drawn from the blessings of the Gods of Olympus, although Wonder Woman's powers are as a result of her birth, Donna Troy's are blessings from the Titans of Myth and Wonder Girl is result of being the daughter of Zeus. And the other biggest group would be the Marvel Family, the champions of Shazam. Yet, two of the most powerful entities are both connected to God. The Phantom Stranger who is believed to be repaying God for his transgressions. The other is considered to be one of the mightiest wielders of magic in the Universe, the Spectre. The demonic powers of Mephisto depend very much on his location as even though he is at full power in Hell, his powers wane if he is absent from his throne for too long.


One way in which one uses superpowers, or is able to display them is through the use of magic. This includes the ability to control or influence the natural world including events, objects, people, and physical phenomena through mystical, paranormal or supernatural means. A variety of beings practice magic, and they are different types allowing different effects. Doctor Strange for example has received such powers longevity, the ability to hypnotize, necromancy, levitation, illusion casting and telepathy from his mastery of the mystic arts. Illyana Rasputin is capable of sensing mysticism and of performing astral projection thanks to her sorcery. Doctor Doom is also a powerful magic user and can create constructs from energy, however he had decided to replicate most of his magical abilities with technology.

Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme

Amanda Sefton's magical abilities allow her to teleport, cast illusions and a multitude of other things. The magic of the Scarlet Witch coupled with her insanity has caused her to manipulate reality on occasion. In the DC Universe there exists a race known as Homo Magi, one of the most prominent members of this race is Zatanna whose magic is capable of performing any feat. Another renown magic wielder is the anti-hero Black Adam whose connection with the Rock of Eternity allows him to possess the powers of the gods. Wonder Woman is another hero whose magic weapons symbolize her, they are often what people think of, as they are all a part of her attire, including her the Lasso of Truth, Tiara and her Bracelets are all magic based blessings of the Gods of Olympus. Donna Troy and Wonder Girl, use magic based items as well.

There are also teams of magic users such as Shadowpact, a team of heroes who fight the supernatural. Then there are the supernatural themselves such as Demon and Zauriel whose magic knows no bounds. Another team of nigh-omnipotent magicians and sorcerers is the Sentinels of Magic, a team that fights for justice. One of the great magic users of the DC Universe is Doctor Fate who is powered by the mystical Helmet of Nabu, which allows him to do nearly limitless wonders. Raven is half-demon which is why she possesses magical powers that allow her to perform telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection and concussive blasts.

Manipulation of Superhuman Attributes

Power Duplication

Mimic: The Ultimate Power Mimicker

The ability to duplicate another's power is usually limited to a certain amount of individuals such as in the case of Mimic who can only take on the power of five individuals in his vicinity, however in his case though he can duplicate another's power, he can only use half of their power and unlike many others the powers mimicked permanently remain with him. Others such as Synch have the power to "synch" with another, allowing him to gain all their full capabilities. This means that even though Chamber did not know he could fly using his powers, Synch used the powers to their full potential and found that he could. Then others like Mr. Sinister use genetics so that they can extract DNA of a superhuman individual and can use it to bestow powers upon both himself and others.

Others with similar abilities include Pandemic who devised a serum that has granted him the ability to manifest the abilities of any mutant he has ever come into contact with. Amazo, the android, has at times had himself hardwired so that he can copy the abilities of any source near to him, the amount of those he could was never specified and was seemingly limitless. Serafina uses technology to connect herself to both technological and biological entities, allowing her to take on the capabilities of meta humans she connects with. Gideon, an immortal had the ability to take on the attributes of anyone in his vicinity, making him a very deadly threat as years had helped him hone his ability. Rogue can also "duplicate" a power through the sense of touch, if her skin comes into contact with that of another she absorbs their skills, sometimes permanently other times temporarily, the drawback is this touch also harms the one who she touches. Black Alice is a mystic who has the power to steal the mystical capabilities of anyone she chooses, leaving them powerless, however unless she can see them, the power will choose a random target. A power mimicker named Peter Petrelli is far more powerful than many others with similar powers to him. His use of other's superpowers is called empathic power mimicry as he can use the power of anyone he has ever met if he remembers how they made him feel. This allows him to be capable of doing almost anything since he has met many super powered individuals in his lifetime.

Power Negation


Scarlet Witch did this when she caused M-Day, she stripped countless mutants of their genetic code that enabled them to manifest superpowers.

Another individual who can negate powers is Leech , a mutant, he can suppress his own ability but it will cause all superhumans around him to become ordinary, a power which allowed him to transform one of the most powerful beings alive, Mr. M by touching him, causing him to be an ordinary human.

Scrambler has the ability to manipulate the superhuman powers of other mutants, allowing him to make it so they can no longer be used. Pulse can disrupt superpowers so that for a time they cannot be utilized.

Power Boost and Modification

Sage can awaken latent mutant abilities

The ability to enhance the superpowers of another being, by making them more powerful, either by so much that their powers go out of control or they simply became stronger and more adept at using their powers. Modification is the ability to alter one's power including creating new powers. After M-Day Quicksilver traveled throughout the mutant community and by supplying them, and himself, with the Terrigen Mists they found their powers increasing to such magnitudes that most found they could no longer control them, however in time the powers faded once again. Dark Phoenix can, at least temporarily, increase the superhuman capabilities of someone to exponential levels.

Mr. M can manipulate the genetics of any being allowing him to nearly anything, including regrowing Lorelei's prehensile hair. Cyttorak can also boost one's power levels thanks to mysticism, the Crimson Crystal of Cyttorak can increase the power of whoever holds it. Then there's Sage who can either boost one's power level, grant them new powers they did not realize they possessed or triggering latent mutancy. Apocalypse, whose mantra is "survival of the fittest" uses the technology of the Celestials to make superhumans "the fittest". He can both increase their powers, have them used in different ways or grant powers where there was none as he did with Polaris. It is these modifications that have birthed one of the mightiest forces in the Marvel Universe, the Horsemen of Apocalypse. Synergy from the Wildstorm Universe was capable of making ordinary humans into metahumans by granting them superpowers.

Power Sensing

Caliban: Power Sensor

The ability to find or recognize those who have superhuman capabilities, this can allow them to both track meta humans and sometimes know their full capabilities. Caliban is known as being a great tracker because of the fact that his mutant DNA allows him to sense other mutants within the area, precisely enough that he can know where they are.

An often used method of sensing mutants is using Cerebro, a device that only the most powerful telepaths can use, many have used it to find mutants including Emma Frost, Professor X, Jean Grey, Marvel Girl, Psylocke and Mr. Sinister. Cerebro recently went through a change after being destroyed, and is now known as Cerebra, and is still used by the X-Men but is said to be much more powerful than it's former brother.

Physical Power

Accelerated Healing

Lobo: Reborn from a pool of blood

This is an ability that means one has a Healing Factor that will allow them to heal from various levels of injuries at various speeds. This can be from immortality all the way down to merely being able to heal from a cut at twice the speed of a normal human. Healing also can mean that it takes one longer to age, gives them immunity to disease and poisons as well as easier capabilities to survive extreme heat and cold. Wolverine is one of the most famed healers, mostly because of the fact that these abilities have allowed him to survive for centuries and combined with his adamantium nearly make him immortal. Other copies of Wolverine such as Cyber and X-23 are both not as strong as Wolverine in terms of their Healing Factor. Cyber has lived with heart problems for his entire life, and has a Healing Factor that cannot readily heal internal organs, unlike Logan's. X-23 however is expected to one day be as powerful as Wolverine as she is his clone, this means that she too may likely live for centuries. Some of the most powerful powerhouses in the Marvel Universe, Juggernaut and the Hulk, have both been at one point reduced to a mere skeleton...yet they retained no injuries and healed in almost no time at all. Then there is Deadpool who was healed when manifesting his Healing Factor, but also permanently disfigured. Also there is Icarus and Angel who are believed to be members of the Cheyarafim, meaning they have healing blood that will keep them long as their wings remain a part of their body. Finally, as another representative of the Marvel Universe there is the multiple-powered Mr. Sinister who has been shown as being capable of healing from Cyclops' optic blasts. Godzilla, a monster meant to represent man's mistakes, has special cells that heal so fast that it is nearly impossible to harm let alone kill him. In the Heroes comics, Peter Petrelli, has healed from death on multiple occasions. However, he received this power from Claire Bennet who is able to regenerate lost body parts and can heal from any injury that she has, as of yet, received...including death. As for the DC Universe, the most renown being with the ability to heal is Lobo whose healing is unneeded since he is immortal, yet it still provides him with the ability to perform some astounding feats.

Acid Generation

Acid Spit

Acid Generation is the ability to produce and release acid, through various forms such as sweat or even in different states of matter such as a gas or a liquid. Some even possess an acidic spit that can be sent across far distances, the acid is special in the fact that it usually causes great harm, to nearly every substance. This is a rare power and yet oddly enough, one single (short-lived) team had two members with this power, it was X-Statix. However that team was comprised of misfits and the like, which hints at the fact that this is a seemingly unwanted ability. One of the two was the team's leader, Anarchist, whose power was acidic sweat. His teammate, Zeitgeist also was unfortunately burdened with this superpower. So he found himself able to spew an acid from his mouth, that could allegedly allow him to eat anything he desired, as it would break down the materials. The Man-Thing also possesses this ability however it is acids that are secreted from his body and can cause intense burns.

Animal Mimicry

Vixen: One With Nature

Animal Man is the prime example of someone who bears this power, as he can take on the abilities of any animal on Earth thanks to an object from the depths of space.

Vixen also can mimic animals, as she wears a mystical Tantu Totem which grants her the ability to take on the characteristics of any animal.

Though this ability usually allows its "bearer" to have all the powers of everyone else it takes away from specialization and so even though they have all the individual powers they are not gifted with such levels of power as super-beings like Superman.

Enhanced Physical Attributes

Are basically enhanced physical condition, like enhanced strength,speed, durability,agility,and reflexes.Its basically above peak human conditions. Physical enchantments can either be above peak human condition, or it can reach superhuman levels. A great example will be Captain America, Bane, and Green Goblin. The user can increase there physical condition through chemicals,serums,and implants. The user can obtain other powers like accelerated healing factor.

Biological Manipulation

Elixir: Healer or Killer?

This is defined as the ability to manipulate life itself, through a nearly limitless amount of effects though the basics of the power is just altering one's DNA. The power also varies in levels of strength and control quite extensively.

Some of the countless feats that can be performed with this power include being able to physically change the appearance of someone you touch such as creating defects (like extra digits) or even changing colors of skin, hair and eyes. To manipulate life also means to sustain it such as healing others with your touch, either from a small cut or even a removal of the heart. Things that would not naturally heal can also be cured (or bestowed) such as diseases or mental illnesses. The power can also be reversed as to manipulating life to the extent that it brings about death.

Sersi is renown amongst the Eternals as being the most-skilled manipulator of matter, this includes both organic and inorganic matter meaning she can rearrange it on a whim. The High Evolutionary can manipulate life in the sense that his powers allow him to both evolve and devolve life around himself. Using the technologies of the Celestials, Apocalypse often manipulates the DNA of mutants to make them more powerful often augmenting their strength to exponential levels. Mr. Sinister is also able to manipulate DNA and though he is considered one of the greatest he can not do it with a touch, rather he needs technology, he simply has the knowledge of how to perform the feat. Mr. M is an Omega-level mutant specializing in matter and energy manipulation, which means he can literally do anything he imagines...including changing DNA structure and function. Elixir is also an Omega-level mutant except his power is a specialty in manipulation of the DNA and with the knowledge he has he is capable of bringing death or life with but a single touch. In the DC Universe such a power is less common but the Titan Raven has the ability to heal other's wounds by absorbing their pain, allowing them to heal.

Body Part Substitution

Terror Inc: The Regenerating Man

Terror Inc , also gains all the memories and knowledge of whose body part he has taken. However, his power is more of a need than a desire as his body constantly decays and he needs to replace its parts with other being's.

He is able to do this thanks to the natural secretion of chemicals his body performs so that he can take the body parts of his victims easier, breaking down their body to get at the desired part.

Bone Manipulation

Marrow: The Bone Manipulator

This is the ability to manipulate the bones in one's own body through a form personal biological manipulation of the bone structure. This includes, but is not limited to, the generation of new bone mass to replenish ones that are projected out from the skin. This projection is usually in the form razor sharp projectiles capable of doing an extent of damage or even as bones which can be used as blunt weapons such as plates or spikes and even more complicated forms. It also can allow the rearrangement of one's own bones and makes the bearer of this power stronger due to the fact that their bones can become much denser than normal humans and heal faster as well as form a personal armor around the user to protect them from harm. Kimimaro is a prime example of bone manipulation as he has utter control of his entire skeletal structure. He is capable of removing bones from his body and within seconds the skin that was torn is healed and a new bone takes its place. He can then use these bones as weapons most commonly by firing them from his hands.

Spyke from the X-Men Evolution comics has the power to control his bones as well, from forming protective bone plates around himself or even lighting his own bones on fire. However, two drawbacks include that he can never fully retract a projected bone and he needs to regain all the calcium he loses when using this power. Bling! is capable of a "one-of-a-kind" type of bone manipulation in which her bone marrow produces a crystalline substance that coats her body, making it more durable, this substance can also be projected at high velocities. Quill is also capable of projecting or extending spikes from his body, however these spikes seem to simply be attached to his body rather than a part of it. Marrow is perhaps the most thought of example of someone who can manipulate bones, even though originally she could not control this power, it has allowed her to become almost immune to harm yet at the same time have an amazing healing factor. An oddity with Marrow is that she possessed two hearts to make up for her extremely peculiar bone growth. Absalom, one of the immortal mutants, was capable of growing razor-sharp bone spines that protrude from his skin.


Madrox: The Multiplying Man

This refers to the ability of creating duplicates of oneself (usually tangible but not always), though sometimes these duplicates are free-thinking beings, other times they work with their "creator". A common theme among those who can duplicate is that they can reabsorb their duplicates and with them all their memories and skills. Also, in most cases at least, when a duplicate is harmed or killed, the original being is left unscathed from the event. Damian Tryp is a mysterious man who possesses various abilities, one of which is to duplicate, however he capable of temporal duplication, as in bringing past and future selves throughout the time stream. This act is referred to as temporal duplication because it is creating duplicates of oneself through chronokinesis, or the manipulation of tempus/time. In the far-off future of the DC Universe, Triplicate Girl, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes has the ability to create two clones of herself with whom she can assimilate herself as to gain their abilities and knowledge. Angela Spica, the Engineer, is capable of using the nanotechnology that grants her superhuman abilities to make copies of herself. Bart Allen has a unique ability granted by the Speed Force that only he possesses of the four Flashes. And that is with the Speed Force he can create clones of himself, however, the death of one nearly killed Bart so he refrained from using the power again before his death. In the world of Naruto, the focal character Naruto as well as almost any other character is capable of creating 'shadow clones' which are seemingly tangible reflections of oneself. They seem to be real but if they come into physical contact with someone/something that intends to destroy them they are hit and become smoke. Naruto was originally considered a failure because he could not do the Shadow Clone Technique but eventually he became a master of it and was renown for his skills in using it. Madrox, the Multiple Man, is the child of "unknown origins" who gains a duplicate every time kinetic energy is released upon his body. He is unable to control these duplicates, however he can reabsorb them and retain all their memories and skills. He is able to have his duplicates killed without he himself being harmed, the only side effect is then he cannot absorb a dead duplicate.


Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

Echolocation, sometimes referred to as a sonar or radar sense, is one of the few superpowers that has actually been achieved in the real world by living organisms, however those organisms are not human, rather they are bats. Echolocation is basically sound waves hitting objects and being sent back to someone or something that can sense the differentiations so clearly that it will allow them to see objects as clear as if there were no interference.

Very few possess this power and the two well-known users are about as different as could possibly be imagined. The more popular of the two, Marvel's Daredevil is utterly blind and so echolocation has replaced his sight and thus made it better. He must have sound, but unlike a bat the sound can come from anywhere in his vicinity. The other individual is from DC Comics and is known as the Man-Bat who is like a man/bat hybrid. This granted him the gift of echolocation that a normal bat possesses and allows him to emit sound waves that compliment his sight.


The Female Member of the Fantastic Four, Invisible Woman

The ability to render the user unseen from the casual observer though different types of invisibility will mask different energy signatures. The power of invisibility can be granted through many means and can have many different levels, despite the idea that all invisibles are the same. The power is commonly just a side ability amongst the most powerful of beings, however it usually only reaches its true potential in those who have it as their only power. Black Widow a Golden Age villainess was granted numerous powers by Satan, one of which was invisibility. Another way for one to receive the power of invisibility is to be born with it, the Martian Manhunter is from a race of Green Martians that all possess powers that would make them seem omnipotent to the general populace of Earth, and one of those powers is invisibility. Miss Martian, though of a different race than J'onn as she is a White Martian, still possesses all of his abilities. Gentleman Ghost, the spirit of a highway man from more than a century ago, he uses his powers of invisibility and intangibility to wreak havoc in the DC Universe. Deadman, another incorporeal spirit in the DC Universe also has the powers of invisibility and intangibility, however he fights for justice. Then there is Aztek, a man trained for a single destroy one of the most powerful super weapons ever conceived, to perform this feat he was given a variety of powers including invisibility. Blackheart, the nigh-omnipotent son of Mephistopheles is another one of those "superior beings" that can become invisible at will. A vampiric-like mutant called Emplate can also become "invisible" as he can shift through dimensions, allowing him to walk in ours without actually being a part of it and thus unseen. Peter Petrelli, a young man with the ability of empathic power mimicry was trained to use his powers by "Claude Rains the Invisible Man" and as such he himself became very skilled in making himself and things around him invisible. Originating in the Teen Titans animated series, Red X possesses a power suit that can allow him to cloak himself, becoming invisible. Violet Parr, a character created for the movie The Incredibles, possesses both invisibility and the power to create energy shields, a combination of powers that make it clear she was based off of Invisible Girl. Another invisibility "copycat" is Super-Skrull who was genetically changed so that he possessed the powers of all the Fantastic Four including Invisible Woman. Then of course there is the most famed invisible, Invisible Woman herself. Like mentioned as Violet's powers, Susan Storm can become invisible by bending rays of light around herself and can also make energy fields that cannot be penetrated though enough force can cause her to no longer be able to keep them up.


The Invulnerable Colossus

Invulnerability is the power Ability to withstand various forms or strengths of physical damage or injury though usually there is still limits. The Thing is an example of a super being whose appearance must suffer for them to possess a superpower as it is Ben Grimm's rock-like skin that will allow him to remain uninjured even when shot at by armor piercing rounds. Captain Marvel can withstand vast amounts of physical force thanks to the powers granted to him by Shazam, specifically his Stamina of Atlas. Thanos like all Eternals, possesses superhuman durability but of course that is the least of his powers. She-Hulk, the female variation of her well- known cousin The Hulk, Jennifer Walters gains superhuman durability whenever she goes into her She-Hulk form. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl have a very high level of invulnerability, but is vulnerable to projectiles (such as bullets) forcing her to use her bracelets to deflect them if she wishes not to suffer harm. Like all Kryptonians, when in the presence of Earth's yellow sun, Superman and Supergirl gain a variety of powers including an invulnerability that can easily withstand gunfire. Sentry, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe is another example of an "omnipotent hero" that can seemingly never be harmed thanks to his invulnerability. The armored Colossus gains invulnerability from the nigh-impenetrable armor his mutancy allows him to create so that he can protect himself from harm. Darkseid, one of the mightiest specimens of the New Gods race, he has an invulnerability on par with Superman. Mr. Majestic is also a being of true power, who possesses a high level of invulnerability, but even if he is injured his regenerative healing will soon restore himself.

The Hulk, has an invulnerability that may be different in itself from the majority of other beings with superpowers. As he has an incredibly powerful healing factor that has restored him from a skeleton in mere seconds, so it has been assumed that his invulnerability is actually a healing factor so fast that it deceives the eye to think he was never injured. Juggernaut however is the epitome of invulnerability, bestowed with Cyttorak's power he can put up a force field that is nigh-impenetrable and only the strongest of magics can get through, however all harm that is taken upon himself is healed instantaneously. Thanks to the stamina of Shu, Black Adam is almost utterly invulnerable, enough so that swords easily shatter upon his body, most weapons make their users attempts futile, even a special bullet crafted from the Rock of Eternity. The superhuman durability of Gladiator allows him to effortlessly withstand the effects of concussive blasts, high caliber bullets and even the heat of a supernova or the vacuum of space. The durability of Puck has been compared to compressed rubber and allows him to survive explosions and high caliber bullets despite his small size. Superman's invulnerability has changed throughout his many incarnations. Originally nothing less than a bursting shell could pierce his skin, later he became able to fly into the core of the sun and emerge unharmed and though it has weakened since then it is still very powerful. The Image character Brit, also posses invulnerability he can withstand being attacked by super powered people and survive, but unlike most character's with this power, he does not poses any super strength. The Saint Of Killers possesses an invulnerability that is perhaps a step beyond any of the aforementioned individuals as he has survived such things as being hit with a nuclear missile in the chest and emerging without a scratch.

Kinetic Absorption

Sebastian Shaw: The Black King

Sometimes referred to as inertia absorption, it is the ability to take in forms of kinetic energy. This energy then becomes a part of the being who usually converts it into superhuman strength, durability and/or growing in size. The energy can be stored within one's body, though for how long this can be done is a variating factor. In Marvel's Ultimate Universe, Lord Apocalypse is a valiant foe and proved his power when cops shot at him with relentless gunfire. As a response, he merely absorbed the energy, enhanced his strength, enhanced his size and made his durability all the stronger. Maelstrom's energy manipulating powers no next to no bounds and with them he is able to absorb kinetic energy (up to magnificent levels) and can transform it into either energy blasts or simply using it to further augment his powers. The Growing Man android is immune to physical harm as it will simply absorb any forms of kinetic energy that are directed at itself, though too much power has been shown to damage the android before. This will then cause its cells to replicate at such a speed that the android grows in size, its strength increasing at the same time. Maverick, a member of the Homo Superior race, has the power to absorb and then store kinetic energy into his body taking almost no damage at all. He can then release this energy either in the form of concussive blasts or use it to increase his strength up to ten times its original limit. Strong Guy is X-Factor's strong guy and is superhumanly strong, however if he comes into contact with kinetic energy he will temporarily increase his strength based on the amount of energy. However, this strength must then be released within fifty seconds or it will leave him deformed, as his muscles get larger as he gets stronger. This increase of muscle mass also provides more durability and as such makes gunfire harmless to him. Sebastian Shaw is renown for his power to absorb kinetic energy (as well as electrical) and then store it up so that it can build up continuously. His strategies often involve him taking punches or hits so that his reserves will be fully powered and he can then release the energy increasing his strength, speed and stamina to much greater levels.

Matter Ingestion

Matter-Eater Lad Eating A Fence

Matter Ingestion refers to possessing the ability to ingest any (or at least many) forms of matter, many that would normally be indigestible, without receiving any repercussions. The most popular of these limited amount of characters is Matter-Eater Lad, he is often considered as having a humorous yet useless power but it proved to be enough to get him membership into the Legion Of Super-Heroes. His powers allow him to eat any material, in any quantity without any need of slowing down whereas a normal human would have to wait for it to digest. Calorie Queen, who is basically a female counterpart of Matter-Eater Lad is also a native of Bismoll and resides in the 31st century. She possesses the same abilities as he, as it is inborn in all members of their race. However, she could not join the Legion of Super-Heroes because of such similarities and instead became a member of the Legion of Super-Rejects. In the Marvel Universe, there are also those who possess the ability of matter ingestion, but at a much lower level than their DC counterparts. Freakshow, a young mutant from Genosha, has the power to transform into a variety of different creatures all with different powers. Some of these forms have allowed him to perform feats in eating abnormal substances such as building debris. He has also been able to swallow Unus The Untouchable but could not digest him thanks to the impenetrable force field that surrounds his body. Finally, there is Maggott, even though he does not actually possess a digestive system he still can "eat" almost anything. Within him live two creatures called Eany and Meany that he releases from his body so that they can find any material to devour. They then return into him, allowing his body to absorb nutrients and keeping him alive.


The M Twins: Impersonating M

The ability to temporarily merge two or more beings into a single being by combining cells of two or more separate beings, which results in transforming into completely new and stronger being than before though not always will the beings gain size or change in appearance although it is common for such a thing to happen. The triplets known as the Kleinstock Brothers were servants of Magneto and though not to much has been completely established about them it is known that the two brothers, Harlan and Sven could merge into a single being, as they are now permanently a single being that simply possesses two upper bodies. However, if their brother Eric could merge with them as well was never said as he did on their first mission but it is assumed he could. Then their is one of those peculiarities i n the comic book world, B' Wanna Beast, the man who had the ability to create strange creatures with his ability to merge two different animals together, creating a chimera. The Collective Man is made up of five brothers, and when they combine to create the Collective Man, they have many times more power (strength, speed, etc.) than they had as separate beings. When they were first introduced, they only had five times the amount of strength that they normally had (because five of them would merge into one), but soon they learned how to gain more power by picturing the population of China in their head, allowing them to use the population's physical and mental prowess. The St. Croix siblings also have the ability to merge into a being or other beings. The M Twins, the youngest of the siblings merged and for a while impersonated their older sister, M, while she had been taken captive by their even older brother, Emplate. While in this state, they gained all of their sisters powers, but it is unknown what powers and abilities they would have, but we have seen the other siblings merge. The Twins and Emplate at one point merged to become the powerful being known as M-Plate.

Pain Suppression

Ability to inhibit physical pain at will or to be incapable of feeling pain. Midnighter can turn his pain receptors off whenever he wants. Darkman cannot feel pain because of past experiments performed on him. Holden Carver is impervious to pain. The Challenger has the power to block pain at will.

Pheromone Manipulation

Spider-Woman, Pheromone Manipulator

Ability to generate and control pheromones which may have various effects such as affecting emotional and physical states such as inducing sleep, fear, happiness, pleasure and many more. A New Mutant, Wallflower, had this ability, but she did not know how to control it properly, and when she would feel a strong emotion, it could affect her pheromone powers, and cause her to make the people around her feel the same way, but luckily, when she moved to the Xavier Institute, she was roomed with Renascence, whose mutant power at the time was aerokinesis, so she was able to use this to keep Wallflower's pheromones at bay. Sean Garrison, Wallflower's father, also had this ability, but he learned to control it, and used his powers to get what he wanted in life. The alternate versions of these two in the House of M had great control over their powers, and they deployed their powers in various ways: strike fear into people so they couldn't use their powers, use it to make people suicidal and even turn a whole room of people against each other (the two were evil in this alternate reality(well, not completely, but they worked for the government (see their pages for more details))).

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) doesn't deploy her power intentionally, but sometimes during a fight they are released, and they attract males but repulse females. This power was the one that let the New Avengers beat Wrecker, and during this battle, the male members of the New Avengers at the time admitted that they had been attracted to her recently. Spider-Woman uses a special perfume to stop her powers. Beast also has this power, but obviously because he is a male, unlike Spider-Woman he attracts females. Before being depowered, the mutant prostitute Ripcord possessed this ability, normally using it to pleasure her clients, but when she joined the X-Men, began using it offensively, using it to make her enemies throw up among other things. The Purple Man releases special pheromones from his skin, and when inhaled by people, he is able to control their minds. He tends to use his powers for evil, an example of this is where he psychologically tortured Jessica Jones but making her watch him rape women and humiliate herself by making her do various things (He didn't sexually abuse her though). The Purple Man had gotten one woman pregnant after mind controlling and sexually abusing her, and this produced Persuasion, his daughter who has the same power as her father put when she uses her powers on someone their skin turns purple too. Daken can also use the power of pheromones to manipulate others to do his will.

Photographic Reflexes


Photographic reflexes is the ability to copy a physical movement exactly how the possessor of this power saw it. Normally however, they are not able to copy another superhumans ability, for example, if they saw someone fly, they would not be able to fly. They can only perform moves within their own physical limit. Taskmaster uses this ability to replicate moves of his opponents or superheroes. When Echo was first introduced, she watch several different videos of superheroes performing various moves and copied them. She was also seen playing the piano very well, apparently a skill she learned because of her power. Echo's power even extends to the point where she can learn to speak a new language by watching someone speak it (because she is deaf, Echo has to lip read). Monica Dawson has an iPod filled with multiple moves that might come in handy for her to copy, including parkour. Monica's power was dubbed as "adoptive muscle memory" by Mohinder Surresh when he examined her.

Poison Generation

Poison Ivy: Seducer of Men and Women Alike

Ability to assault others with one or more varieties of toxins either through secretion through touch or mental control, with widely disparate effects like drugs or make person ill/die. Poison Ivy manipulates plants and produces a variety of floral poisons and toxins. One of which allows her to manipulate people by making them feel hopelessly attracted to her. Her own blood is toxic. Cobra also possesses certain unusual physical powers do to his mutagenically altered physiology giving him the power to move like a snake. Bliss has another mouth on her tongue, and when this tongue bites someone, it injects them with poison that causes unconsciousness. After being transformed by Apocalypse and serving as his Horseman of Death, Gambit had the ability to convert certain materials into poisonous gases. Scorpion is able to emit toxins from her left arm, allowing her to harm her opponents in various ways. Maya Herrera possesses the ability of poison generation, but she releases it in an unusual way. When her ability is activated when she is under high levels of emotional stress/fear, she cries black tears, a symptom that is passed to the victims of her power, with the exception of her twin brother (Alejandro) who is immune to her power and is the only one who is able to reverse the effects of her poison.

Prehensile Hair

Medusa: Inhuman

The ability to animate and lengthen one's hair to carry objects/ people or slash opponents like a whip. Medusa has this ability. Her hair is strong and more resistant yet the same thickness of average hair. She also has a psychokinetic ability to use her hair to move heavy objects to performing delicate operations like picking a lock. If she concentrates, she can snap her hair as if it were a whip or rotate it like a fan. She can also bind people and lift more weight than her arms could. Even though her hair has no nerves, she can feel sensations through her psionic field. Lorelei Travis also has this ability, and she usually used it as a part of her exotic dance at the club she previously worked at. Rapunzel used her ability in combat, but also used it to sooth her team mate, the Yeti.

Reactive Adaptation/Adaptive Evolution

Darwin: The Evolving Boy

Ability to develop a resistance or immunity to whatever they were injured by or exposed to physically such as physical injury, fire, drowning, harmful gases and others. This effect can be permanent or temporary depending on the user. Darwin, X-Men member, has honed his ability and is able to use it to do things such as boost his knowledge to learn alien languages among other things. Other things he is able to do, consciously or subconsciously include making his body flame and heat resistant, night vision, become elasticated and transform into pure energy. Lifeguard also has this power, usually turning her skin into a gold substance and sprouting wings and even once it allowed her to enter Sage's mind and save her life. Naturally, as a part of his power, Helix's DNA recodes itself, adapting to the outside threats that face him. One of the most well known character's to have this ability is Doomsday. Doomsday was created by a scientist known as Betron on Krypton that purpose was to be able to be able to survive at all cost. Using genes that would survive Betron repeated a cycle over and over endlessly until Doomsday killed all and even his creator Betron. Even though his creation killed him Betron succeeded in creating the ultimate monster that is able to be killed and born again to die only the same way once. Regenerating each time he is killed makes Doomsday the ultimate enemy and with his strength able to match the Man of Steel's there is limit of his power.


Rockslide (in lava/magma Limbo form): A Psionic Golem

The ability to reconstruct/reconstitute/reform one's body after it has been destroyed. Rockslide has the ability to do this, and is probably one of the only known comic book characters that has this power. When he first reconstructed, he needed the help of Hellion's telekinesis to reform him. The second time he reformed, he did it by himself, but this time his form was a lot rockier, but he lost his ability to fire his limbs the second time around. He was later able to reform again, but this time out of rocks from Limbo, that included magma, and also allowed him to be resistant to magic. He later learned to reform himself consciously, and now he can do it at any time. When Rockslide explodes and then reforms, he is unable to carry his clothes with him. Superhumans who can self detonate (below) are able to reform after they detonate. Nitro is able to reform himself from the gas he turns himself into after he explodes. Unlike Rockslide, he possesses a special field that allows him to reform the clothes he's wearing too. Breakdown is also able to reform after she explodes. These superhumans don't have to reform straight away, and can stay in these states for quite a time.

Self Detonation

Nitro: The Stamford Explosion

Ability to explode one's body mass creating an explosion and reform (see above). When Rockslide explodes, he only explodes his body, as in he doesn't blow up with energy like Nitro. Rockslide's explosions don't extend that far, and tend to just throw the rock fragments of his body, doing very little harm to the surrounding environment. Nitro on the other hand can cause devastating blasts, like real explosions. Sometimes the can be relatively small ones, enough to destroy a building, but other times, when Nitro is on M.G.H. (Mutant Growth Hormone), he can cause incredibly gigantic blasts, proven recently when he exploded destroying Stamford. If he explodes to many times in a row, Nitro will pass out from the amount of energy he used to explode.

Sonic Scream

The Super-Loud Black Bolt

Sonic screaming is the ability to use one's voice to create powerful screams. These screams can cause various effects, depending on how powerful the scream is. Some screams are powerful enough to shatter objects and cause unconsciousness. Banshee (Sean)was even able to use his sonic scream to allow him to fly among various other things such as hear distant conversations and more. His daughter Banshee (Theresa) has been seen using her powers in ways her father never has, such as creating force fields, sending secret message via her voice that only the target can hear, and like the Sirens, Siryn can use her voice as a form of persuasion, but this does not work on mutants. When in combat, Siryn normally focuses her voice into what she calls a "sonic lance", a tight focused beam of sound waves, that can severely injure/damage anything it comes into contact with. These two characters have very powerful cries, and once it has even been stated that Siryn could probably destroy and entire city block with her voice. Blackbolt, King of the Inhumans has the ability of sonic scream, but his are much more powerful. A mere whisper from him has proved to have devastating results, taking out a whole fleet of helicopters and keeping the Hulk at bay. As King of the Inhumans, obviously he has to address his people, so he and his wife, Medusa, have learned sign language and she speaks for him. Blackbolt has trained himself so he'll never make a sound accidentally. Motormouth has this ability too, but she is probably best known for humming very quietly, this allowing her to use ultrasound to see through objects. The Black Canary's "Canary Cry" is basically this power. The cry is so strong that it is able to dent steel, and even kill someone within its range.

Superhuman Agility


The user's personal agility, balance and bodily co-ordination are enhanced to the levels beyond a normal humans limit even surpassing a trained athlete and allowing the user to jump over heights twice their height or even walk a tight rope with ease. One of the characters most probably best known for his superhuman agility is probably Beast, picture here: Beast has always been seen performing complex stunts such as back flips and has been seen jumping far through the air. Nightcrawler also has superhuman agility, and can easily perform complex stunts. He once even teleported onto the head of Jean Grey's Phoenix memorial statue, and stood on its head, on his toes. Another character whos main power is superhuman agility is Spider man. Spiderman has fantastic agility. His agility is so great he can evade gunfire and dodge thrown items, such as shrunkein. He can do stunts like olympic gymnasts. Wonder Woman's agility is far beyond that of even an olympic level athlete, as is her balance and coordination.

Superhuman Dexterity

Beast: A Natural Acrobat

The ability allows one to be completely skilled with the hands and the body. For example, Beast can perform the exact same tasks with either his hands or his feet.

Superhuman Durability

Luke Cage: Nothing Can Pierce His Skin... Or Can It?

Ability to have a higher resistance to one or more forms of damage before being injured. People such as Luke Cage, Solomon Grundy, Wonder Woman and Tick has this superpower. Luke Cage is only superhumanly durable and is not completely invulnerable, as adamantium can dent his skin. The same apply to Frenzy, who has skin as hard as steel. Emma Frost's diamond form is also only superhumanly durable, as it has been destroyed (shattered to be exact by a diamond bullet) and has been pierced by diamond, and it is most probable that it could be pierced by adamanitum too. Various superhumans with superhuman strength have superhuman durability, as normally the thickness of their skin increases and the extra muscle mass help protect them. When The Justice League had to battle Solomon Grundy after he returned from the dead, the League couldn't hurt him. The only thing that was able to stop him and hurt him was Hawkgirl's mace made of Nth metal that is able to hurt magical or disrupt magical people or things. Invulnerability and superhuman durability are two different things, as invulnerability means that nothing can penetrate your skin at all, where as superhuman durability only makes you more resistant to these outside threats. Not invulnerable Wonder Woman has a high level of resistance to threats which might cause a normal human a great deal of harm. Radiation has little effect on her although she is still affected by heat. She has a more durable body than most but she can still be damaged by regular items like bullets or arrows, it would be noted that piercing weapons such as bullets, may penetrate her skin, but not her muscle tissue. This ability holds true for both Donna Troy and Wonder Girl.

Superhuman Speed

The Flash

Ability to move at a rate of acceleration and maximum speed in excess to that of normal optimal human capacity. Some who possess super-speed interact with an inter dimensional field of energy commonly referred to as the Speed Force. If an individual moves their body at speeds in excess to the speed of light, they physically interface with the Speed Force, like the super hero the Flash who is known to be the fastest man alive. oftentimes exiting their home reality and traveling throughout the time stream. Some individuals who possess this ability may be limited by certain atmospheric or geological conditions. Kryptonians for example, can obtain a version of super-speed so long as they are within the sphere of influence of a Yellow sun star system. Their ability to use this power is in direct proportion to the levels of ultraviolet radiation that their body cells absorb. Others may have an divine gift like Wonder Woman and the Amazons, Wonder Woman herself is able to reach great speeds from the gift granted by Hermes the god of messengers, upon her birth. She has been seen able to reach speeds fast enough to reach the Speed Force. The majority of superheroes gain superhuman speed from this method, as it refers to manifesting abilities based on either an event that caused it, your genetic code or even some other way that your body evolved into being bestowed superpowers. The most commonly thought of mutants are the X-Men, mutants like Quicksilver.

Superhuman Reflexes

Blade's Quick Reaction

Ability to react faster than a normal human. Blade has this ability due to the fact that he is part vampire and with him being a good fighter and knowing all of the arts enhances this ability. Blade reflexes are so good that ts even to the point where it comes naturally that he re-acts before his brain can actually analyze a situation. Even though this characteristic is found in humans, it also is selectively seen in rigorously trained martial artists. This shows that Blade has to have at least 25 to 50 years of martial arts training history. Wonder Woman possesses reflex abilities similar to speedsters, such as The Flash. Midnighter has fast reflexes due to his body being altered to give him inhuman balance as well as faster nerve endings so he can move and react quicker than any human and many superhumans. Madman also has fast reflexes. It is not unusual for certain characters with superhuman speed to have enhanced reflexes too. People such as Northstar and Aurora who have superhuman speed also have superhuman reflexes. Northstar has reflexes fast enough to dodge an on-coming object traveling at 18.7 mach. Aurora has been seen to have reflexes quick enough to check and apartment within seconds. With superhuman reflexes and the added bonus of his "Spider-Sense" power, Spider-Man can dodge various attacks quickly. People with photographic reflexes sometimes can perform some moves before they are even consciously aware that they're doing it, their body naturally re-acting to what is happening in the environment around them (an example of this is when Monica Dawson "619"'d a robber without knowing what she was doing).

Superhuman Senses


Ability to see, smell, taste, feel and/or hear more than a normal human. One of the most known character to possess this power is Wolverine. Wolverine always had a heightened sense of smell since being a spy and his nose is what usually gets him out trouble in all the situations he has been in. His power of smell helps him also to known about situations that happened and who was apart of those situations. Also with Wolverine's animalistic instinct he not only has a keen sense on smell but is also able to see in complete darkness and is also able to hear what humans can't. This can be either from a far distance or something that can't be heard close by. Another person who has this ability is Wolverine's arch-nemesis Sabretooth. Sabretooth has the same animalistic powers just as Wolverine but in battle is always able to beat him. In the DC universe, a person that posses this power is Timber Wolf who gained his ability because of his father experimenting on him. This gave him the physical appearance of a wolf and wolf like instincts. He's able to track and find what he is looking for through his superhuman senses.

Superhuman Stamina

The Wonder Girls

Ability to allow an individual's physical heartiness and their ability to function without tiring or undue strain. Characters who possess this power can often go for long periods of time without rest or even sleep. This power often works in combination with Superhuman Strength andInvulnerability. An individual may develop enhanced stamina either through alien heritage, genetic manipulation or biological augmentation. Other characters may develop enhanced stamina through mystical means, or through divine intervention. Characters with Super-Speed may possess increased stamina to a limited degree, but are often restricted by other factors relating to their speed-based abilities (such as increased metabolism.

Wonder Woman, Donna Troy and Wonder Girl can last a great deal of time in any fight and with virtually anyone. They have held their own in combat with foes as powerful as Gods. They do not tire out, as their bodies produces no lactic acids in their muscles, giving them the ability to fight until they drop dead.

The Hulk is one that is known for is stamina, his body counteracts fatigue poisons that build up in his muscles during physical activity. In an enraged state, the Hulk is capable of exerting himself at peak physical capacity for several days before fatigue begins to affect him. However, much like his physical strength, the Hulk's stamina does increase as he becomes angrier.

Superhuman Strength

Molly Hayes: A Little Powerhouse

Ability to have a level of physical strength higher than that possible by a human being in real life, able to lift more than a normal humans body can handle. The Hulk's strength is directly connected to his emotional state, and the angrier he gets the stronger he gets. His cousin, She-Hulk who received a blood transplant from him, is also incredibly strong, but her strength doesn't vary depending on her emotional state. Thor possesses an incredibly high level strength because of his godly status as the son of Odin, All-father of Asgard, and Gaea, Elder Goddess of Earth, which makes him the strongest of the Asgardians. Similarly, Hercules, who is the strongest Olympian and the Olympian god of strength, was conceived by Zeus, All-father of Olympus, and a mortal woman to be the physically stronger than the gods. Namor has this ability, but because his Atlantean heritage, he is stronger when he is covered in water. He is still very strong out of water, but the more he dries of the more, the weaker he becomes (strength wise only). The Sentry and Ms. Marvel also has incredibly high levels of superhuman strength, the first being much stronger though. But, if needed to boost their strength, these two can use their energy adsorption power to adsorb energy, using this to increase their strength.

Rogue also possessed super strength when she had absorbed Ms. Marvel's powers and later Sunfire's, but has now lost both these characters abilities. Another well known character with superhuman strength is the Thing, who is as strong as the others that have been stated. Although when first introduced Molly Hayes could only lift a few tones, she can now lift at least one hundred tones when she toppled a gigantic monster. A side effect of this power for Molly is that she falls asleep after using her power. Her eyes also glow pink when she uses her powers. Colossus is also very strong when in his armored form, but he has been seen to be overpowered by the Hulk. Gentle has a variation of superhuman strength dubbed "extreme strength". Gentle can increase the level of his physical level to a level that shouldn't even be possible. Because this increase in mass puts so much strain on his body, he has to keep it in check with vibranium tattoos. Later in his life, the tattoos will fail to keep his power under control, and he'll die. Wonder Man is another superhuman with strength that passes incredibly high levels, Galactus, being who he is, has a very high level of superhuman strength. Strong Guy, using his power mutant power, can increase his strength, but it is already at a high level.

In the DC universe, Superman has many powers including superhuman strength to an incredibly vast degree due to his Kryptonian physiology's ability to absorb, store and process yellow solar radiation. Superman's strength is dependent upon him being in reasonable proximity of a yellow sun. Superman retains his strength if he has absorbed and stored enough yellow solar radiation to maintain his strength when not in proximity of a yellow sun, though it will ebb as he expends energy. His cousins, Supergirl and Power Girl also has this ability when under the influence of the yellow sun as well. Wonder Woman possesses super strength granted by Demeter (Goddess of the Earth) upon her birth. She is considered to be the strongest superhero in the DC Universe after Superman and possibly Captain Marvel (Billy Batson), making her the strongest superheroine in the DC universe. Donna Troy has super strength like that of her sister Wonder Woman blessed upon her by the Titans of Myth. Wonder Girl also has strength and she was trained by the Amazons. She also is a Demi-God just like her half brother Hercules, their father being Zeus.

Superhuman Vision


Ability to see more than a normal human of a 20/20 vision. One of the most well known characters to have this ability is the "Man of Steel", Superman. Ever since his debut appearance he was always known for using his visions to get him out of trouble and usually to save Lois Lane. His cousin, Supergirl also has this ability and Power Girl. Superboy also has this ability since he was cloned from Superman's DNA in a governmental 'Project: Man of Tomorrow'. After the death of Superman, Project Cadmus with help from Lex Luthor tried to make another Superman by using his DNA. All attempts failed since it was Kryptonian DNA, but with Superman's blood fused with Lex they've created Superboy, making him the first successful clone. Also all Kryptonian when under the influence of Earth's yellow Sun has this ability. Many characters across the industry have this power, as a part of their heightened senses. Although not technically superhuman vision, as a part of his mutation, Angel's body adapted to be able to stand flying, and his eyes are able to withstand high velocities of wind and are able to see certain things in the distance. Some characters even have the ability to see things on a molecular or a sub-atomic level, examples of these characters being the Silver Surfer and Captain Universe. Many other characters have this power too, for example the Black Panther, who's powers were granted to him by the Panther God, and M and Warpath who gained their powers through mutation.

Martial Combat

Wonder Woman

Ability to maintain their performance and hone their fighting abilities, they should be in peak human condition and retain all of their training. Characters who are proficient in advanced forms of hand-to-hand combat, Martial Arts and has been trained to be proficient in the use of various forms of weaponry, including the staff, broadsword, etc. In the DCU Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Donna Troy and the Amazons are said to be some of the best fighters and warriors in the DCU and Wonder Woman herself is the best of them. Wildcat has served as a mentor to many younger heroes including Batman and Black Canary. in Marvel some of the best fighters Steve Rogers, Wolverine, Iron Fist, Blade and Moondragon. Some of Marvel's top and peak human condition fighters, known for their own style of hand-to-hand martial arts.

Night Vision

Doctor Mid-Nite

Ability to see clearly in darkness. Owl and Doctor Mid-Nite has this ability. In the Marvel Universe, Owl is the enemy of Spider-Man and Daredevil who possess the ability of an Owl to be able to see at night. In the DC universe, Doctor Mid-Nite possess the ability to see in the dark. After losing his sight, Doctor Mid-Nite is able to see spectrums of light during the night time by using special infra-red lenses. Spider-Man also has this ability and knows where to go by using his Spider-Sense. Dracula also has this ability since he is part vampire and bat and bats are nocturnal. Nightcrawler also has this ability. Wolf Cub a member of the New X-Men has this ability because of his enhanced super senses. Wolverine and Sabretooth also has this power due to their enhance senses. Vampirella also has this power even though she isn't nocturnal. She has all of the powers of a regular vampire but not their weaknesses. Werewolf By Night has this ability since he is a lycanthrope, meaning that at night when there is a full moon Jack Russel can turn into a werewolf. When changed into a werewolf he has this ability since werewolf's only attack and come out at night . X-23 also has this ability since she is a clone of Wolverine. Gaining this ability through having animalistic senses. Alucard also has this ability due making him a weapon against the creatures of the night. Alucard is a vampire giving him the ability to see in the dark because he has enhanced super senses and also that he could turn into a bat. Wild Child also has this ability due to his mutancy giving him superhuman senses. Catseye also has this power due to her mutancy where she's is able to turn into a cat or a human panther hybrid. This ability gives her keen senses which she could use to see in complete darkness.

X-Ray Vision

Lar Gand

Ability to see through solid objects through different layers. The most well known character to have this ability is Superman. Superman uses his X-Ray visions to see through buildings and walls. His power of X-Ray vision though can't be used to see through lead walls. At first Superman when first learning about and trying to use his powers was only able to see through clothing usually to see Lois underwear but as time progressed he was able to control this power. In the Marvel Universe a villain named Peepers has this power. He uses this power to watch his opponents moves so he can com to a plan to win. Lar Gand also have this superpower. Lar Gand is a member of the Legion of Superheros who was a member of the nearby planet Daxam. Daxam is neighbor planets to Earth and where Krypton once was. Lar Gand went to Krypton and when told of the planets destruction by Jor-El left and was in suspended animation until his arrival on Earth. Earth is where he will become one of Superboy's friend. Closely being related to Kryptonians, Lar Gand has Superman's and Superboy's powers when under the influence of Earth's yellow Sun. Lar Gand name would be Mon-El closely resembling Clark's. Power Girl has this ability. Superboy also has this ability. Supergirl has this ability. Normally it is quite common to see a character take advantage of x-ray vision at first, as seen when heterosexual males usually use it to view the undergarments or the naked body of another female. This is portrayed in various movies too.

Telescopic/Microscopic Vision

Power Girl

Ability to magnify vision to various levels, either to see clearly things in long distances or to examine things closely than normal humans can't notice. Power Girl has this ability. Superman also has this ability which he uses usually to get Lois out of trouble. Supergirl has this power. Superboy also this power. Superman-Prime also has this power since he is Superman's counterpart which is under the influence of energy from Ion and an Oan. Superboy-Prime also has this ability. Cyborg Superman also has this ability. When Hank Henshaw was returning from space he encountered radiation from a storm, when back on Earth could feel the effects of the radiation slowly killing him. As his physical body had died his consciousness had been turned to energy and was put into the machine he had been working at. Gaining control of the machinery he was able to make a robotic body he could function with. He found his way to Superman's birthing matrix and made it his new body so he could travel space again, absorbing the knowledge of the universe, thus becoming a Cyborg Superman. Hyperion all the different version has this ability as well. During the periods when Hyperion was sightless, Hyperion wore special glasses that was able to give Hyperion the ability to see giving Hyperion radar vision. Wolverine also has this ability and is able to see thing normal humans can't due to his his enhanced super senses. The Sentry, one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe has this power. He also has heightened super senses.


Spider-Man: The Wall Crawler

Ability to cling to objects or surfaces allowing the user to climb on it. The most well known person to have this ability is the web-head Spider-man. After getting bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker was given spider like qualities. No one knows how Spider-Man was given the ability in which he is able to cling on to items and can crawl on walls but their is a theory that his wall crawling power is similar to a certain spider that emits very thin strands of hair on it's feet, allowing it to cling on all kinds of surface including glass. No matter how smooth or slippery a surface may be, Spidey can attach himself to the surface. Another character that possess this power is Anole. Other character's who have this ability gets it through different mean such as: objects, being bitten, or by accident. Vixen has this ability given to her by the Tantu Totem. With this object she possess animal like qualities and of which she can gain this power. Animal Man has this power too. After a day of shooting, Buddy would discover an alien ship so radioactive that it instantly killed him. As a new opportunity to experiment on humans, the aliens reconstructed Buddy's body with morphogenetic grafts. Giving Buddy the ability to use the powers of any animal on Earth. Anole also have this power due to his reptilian mutation. Nightcrawler has this ability and can hang on to any surface.


Aquaman: King Of The Seven Seas

Ability to respirate through water in lieu of a gaseous medium or extract oxygen from water through gills. The most well known characters to have this ability is Aquaman and Namor. In the DC universe Aquaman is unequaled in the water. He can do anything in the water and is part human and fish. Also Aquaman's sidekick Aqualad also has this ability. Superman also has the ability to hold his breathe for long periods of time making him able to be under water for hours. In the Marvel universe, Namor is able to do the same things as Aquaman and is able to live in water and as well as on land for large periods of time. Namor gained this ability because of his mutancy. Aspen who is a marine biologist also have this ability. She can manipulate water into any way she wants and naturally has five times the lung capacity of an Olympic swimmer. This is also due to her unique heritage of being a hybrid of the Black and Blue race. Darwin have this ability. He is the friend of Captain Bridger and is a companion of Sea Quest. Darwin has this ability since he is a dolphin, but he is able to speak due to a technological object by his brilliant friend Lucas. Animal Man also has this power since he can mimic the power of any animal he wants. He can breathe under water but he doesn't need any gills. He could also breath underwater if he wants to by creating gills if needed. Storm has demonstrated the ability to separate water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen via electrolysis, allowing her to breathe underwater. Marrina a member of the alien race Plodex, and the teams: Alpha Flight and The Avengers, also have this ability due to her Plodex DNA. She is the wife of Namor and she can also swim at speeds that rival her husband. Namora the cousin of Namor also have this ability and have this ability due to her mutancy. She also has all of his powers as well.

Mental and Knowledge-Based Abilities

Innate Capability

Forge: The Inventor

Ability to naturally have skills and or knowledge typically earned through learning. Forge has a variation of this ability, allowing him to have the knowledge to be able to build anything. Something just has to be mentioned to Forge, and apparently he can see the design and blue prints for it in his mind. This variation is called intuitive genius or intuitive inventor. This ability is also possessed by Box and Laslo Maqzel. Another variation is possessed by Sylar, who is able to view something and know how it works instantly. This variation is called intuitive aptitude. Another variation is the ability to know the meaning of a language as soon as you see it. This ability was possessed by Doug Ramsey, the New Mutant known as Cypher. If he encountered a language he did not understand, he would simply know what it said. This ability is known as omnilinguim or intuitive language. Yet another variation called intuitive operation is possessed by the Spider-Man foe, Razorback, who is instantly able to operate any vehicle he comes across.

Eidetic Memory/Photographic Memory/Total Recall

Sage: Has a mind of a Computer

Ability to recall any memory perfectly. The possessor of this ability can recall any sound, event, thought and so on and so forth, exactly how they experienced it. This would allow them to read a book in a matter of seconds by flicking through it or allow them to remember birthdays, phone numbers and others without help. This also means that they can see and remember everything down to the last detail. Charlie Andrews had the ability to recall memories perfectly, but her gift was also a curse as she was able to remember the car crash she and her parents were in when they died while she was a baby. Sadly, she was killed Sylar who stole her gift. Sage, a member of the X-Men (at one point), has the power of total recall. This power works well with her other powers such as cyberpathy and her superhuman multi-tasking. Powerful telepaths, such as Jean Grey, are able to use their telepathy to totally recall a memory. In the DC Universe a person who has a photographic memory is Lex Luthor. Lex has gotten away with a lot of situation because of his memory. In a Justice League Episode, Lex remembered the layout plans for a secret governmental project and he ended up using the technology so he can get his revenge on Superman. Another person who also have this ability is Superman. He can remember every detail about anything that happens and he could also recall memorizes perfectly. Batman also has this memory and can recall events and has a photographic memory. He usually uses this skill to help him fight crime which usually gives him the upper advantage. Donna Troy has the ability to remember every version of herself, and Donna can mimic anyone's voice once she has heard it, so perfectly that it is indistinguishable from the original source.


Starfire: An Omnilingual

Ability to understand any form of language, a natural polyglot. An polyglot is a person who knows many languages or it cold also be referred to as a person as being multilingual. This can be accomplished in various ways both verbal and non verbal ways. This could also mean that a person can talk and knows more than just two or more languages. Cypher had this ability, but mostly used it to understand computers, and was therefore very good with them. Another person who has this ability is Starfire. She has this ability through lip contact (kissing) and can than understand the language of any planet's inhabitants or creature. When she first arrived to Earth she learned English by kissing Robin and has the ability to mentally or psionically learn languages but through physical contact. Even though he doesn't obtain this power through physical contact. Although they do not possess the skill of omniliguism, many superheroes are bi-lingual, meaning they have learned to speak different languages, be it through just learning or via telepathy. Many bi-linguals include Wolverine, Spider-Woman, M, Professor X, Gambit, Batman, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Deadpool, Nightcrawler, Madrox and many, many more. The TARDIS in Doctor Who constantly translates alien languages inside the heads of the Doctor and his companions, so technically the TARDIS itself if bi-lingual, but the Doctor has also been seen speaking alien languages. Due to Athena's gift to Wonder Woman, she has great wisdom and can learn languages even alien much faster than any other average human being. Agent Brand has a special form of omnilinguism, and can make her tongue form shapes ordinary humans can't, allowing her to speak alien languages that humans can't.


Mageddon: The All Knowing

Ability to know anything and everything any time. A person who has this ability is Infinity. She knows everything and has powers that can manipulate the universe cause she keeps the natural order of space. This gives her the ability to be anywhere anytime appearing in various forms. Mageddon also has this ability. Orikal possesses the Infinite Eye, and this allows him to see anything in time and space, giving him this power. It was believed at first when Layla Miller joined X-Factor that she possessed omniscience, as she constantly claimed "I'm Layla Miller. I know stuff", but later on it is hinted that she has great precognitive powers, as she says "I don't know everything. If I did, then I would say "I'm Layla Miller. I know everything"" (paraphrased slightly). It has been hinted in Doctor Who that the Doctor himself can "see time and space", although it is not completely known if this is just pre- and recognition or if it is possible omniscience.


The ability to cause paralysis in others. Possibly through the secretion of a paralytic toxin, electric stimulation, or any method other than telepathic, empathic, or pheromonal mind control.

Superhuman Intelligence

Brainiac 5: The Super Intelligent

Ability to have intelligence far above genius level. A person who has this ability is Brainiac 5. He is the descendant of the second Brainiac and is from the planet Colu. The Doctor has immense levels of intelligence, as is constantly seen when he is "scientifically babbling". He is very intuitive and is very good at thinking on the spot. The Doctor's intelligence is his main weapon, and it is probably the main thing that has kept him alive over the years (well, that and regeneration). But there is one thing that limits his knowledge use as seen recently: that he hasn't got that human edge that comes in handy in crisis's. As seen with Doctor-Donna, she claimed she was able to come up with things that he "couldn't dream of in a million years. Amadeus Cho, the seventh smartest person in the world, constantly sees things in formulas, and has been shown performing various stunts to protect himself with this, for example, taking down a helicopter that was chasing him by quickly figuring out the angle th mirror of his moped needed to be to reflect it. Another person who is consider very intelligent is Lex Luthor. In one of the Justice League Episode's when in Lex's mad attempt to reawaken Brainiac, he end up bringing back Darkseid instead. Lex is taking to a place where the Anti-Life Equation exists and the man said that only a person with a high level intelligence could make it that far. What a first seemed as if Lex mind was lost forever, he would later come back to Earth with the one thing Darkseid always wanted the most. The Anti-Life Equation. Obtaining this object would suggest that Lex has a high level of super intelligence.

Extra Sensory Perception

Spider-Man: His Spider-Senses Are Tingling

Ability to acquire information by paranormal means independent of any known physical senses or deduction from previous experience. This is also known as the sixth sense. A feeling telling you something is going to happen or if you shouldn't do something because you know there is going to be a bad outcome.

A person that has this power is Spider-Man. Spider-Man's spider sense gives him an edge because he knows that trouble is near by or if hes being lead into a trap.

Astral Projection


Ability to separate and control one's astral body to travel over distances while awake or meditating. A person who has this power is Aang. He is the Avatar, the last air bender who meditates for different reasons but when concentrated, he can project his body and also does this so he can enter the Spirit World. He can also see his body while he is in the Spirit World but he doesn't have any powers of what goes on in this state. He is helpless and he could die if someone was to kill him while in this mode. Marvel Girl has this power. She is one of the most powerful telekinetics in the Marvel Universe and is a very well-known astral projector. She is so powerful that she can create images in the minds of others, and even take over someones mind and put her own mind in the minds of other people. She could posses others and even create powerful illusions. With the Phoenix Force inside of her there is no limit to this power. Ravager at one point also had this power when she was able to see into the future and she projected herself and took over someone else's body. Raven has this power and when she is in this state she goes into her head which is another world where she tries to suppress her evil thoughts. Despero has this power and when trying to spread his vision that was given to him by the Flame of Py'tar, he called upon Py'tar and he sent out soldier to show the world of his "paradise". Doctor Fate has this power and he obtained it because of his magical background.

Cross-Dimensional Awareness


Ability to detect actions and events in other dimensions, a great example of this being able to break the Fourth Wall and interact with the readers. Perhaps the best example of this is Marvel Comics' Deadpool, who regularly interacts with the readers, and is aware that he himself is a comic book character. Another example is She-Hulk, who once even went to a comic book store to find comics about herself to find out how to defeat a villain.

Other examples are just of characters being able to peer into other worlds such as Cloak who is constantly aware of the Darkforce Dimension, and very powerful characters such as Silver Surfer, Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Beyonder. Olivia Dunham from popular TV show "Fringe" that also has a comic book prequel published by DC, has the ability to view an alternate world during what have been called "day dreams", but this is because as a child she was injected with the drug Cortexiphan, and it is possible that others that have been injected with the same drug are able to view other worlds.


Empath: A Mutant

Ability to read or sense the emotions or control the emotions or feelings of others. The mutant Empath has mastered his ability, and controls it telepathically (or so its suggested) because it has said that he uses his mind to over-ride the sub section of another's mind that controls emotions. It is unknown if this is how all empaths powers work. Empath did misuse his power, on more than one occasion, but the most known misuse of his power was when he used it to manipulate the emotions of Magma, and to this day, she is paranoid when in his presence, fearing he is still manipulating her. Cordelia Frost, sister of Emma Frost, is a very powerful empath, and although she hasn't appeared in many comics, she has been shown to perform amazing feats with this ability, including using it to communicate with others. Lockheed and Falcon's falcon possess some degree of empathy, allowing them some form of communication with humans. Peter Petrelli's mimicry power has been dubbed "empathic mimicry", suggesting that he uses empathy to copy powers. Luna Maximoff's power of empathy works in a different way, and she is able to view someone's emotions in various different colors. Meggan's power of empathy effect her other powers, in ways such as: her emotional state can cause her elemental powers to effect the environment around her, and if she is feeling a strong emotion towards someone she can morph into them. Wonder Woman was granted by Athena. (Goddess of Wisdom) empathy so that she can detects others' emotions, and most forms of mind control will not work on her either.


The Powerful Dr. Fate

Ability to see and communicate with the dead. The Charmed Ones have this ability. The Charmed Ones are a family of witches who has the power to see the dead and communicate with them in order to get a better understanding of them or if a presence is there because the ghost isn't able to move on.

People usually of magical backgrounds have this power. Doctor Fate has this power because of his magical knowledge. He can communicate with the dead using spells and he did this one time in a Justice League Unlimited episode when he was trying to bring Grundy's soul back to life.


Blindfold: The Blind Prophet

Ability to perceive the future. It may be expressed in vague dreams while asleep, other times it can be clear and can occur at will. It may also be: used as a form of "danger sense" to show the user that they are being threatened and from what direction it is coming from. Blindfold, a student of the X-Men is a very adept precog. Her visions come in handy from time to time, but she doesn’t seem to be able to change them at the moment. However, Blindfold isn’t the best at informing others of her visions and is often very cryptic. Another cryptic precog is Layla Miller, but she is very different, and views the universe differently because of it usually. Layla doesn’t always disclose the information she receives, as she claims that she will be struck down if she does. In the “ Buffyverse”, Buffy Summers and other Slayers such as Faith receive prophetic visions warning them of oncoming dangers. Destiny is a very well known precog, and is well known for writing her visions down and creating “ Destiny’s Diaries”, a series of well sought after books in the X-Men’s universe as they usually detail events of relevance to future events concerning them.


Dream Girl: Having A Vision

Premonition is a variation or a sub-skill of sorts of precognition. Unlike precognition, premonitions are normally about one certain thing, and are normally very short, and sometimes, the possessor might have to touch something to receive a premonition. Premonition isn't a power that seems to be constantly on, and a possessor isn't always able to receive one when they want one. Dream Girl has this power and in her dreams she has the power to see whats going to happen in the future. In the “ Buffyverse”, there is the concept of “The Visions”, created as a warning of dangerous upcoming events and shows innocents in danger, this able to warn their Champions so they can go to work. The first host of these visions that we witnessed was Allen Francis Doyle, a half demon, but they were passed on to Cordelia Chase, and because she was human, she experienced tremendous pain. She was later changed into half a demon so she could continue to help people and live. Before she died, she passed them onto Angel who had one final vision that motivated him for the rest of the season.


Cibopaths, like Tony Chu, have the ability to psychically view the history of any food they eat. Eating an apple would allow him to see the origin of the apple, such as the farmer that planted it and so on. Eating meat does the same also showing how the animal was killed and prepared.


Acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of feeling.


Acquires information by paranormal auditory means.


Form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of smelling.


Form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of intrinsic knowledge.


Form of extra-sensory perception that allegedly allows one to taste a substance without putting anything in one's mouth.

Remote viewing

Is the purported ability for a person to gather information on a remote target that is hidden from the physical perception of the viewer and typically separated from the viewer at some distance, a form of extra-sensory perception.

Anomalous cognition

Purported transfer of information to a subject through means other than the 5 traditional senses.


Supernatural power of seeing objects or actions removed in space or time from natural viewing.


Ability to relate details about the past or future condition of an object, person or location, usually by being in close contact with it.


Technopaths are beings who possess the superpower to manipulate or interact with technology, a feat which can yield various other powers as well. Cyberpathy is the power to mentally interface with computers usually through implants. One of truest technopaths was a young girl named Network who capable of communicating with and manipulating all forms of electronics. Some technopaths such as Black Box can retain all the information they glean using their superpowers. Coldblood, a cyborg can interface with most computers thanks to his enhancements. Serafina, a member of the Children of the Vault, has the ability to connect with and utilize any technology she needs for her purposes. Sage, whose mind is like that of a computer, has artificial technopathy as she wears special glasses that can allow her to interact with computers and other technology. Iron Man has limited technopathy as he can communicate with his armor, sending it commands through brain signals, he has become one with it. Omega Sentinel is part human and part machine, making her what some might consider, to be the perfect technopath as she is a part of both groups (technological entity and mutant). In the DC Universe, there exists one of the most powerful technopaths, Cyborg Superman, who uses technology as hosts to his essence, now that he no longer has a body. A highly-advanced technopath is The Drummer who sees everything in the form of patterns, allowing him to decode beings, technology and even magic. Angela Spica the second Engineer is a technopath who is capable of doing almost anything she imagines mainly connecting herself to machines. Another young child with technopathic powers is Micah Sanders who can communicate with and ask machines to do things for him.


Emma Frost: Using My Head

Telepathy is the ability to read, possess, control (and so on and so forth) minds. Telepathy is probably one of the most well-known powers in the comic book industry, frequently used throughout it. Telepaths power can range anywhere from possessing mass populations to just using it to communicate. Professor X is a well known and powerful telepath, but rarely (or he didn't use to) use his power to force people to do anything, as he believed in the right of free will. Jean Grey, who was a very powerful psionic mutant, first developed this power before her telekinesis, when her best friend was hit by a car and Jean connected with her mind, a process that nearly killed her. So, because she was unable to cope with both powers at such a young age (telekinesis and telepathy), Professor X placed mental blocks in her mind so she couldn't access her telepathy (which she didn't know she had), and later on, he activated it, and Jean Grey is one of the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel Universe, and it is believed that one day she will surpass even Professor X himself. Jean has been shown to use her power in more forceful ways, such as when she tore through the mental defenses of Emma Frost after she caught her having an affair with her wife, Cyclops. Emma Frost, while also being a well experienced and powerful telepath (but not as powerful as the two above), Emma used to use her powers all the time to get what she wanted, but now as a member of the X-Men and a teacher, she uses them more skillfully, being shown to be able to defeat the more powerful Rachel Grey with her skill. Rachel Grey, daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey from an alternate reality, possesses raw telepathic power, but lacks the skill in using it. Other offsprings of Cyclops and Jean Grey (or a clone of Jean), whether they be from an alternate reality or not, have been seen to possess immense psionic powers ( Cable & X-Man). The Stepford Cuckoos, who are able to form a hive mind between them, are also immensely powerful telepaths, especially when together. Although maybe not as powerful as these characters, M is still an experienced telepath, but normally to use effective measures of the ability requires physical contact. As a result of his mutant power manifesting and blowing half his face and his chest off, Chamber had the ability to communicate via telepathy, although he could not do anything else with this power. Matt Parkman's ability started off as the ability to "read minds", but it has progressed to the point where he can implant and send thoughts.

Illusion Casting

The ability to alter the perceptions of others.

Astral Trapping

Shadow King

Ability to cause an astral projection to stay on the astral plane, usually in one specific place.

Memory Manipulation

Ability to erase or enhance the memories of another.

Mind Control

Ability to control the actions or reasoning of another with the mind.

Psionic Blasts

Ability to overload another's mind causing pain, memory loss, loss of consciousness, vegetative state or death after having created a psionic link into that person's mind.


Ability to take control of another person’s body via astral projection or mind transfer.

Psychic weapons

Ability to create a weapon of psychic energy that can harm mentally and not physically.


X-Man: A Powerful Telekinetic

This is the power to both control and manipulate materials with the mind, this usually means in the form of moving however it can be such things as creating force fields or transforming atoms themselves. In general, telekinetics are the most powerful beings in existence as they have the power to manipulate matter and/or energy, the fundamental forces of the universe. One of the most powerful telekinetics in the Marvel Universe is Jean Grey/ Dark Phoenix who has had her powers enhanced to cosmic levels by the Phoenix Force. The Phoenix Force's hosts are often gifted telekinetics, including the drug-addicted youth, Kid Omega. Another way for one to become a powerful telekinetic is through cloning or inheriting the trait. Such is the case of Madelyne Pryor (the clone of Jean Grey) and X-Man (the son of Jean Grey) who also happen to both be creations of Mr. Sinister, a fellow telekinetic. A telekinetic who has potential to be one of the greatest is the young mutant, Hellion who often uses his powers to create force fields. Telekinetics are also commonly telepaths, as they have mastery over the mind and are provided with various abilities, such as Psylocke. There are also telekinetics who are limited to only manipulating certain things, like Magneto, who can only manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum. In the DC Universe, notable telekinetics include Psimon and Raven who are both skilled psychics. Then there is Terra whose telekinesis is limited to effecting earth, though in itself is still a formidable force. One who is very adept at using his telekinesis, so precisely that he can slice off the top of one's skull without damaging their brain is Sylar. Sylar now uses his telekinesis to obtain more superpowers but it has remained his trademark ability. His nemesis, Peter Petrelli, is now also an experienced telekinetic thanks to his ability to use empathic power mimicry...and so this ability usually emerges in times of hatred and rage. In the Star Wars universe, telekinesis is what sets the most powerful beings apart from the ordinary civilians. By using the Force (either Light or Dark sides of it) The Sith and the Jedi Order can move objects with their mind, the size of the objects they can move differs quite extensively. A specialized telekinetic whose powers are still vast is Aspen who has complete control over water, enough that which she can seemingly control it without a thought.

Manipulating Fundamental Forces or Reality

Air/Wind Manipulation (Aerokinesis)

Crystal: Summoning the Elements

Ability to control, generate, or absorb air or wind. As part of their atmokinetic powers, Thor and Storm can control the air, the latter often creating mini tornadoes to inflict damage and manipulating the air current to allow her to fly. Renascence, formally the mutant Wind Dancer, used her power in many ways but is probably best known for using it to allow her to here distant conversations etc. Crystal uses her power in sync with her other powers, creating a variety of tornadoes. Meggan also has this power, but uses it in sync with all of her other powers. Airbenders have the ability to bend air, basically manipulating, examples being: Aang and Avatar Roku. There are also animals who can airbend, the Flying Bison and the Winged Lemur, specific examples being: Appa and Momo.


Ability to bring inanimate objects to life or to free a person from petrification.

Concussion Beams

Ability to generate or transform various forms of energy into a "solid" or concussive beam of energy.

Darkness/Shadow Manipulation (Umbrakinesis)

Ability to create or manipulate darkness, often by mentally accessing a dimension of dark energy and manipulating it.

Density Control

Vision: Mind Your Chest

Ability to increase the natural density of an object and/or one's self. This gives the possessor various powers that can range from intangibility (see below) to super strength. Vision of the Avengers is well known for possessing this ability, normally using it to make his hand intangible, phasing it into his opponent's chest and solidifying it causing them tremendous pain. He can lower his density so he can fly and become intangible, and higher his density so he could gain superhuman strength. Moonstone can use her gravity manipulation powers to alter her density. Although they aren't technically able to control their density, phasers (superhumans who can turn intangible) are able to switch from a solid state to an intangible state, switching between densities.

Death Touch


Ability to disintegrate, kill or harm matter through touch. Wither, the New X-Man viewed his power to do this as a curse, thinkinghe could only hurt people with it. When he would touch an organic, and it had to be organic, being or object, it would, well wither. A great example of the effects of Wither's power was shown in the pages of New X-Men #20. Wither rushed out of his room, and believing he lost his mutant power, he grabbed Laurie Collins ( Wallflower) arm, only to have it begin to wither. Jay Guthrie ( Icarus) quickly pushed him away and luckily her arm was still there. But later, after Josh Foley ( Elixir) tries to heal it, Laurie states that there isn't anything left to heal. Another person with a death touch (of sorts) is Rogue. When Rogue touches a person, she instantly adsorbs their life force, slowly killing them. If she touches another superhuman, she is able to adsorb/replicate their ability, leaving them without this ability for a period of time. If she touches a superhuman for long enough, she can adsorb/replicate this power permanently, and possibly even kill the person. Bob Bishop has the ability of transmutation, but he has only been seen using this ability through contact with an object, and has been seen using it to kill. He once used it as a torture weapon by turning several appendages of a man to gold, causing incredible pain, and then, used it to turn his whole body to gold, killing the man.

Energy Blasts

Cyclops: Using Full Power

Ability to expel various forms of energy from the body. Cyclops a leader of the X-Men has this power. Cyclops is a mutant who has the ability to absorb solar energies as use it as energy blasts by converting it into powerful optic blasts. He can push or destroy objects with his blasts and with his r uby quartz visor he could control how much or wide he wants the power of his blasts. Cyclops brother Havok also has this power. Havok has the power to absorb cosmic energy into his cells and transform it into hot plasma. Unlike his brother his energy blasts are used through his hands instead of his eyes. Havok also can control the amount of power he wants to use which could be used simply to knock a person down or to cause an object to explode. The Ray also has this power and he uses it by absorbing light. He can also store light so that he can use them in a number of ways and can create destructive blasts of energy radiation. Jubilee before being de-powered was able generate colorful explosive plasma energy blasts through her hands as any shape having different effects on the targets. The Silver Surfer who was given his powers to by Galactus has this power. He can manipulate the ambient cosmic energies of the universe and use them in any which way he chooses. His power comes from his board and he can manipulate energy into powerful blasts. Iron Man can also create energy blasts that are released through his hands by his power suit. Starfire also has this ability due to her transmutation and can release energy blast through her eyes or hands. He energy blasts are known as "Star Bolts" and are very powerful. Her blasts can break through solid concrete walls and this power was gained by the experiments s he was forced to endure by the Psions. Since it was known that Tamaraneans could absorb energy the experiments was able to make her absorb energy to where she could use them through her hands and eyes. Doctor Doom is considered to have this ability to a certain extent. Being quite good at sorcery, he is able to use magic to create magical energy blasts. Cerise also has this ability when she directs energy so she can use them as energy blasts. Big Barda also has this ability to a certain extent. When using her Mega-Rod she is able to unleash powerful blasts .

Energy Constructs

Green Lantern Corps

Ability to create complex shapes or even functional machinery out of solid energy. One of the well known people to have this power is the Green Lantern Corps. All Green Lantern's have this ability to create objects from using energy from their power rings. The ring is only limited by the thoughts of it's user and can be used to create machine's and objects during battle. Another person who has this ability is Cerise. She has the ability to create objects form of red energy spectrum. She also used her powers to create objects like swords, force fields, shields, funnels, and more. She once even used this energy to fly a whole broken Sentinel holding her friends within, across the Atlantic Ocean as a means of disguise. Doctor Doom also has this power. Being skilled in magic, Doom has managed to use magic so that he can hold his enemies and could create shields of magical energy. Big Barda has this ability and is able to manipulate space at her will. She could use this to be able to teleport, reshape, or even transform or animate matter. Jade has this power. Star Sapphire has this ability, as a possesser of a Power Ring. Cyborg Superman would have this power holding the power of several Green Lantern rings and quite a number of Qwardian power rings. Vulcan is able to use his his energy manipulation powers to create constructs such as force fields, as is Radioactive Man. Invisible Woman and Songbird have been seen forming very complex constructs with their powers: the first has been seen forming weapons and strong forefields of all shapes and sizes, and the latter can also form many shapes, but usually forms wings that allow her to fly.

Energy Conversion

Dazzler: What A Light Show...

Ability to absorb one form of energy and convert it into another form of energy. Dazzler is probably the most well known character to possess this ability, but she can only convert one type of energy to another: sound into light.

Dazzler used to use her powers to make her concerts better, projecting amazing lights shows, but after training with the X-Men, she was able to use it in more offensive and defensive ways, an example being that she was able to shoot harmful light beams from her finger tips.

Energy Form

Proteus: A Being of Energy

The ability to turn into a being of pure energy. Many characters are able to use this as a form of self-destruction/resurrection. Nitro is able to charge himself until exploding in a similar manner (this is how he caused the destruction of Stamford, Connecticut) and re-form willingly after. The Sentry was usually witnessed pulling himself back together after death in a bundle of golden light. Marvel character Proteus, with his ability to bend reality, had a energy form, and was invulnerable to everything but metal which was able to disperse his form, and was able to use this form to possess others. New Son, a future and more powerful version of Gambit, was a being of pure energy and had great control over this. During her rise to a status of a goddess, Selene possessed a huge glowing body of blue energy.

Energy Manipulation

Sentry: The Golden Guardian of Good

The ability to generate, convert and manipulate energy of all forms. Vulcan has complete control over this power, and is even able to create barriers/shields around him and most probably other people that are strong enough to survive space (he'd also have to carry a lot of oxygen in there too). Ms. Marvel first gained this power when she was tested on by the Brood, and at first when she was Binary for the short while, she had a connection to a white hole that gave her a limitless energy supply. Nowadays, she tends to focus her energy into a beam that she calls a "photon blast" absorbs energies that her foes use to battle her. The Sentry, a very powerful being, also has this ability, and tends to use it in synch with his superhuman strength, creating devastating blows when he punches his enemies. Karolina Dean, because she is a Majesdanian, can adsorb solar radiation and unleash it into various multi-colored things, including beams and barriers/shields. Starfire can manipulate energy by absorbing it and using it as energy blasts which are released from her eyes and hands. Cyclops also have this ability. He manipulates solar radiation from the sun and uses it through his eyes as beams. Galactus also have this power and manipulates cosmic energies at his will. The Silver Surfer also has this ability due to his power being given to him by Galactus: The Devourer of Planets. The Dark Phoenix also have this power due to the Phoenix Force, the possessed Jean Grey an omega-level mutant has the power to manipulate energy at her will making her one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe.

Earth Manipulation (Terra/Geokinesis)


Ability to control earth; sand, stone, rock, lava, dirt, or minerals even geothermal activities. Magma mainly uses this ability to manipulate magma and lava, as this power works well with her other, pyrokinesis. Crystal and Meggan, althought two different characters, use this power in sync with others. Petra used her ability mainly to raise gigantic rocks and smash them into enemies, and was even seen using it to turn rock to diamond. Rockslide is able to reform himself from earth (see reformation above). Terra used her ability as a form of travel, flying about on a large piece of rock. Sandman is specifically only able to manipulate sand. Jack Hawksmoor, using his connection to a city, is able to manipulate earth, but he tends to use various other abilities. He used his ability to manipulate the earth and the other materials in the city to turn it into the "Tokyo Giant". Earthbenders are able to manipulate earth, and it is one of the four bending disciplines. Toph has a different kind of Earthbending though, and uses her’s to “see with her feet” using the vibrations in the earth to see. She can earthbend normally too.

Electric Manipulation (Electrokinesis)


Ability to control, generate or absorb electricity. Storm, although her powers are generated from her atmokinesis, is able to adsorb, re-direct and generate lighting (Note: She can only do this with lightning, and no other form of electricity). Thor is able to do the same thing with his weather powers. Surge has a form of electrokinesis, where she adsorbs it and is able to discharge it into electric blasts or it allows her to run at very high speeds.Surge has to wear special gauntlets that stop her from adsorbing electricity, as she constantly does all the time. Mr. M, using his molecule manipulating powers, has been able to generate lightning. Namor has the power to discharge an electric type blast, similar to that of an electric eel. Very skilled Firebenders, such as Uncle Iroh, Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Azula, are able to use the ability of "Lightning bending", which involves using their Firebending to generate and manipulate lightning. This takes a lot of skill, and the person must have complete absence of emotion. Lightning in the show is called the "cold blooded fire". Elle Bishop, has complete control over her ability of electrokinesis and is able to direct them into blasts that can cause unconsciousness, or she can fire full blown blasts that kill. Elle's blasts can even be intense enough to cause flame, and she claims that once she set her grandmother's house on fire. Peter Petrelli mimicked this ability from Elle. Jenny Sparks, before she died, had the ability of electrokinesis on a vast scale, but she was unable to produce her own electricity. Although not technically electrokinesis, some characters such as Spider-Woman and Namor, can generate bio-electricity that they are able to use to fire at opponents.

Fire Manipulation (Pyrokinesis)

The Human Torch: FLAME ON!

The ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate, control or absorb fire. Pyrokinesis is probably the most well known and most popular elemental power. Crystal and Meggan use this power in synch with their other powers, Crystal with her other elemental powers and Meggan with her other elemental powers and her metamorphing and empathy. The Human Torch has the ability of pyrokinesis, and he himself is immune to fire and any levels of high temperature. When using his ability, he tends to shout "FLAME ON!" which has become a famous slogan. When using his powers, the Torch's body tends to be engulfed in flames, and it's speculated that this is the power that also allows him to fly, by using the flames to pick him up. The Phoenix Force , the cosmic being, is created of "cosmic fire" and gives it's hosts the abilty to manipulate this "cosmic fire". One of the personalities of the crazy powerful mutant Legion possessed the ability of pyrokinesis. A multiple personality of Typhoid Mary also possessed this ability. Magma is able to use this power in synch with her terrakinesis so she can manipulate lava/magma and engulf herself in a "magma form". Match, a student of the Xavier Institute, is constantly engulfed in flame and normally projects flame from his hands. Pyro, before he died, could manipulate fire, but not generate it. He wore a backpack of sorts that generated fire, which was led through pipes strapped to his wrists and he could manipulate it when released. Meredith Gordon, mother of Claire Bennet possesses this ability, and when the Company tried to "Bag and Tag" her, she set fire to the building she was in. She also is immune to her ability. Firebenders from Avatar: The Legend Of Aang/The Last Airbender are able to "fire bend". In the show, Firebending is one of the four bending disciplines. Well known Firebenders are Zuko, Fire Lord Ozai, Azula and Iroh.


Mr. Immortal

The ability to live "forever". Many characters claims to possess this ability however that isn't quite true as many are either immune to aging but are able to die in other ways or other reasons. One person however who does possess the true form of this ability is Mr. Immortal, who is unable to die no matter what (a fact that Deadpool has used for entertainment in the past). It was thought that the Sentry was immortal after many resurrection after deaths by characters such as Molecule Man, however he met his demise at Thor's hand (or should I say hammer). Vampires in most mediums are portrayed as being immortal, usually the type that are immune to aging, such as Angel from the Buffyverse, Dracula from the Marvel Universe or Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse universe. Many gods are usually portrayed as being immortal, such as the Norse and Greek gods in the Marvel Universe, however it has been proven that age immunity seems to be their type of the power, and not the true version. Many people attribute immortality to characters with healing factors, however this is not a class of it.

Light Manipulation

Invisible Woman's Power are Derived from Bending Light

Ability to control, generate or absorb photons. The character most probably well known for this ability is the Invisible Woman. While at first it was only thought that she only had the power of invisibility it was later revealed that she could create force fields, and then it was revealed that this was all through the power of light manipulation. Invisible Woman has complete control over her power, and is probably the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four. She can make just herself or others invisible. She can generate incredibly powerful force fields, enough to withstand one of the Hulk's punches, and she can reform these force fields create force blasts of sorts. She can generate force fields to knock people back, use it to lift and move objects and as a method of transport, create disks or a forcefield around her that allows her to move through the air. She can even use them to form weapons such as swords. Northstar and Aurora, when they were first introduced, could make contact and generate blinding flashes of light. Later, Northstar was able to do this himself, and create force blasts or blast light that can cause concussion. Recently, they have been seen to generate light when in contact with each other again, allowing them to blind Frenzy temporarily. Although Dazzler can't directly manipulate light, she can convert sound into light, releasing it in various different ways. Energy manipulators such as Vulcan, Ms. Marvel and the Sentry can also generate light, most commonly while blasting energy blasts.

Magnetism Manipulation (Magnokinesis)

Polaris : Mistress of Magnetism

Ability to control or generate magnetic fields. Magneto is probably the best known charcter to possess this ability in all of comics, dubbing himself “The Master of Magnitism”. Magneto is an Omega Level Mutant and is very a very powerful magnokinetic. He is also very creative in the ways he uses his powers such as creating forcefields, raising and reconstructing Asteroid M and holding it in Earth’s orbit and controlling radiation in the electromagnetic wavelength. Magneto’s daughter, Polaris, also has the ability of magnitism manipulation, but is much less powerful than her father, but powerful none the less. She lost her magnetic abilities originally after M-Day, but Apocalypse’s technology wired to her nervous system replicates her original ability and she is now more powerful than ever, and has been seen using her powers to restrain powerful combatants such as Vulcan, move and shield a spaceship, hold a ceiling up below an ocean and remove a chip from a Skrull’s brain. In DC Doctor Polaris and Cosmic Boy (as well as all from his home planet) are the most famous users of this power.

Matter Manipulation

Mass Manipulation

Ability to increase or decrease mass in an object or person.

Molecular Manipulation

Ability to mentally manipulate molecules and objects on a molecular level. Mole


The ability to communicate with, manipulate, and/or reanimate the dead


Kitty Pryde: Phasing

Intangibility or phasing is the ability to pass through a solid object. People with this power are able to push their atoms through the spaces of that of solid objects. Perhaps the character best known for having this power is Kitty Pryde. She can use her powers to a wide range of effects, such as walking on air (this is done automatically when she phases, otherwise she would fall through the floor(she can use this ability to ascend and descend too)). It is possible to use phasing as an offensive power, by phasing someone into a solid object, stop phasing, causing their atoms/molecules to fuse. Another known possesser of intangibility is D.L. Hawkins. Some powerful telekinetics, such as X-Man are able to use their telekinesis on a atomic/molecular level allowing them to use this ability to force they're atoms through that of a solids, allowing them to phase. People with density control can alter their density allowing them to become intangible. Loa, a student of the Xavier Institute is able to phase, but the object crumbles/disintegrates after she has passed through it.

Plant Manipulation (Chlorokinesis)

Poison Ivy

Ability to accelerate the growth of, control or animate plant life. Perhaps the most well-known prime new age character to possess this power is Klara Prast. Klara is from 1907, and was rescued from her abusive husband by the Runaways after Karolina witnessed the use of her powers and followed her. Klara describes her ability as “talking to [the plants]”, which is clear when she gives them verbal commands and they obey, althought this isn’t always required. It is obvious that Klara’s emotions are tied to her ability, because despite her great control over the ability, it is obvious that sometimes they overide her control. Another character with this power is Black Tom Cassidy, or at least he had it previously. Cassidy was a very powerful chlorokinetic, and gradually as his powers grew transformed into a mobile tree, and was able to reform if he was destroyed. Cassidy was also much more brutal with the use of his power, and once used it to break every bone in Squid-Boy’s body. Cornelia Hale also has this ability, but it extends beyond living plants. She is also able to control wood and use it very effectively.

Plasma Manipulation

Characters who can produce external plasma. Usually used for the purpose of pyrotechnic blasts.

Probability Alteration

Black Cat

Ability to alter probability, causing unlikely things to happen or likely things to not happen. This was the Scarlet Witch’s natural mutant ability was this and she was able to cause chaos for many using it, and would dispel this in the form of hex bolts, and her powers were later augumented by her trained magical powers. She has caused everything from the spontaeneous melting of a gun barrel to the explosion of a gas station. Another character with this ability is a Black Cat, which turned out to be a latent mutant ability, that was activated through scientific experiments conducted on the character. Similar to Scarlet Witch, Black Cat could make guns jam etc. But, Cat’s power had a side affect, which involved accidently affecting the luck of anyone who’s in her vicinity for too long, causing it to turn bad. Doctor Strange then lifted her ability magically.

Radiation Manipulation

Radiactive Man: BOOM!

Ability to generate, manipulate or have immunity to toxic radiation. Starfire has this ability and can absorb any kind of radiation without having any effect on her. Radioactive Man is able to manipulate radiation on a wide scale, using it to various degrees and effects such as creating forcefields or dosing car engines with small levels of radiation, causing them to explode. Ted Sprague was a lot less adept in using his ability. Over the course of their relationship, Sprague was accidently (not knowing he had this power) releasing low levels of radiation, and although not strong enough to kill her instantly, it caused her to get radiation cancer, that eventually killed her. Other times, Ted, if angry or injured, would exploded causing high levels of damage. Once after being told not to "burn hot" but to "Burn bright.", Ted was even able to produce an E.M.P, causing a power failure at the Primatech Paper, Odessa, Texas facility.

Reality Warping

And With Three Little Words...

Ability to change or manipulate reality itself. The Scarlet Witch is known for her ''hexes'' which can affect probability, but it was revealed that her powers are manifestation of chaos magic with which she can manipulate reality. She was able to return Wonder man from the dead, create the House of M, stripped the powers of over 90 % of the mutant population and so on. Proteus, another character from the Marvel Universe, was a powerful reality bender and usually distorted reality around him into insane version of the landscapes among other feats that were attributed to his insanity. Another powerful reality warper is Mad Jim Jaspers who's universe were supposed to be destroyed because it will consume the others universes. Franklin Richards although still young is the most powerful reality warper in the Marvel Universe, surpassing even Mad Jim Jaspers. Mr. Mxyzptlk from DC is from another dimension and thus he can make everything he want. Reality warpers could be limited to probability manipulation, such as the Black Cat or Domino.

Sound Manipulation (Audiokinesis)

Ability to manipulate sound waves. Although their abilities do not completely fit the criteria, mutant Banshee and his daughter Theresa (formerly Siryn, now going by Banshee as a tribute to her deceased father). They were both able to form incredibly powerful sonic blasts, and are even capable of using them to fly. Theresa's abilities have proven to be more flexible than her father's, as she has been seen using sound to alter brain chemicals in order to seduce someone or to limit a sound to a single person's hearing. See Ruckus or Klaw.

Temperature Manipulation (Thermokinesis)

Iceman: He's As Cold As Ice!

Ability to speed up or reduce the kinetic energy of atoms and thus raising or reducing the temperature. There are normally two different types of thermokinesis: cryokinesis and zestokinesis . Cryokinesis is the ability to reduce the temperature, while zestokinesis is the ability to increase the temperature. Iceman has the ability of cryokinesis, and can reduce the temperature, this working well with his power of hydro/aquakinesis, allowing him to do various things, most commonly making ice. This power allows him to freeze the moisture in the air, allowing him to create ice slides for transport. This power can also be used offensively, as seen when Iceman froze every molecule in Legion's body. The Human Torch has the ability of zestokinesis, and can raise the temperature naturally with his fire or just raise the temperature. Equinox, a character who has both these these abilities, uses his powers in a very productive, way, using them as a way to gain superhuman strength and superhuman durability. Superman has the ability to "super-cool" air down in his lungs and then blow it out, allowing him to freeze opponents and enemies.

Time Manipulation (Chronokinesis)

Ability to affect the flow of time by slowing, accelerating or even stopping it, although in most series' the ability is rare and the individual possessing it is considered very powerful, and utilizing it can be draining.


The ability to alter chemical elements, changing them from one substance to another by rearranging the atomic structure. May be limited to self-transmutation.

Water Manipulaton (Hydrokinesis)


Ability to control, generate or absorb water. Although they don't technically have complete control over water, atmokinetics such as Storm and Thor can make it rain heavily, causing floods and such. Meggan and Crystal both use this power in synch with their others. Hydro-Man has this ability and can turn into water and manipulate it from outside sources.Hydro-Man has complete control over water, and is even able to turn his body into water, making it hard for him to be hurt, although he has been defeated through forms of separating his body and evaporation. He can reform himself from water and even use this to increase his mass levels. He can freeze or rise the temperature of his whole body or just certain appendages of it, allowing him to create ice weapons or turn to steam. He can also use his water form to squeeze through small spaces. Waterbenders, as suggested in the name, can bend water. They can also lower or rise the water's temperature, allowing them to make ice (for offensive attacks) or steam (as cover). They are even able to throw it at a high enough velocity that it can cut through solid objects. Waterbenders receive their powers from the moon, because that was how the original waterbenders learned to waterbend, by watching how the moon pushed and pulled the tide

Weather Manipulation (Atomokinesis)

Storm and Thor (clone)

Ability to control or mentally affect the weather. This includes the ability to generate various natural phenomena like rain,

tornadoes, lightning, etc. or control the intensity of the weather. Storm, a powerful mutant, described by S.H.I.E.L.D. as a "possible Omega-Level Mutant", has this ability, and is probably the best known character for possessing it. She can cause powerful rain storms, tornadoes, change temperatures, channel and generate lightning, snow, gusts of wind and more. Storm is immune to all of her powers. Storm has such control over her ability that she is able to manipulate the air around her close enough to allow her to fly. When Storm uses her powers, her eyes turn pure white. Storm has to keep her emotions under control as her emotions can affect her powers, which could potentially harm the environment in devastating ways. Storm has the potential to evolve into an "Elemental" as seen in the pages of X-Men during "The Twelve" Storyline. Thor is another well known being who possesses this power, but he doesn't possess this ability himself, rather his Mjolnir does. He is able to use it to manipulate the weather around him and even manipulate earth as recently seen. Thor usually channels lightning through the mystical hammer and uses is to attack him enemies. Weather Wizard is a lesser known character with this ability. Originally needing a wand that acted like Thor's Mjolnir he has since been able to control various affects of the weather such as lightning, rain, wind without the need of his wand.

Force Field Generation

The Silver Surfer and Galactus

Ability to project powerful fields of manipulated energy which protect the user and allies from harm, to capture or knock out foes. Green Lantern's have the ability to create force fields with their minds. They can use their rings to protect themselves and others and at the same time attack. Members such as: John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kilowog, Kyle Rayner, and Gnort are just a few. The Guardians of the Universe also have this power since they are the ones who gave the Green Lantern's their power in the first place. The Invisible Woman has this ability. Not only can she generate a force field for herself but can create one around others. Captain Britain have this power. Argent have this ability. Jean Grey has this power and creates an force field by using her mind. Enchantress has this power also due to her being a sorceress. Sailor Venus has this power. Magneto has this ability because of his years experience of practicing his mutant powers. Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps also have this power and is very similar to that of the Green Lantern Corps. Violet from The Incredibles has this power. Star Sapphire has this power and her powers are also closely related to that of the Green Lantern Corps. She creates a force field with the sapphire crystal thats on her head. Firestorm can also create his own force field. Circe also have this power since she is a Goddess. The Silver Surfer also has this ability and creates his force fields by getting power from his board. The Silver Surfer obtain his abilities when it was given to him by Galactus: The Devourer of Planets. In an attempt to save his own planet, The Silver Surfer would find planets for Galactus to eat but was given amazing powers.

Energy Absorption

Sunspot: Mutant Power Allows Him To Draw Energy From The Sun

This means that one's powers come from a much greater energy source, and means they are able to transform it into various blasts or other energies at an unlimited level. Though there are many who use energy sourcing as a way to gain superpowers, the source they use is what defines them. Heralds of Galactus such as Silver Surfer and Fallen One are nearly all-powerful however this is only because they are granted power by the Power Cosmic and dark matter, respectively. Another creation of Galactus, Tyrant, draws his power from the biospheres throughout the universe, growing weaker after every planet that his creator devours. Bishop absorbs energy, only to expel it thus it has become his superpower to expel energy. Black Bolt uses electrons as the source of his almighty power, as he can use them to create colossal effects. Sunspot, much like a photosynthetic life form, gains his power from the Sun, as it will grant him both superhuman strength and the ability to emit heat himself. The Quantum Bands grant Quasar powers nearing the level of a cosmic entity. Cannonball does not need an energy source to use his superpowers, however he can draw upon outside energy sources to strengthen himself. Ms. Marvel can increase her already formidable strength by drawing on outside sources, in her Binary form she can reach cosmic levels. Erg also absorbs whatever energy is near him, granting him the capability of releasing it at will from his right eye in the form of concussive blasts. From the DC Universe some well-know characters are those whose source of power is stars, Starman draws his power from them, in the form of mass that he can place in whatever he chooses. Even more popular are Superman, Superman Prime, Supergirl, Power Girl and all other Kryptonians who gain superpowers when on Earth thanks to its yellow sun. Starman also has this power and he does this by taking mass from stars and induce it into any object thereby making it super-heavy.


Dimensional Travel

Magik: Magic!

Ability to create wormholes, portation "discs" or other spatial portals for transport between two non-adjacent locations. Blink can deploy her power in a variety of ways. Her power is to make portals, that can allow her and the people who enter to come out another. Blink can make these portals extend over a short or vast distance. By channelling her portals into javelins, she can throw them at enemies, and when they hit, they expand to normal size, and teleport chunks of or the whole of what they've hit. Blink can even use her portals for normal hand-to-hand combat, where she punches through one portal and it comes out in a portal behind and enemy. Blink can even use her portals to re-direct attacks. Blink's name comes from the sound when she opens her portals. Pixie's spell, " Sihal Novarum Chinoth", allows her to teleport herself and multiple others at the same time to another place. Illyana Rasputin could create stepping discs that allowed teleportation, and could even create them so they'd come out in a different dimension. Abyss previously had the ability to pull things into his body, where they would be transported to the dimension of fire and brimstone. When Nightcrawler teleports, he briefly and quickly enters the dimension and fire and brimstone and then reappears wherever he needs to be. This ability is the main ability of Spiral, who can teleport herself and others fast distances and to other dimensions. Cloak can pull people and himself into his cloak which is a portal to the Darkforce Dimension, and then, like Nightcrawler, reappear at his target destination. Dr. Strange has this ability, as one of his magical talents.

Electrical transportation

Ability to travel through electrical conduits such as power lines or telephone lines. Can enter through devices such as televisions, electrical poles or computers.


Ability to be present anywhere and everywhere always


Ability to summon objects or beings for assistance.

Superhuman Speed

Fast Explosions = Speed

Ability to move at speeds faster than a normal human. The degrees of superhuman speed vary, whether it be from running about 60 mph like Spider-Man or if it's in the form of where you can run half way around the world in a few seconds. Such superhumans as Speed, Quicksilver, Northstar and Aurora are able to move at extremely fast speeds, much faster than any vehicle etc, and they can even run on water or exceed the speed of sound, without getting injured. The first is even able to use his ability to shake objects and generate special vibrations that speed up their molecules, causing them to spontaneously combust. The latter has been seen to use her super speed to move fast enough to allow her fingers to pierce a humans body in the stomach and come out their back. Quicksilver can run fast enough so he's able to walk on water. While most of these people run at these high speeds, others such as Northstar can run or fly at these speeds. While they run at these fast speeds, it is believed that everything around them appears slower, very slow in fact, as they're moving so fast. While there are these people who can move at these very high speeds, there are some who don't, but still can move fast enough for it to be classed as superhuman speed, people such as Spider-Man or Beast. Surge, a New X-Man is able to disperse her electricity in a way that allows her to run at superhuman speeds. When she runs at these speeds, her words merge together into one long one, and she tends to shout. If she uses to much electricity, she becomes sizzy and tired, and can sometimes pass out. In the DC Universe, The Flash has this power gaining them the title "The Fastest Man Alive". Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Bart Allen all have this power and are all different people taking up The Flash mantle. They all get their powers from the "Speed Force". Wally West was the only Flash that was able to tap into the full power of the " Speed Force" and was able to come back traveling at speeds that are impossible without being affected by physics. The Flash could also be able to move so fast that they could run into other dimensions.


Nightcrawler: Bamf!

The ability to move from one point to the other without entering the space in between your current space and destination. There are many variations of of teleportation, but in comics, teleportation is normally accompanied by a sound or sign or both. Blink's "blink" is one example, but perhaps the best known one is Nightcrawler's "BAMF!", and the fact that he disappears and reappears in a cloud of purple smoke, accompanied by the "BAMF!" and apparantly the smell of brimstone. Cloak is able to teleport by pulling him and others into the Darkforce Dimension and reappearing somewhere else. Pixie is able to teleport via magic (this being the only spell/magical performance she can do) by saying “Sihal Novarum Chinoth!”. Another well known teleporter is Hiro Nakamura from the television series and web-comic Heroes. Unlike the teleporters above, Hiro just disappears and reappears leaving no sign. Hiro can travel over vast distances too, and through time.

Time Travel

Hiro: Yatta!

Ability to travel back and forth through time. This does not include the ability to travel through space to, thus teleporting through space, unless the person also has that power. The person therefore will only be able to travel from the exact spot the person left, and reappear somewhere through time, whether it be in the future or in the past. The only problem with this ability is the exact same problem with teleportation: they could end up merging with something else that is there, and thus die. Teleporters normally have other abilities that make sure that they don't end up occupying the same space as another person or object, but as there are not many people with the ability to travel through time themselves (strictly speaking about their powers, not if they use a machine etc), it is unknown if these characters have these other powers. Cable is a well known time traveller, but he is only able to time travel through machinary in his arm. Forge is well known for being able to create machines that allow time-travel, and he has built many over the years, most recently seen in Messiah Complex and Cable. One of the most well known time travellers though, who actually has this power is Hiro Nakamura. With his ability to travel through space too, he can travel anywhere. But his ability is more of the chronokinetic type rather than just time travel.


Cannonball: Flying

Flight is the ability to fly. This feat can be achieved in various different ways, such as:

  • Self Propelled Flight - The ability to fly without the aid of any wings etc. An example of a superhuman who possesses this ability is Nathan Petrelli.
  • Wings - Wings that have been grown allow the possesser to fly by flapping them. An example of a superhuman with this power is Angel.
  • Wind Current Control - With the ability of aerokinesis, it is possible for the possesser to have such fine motor control over they're ability that they're able to use it to lift them, allowing them to fly. Examples of superhumans who possess/possessed this power are Storm and Renascence.
  • Magnetic Levitation - By manipulating the magnetic poles of a planet, a superhuman possessing magnokinesis could levitate themselves allowing themselves to fly. Examples of superhumans with the ability to do this are Magneto and Polaris.
  • Telekinetic Levitation - Using telekinesis, a telekinetic can levitate and move themselves through the air using telekinesis. Examples of superhumans with the ability to do this are Jean Grey and Marvel Girl.
  • Gravity Manipulation - Manipulating gravity allowing the possessor to fly. An example of a superhuman with this power is Gravity.
  • Using the Power Cosmic
  • Sonic Repulsion Field - Using sound waves, the possesser of this ability is able to fly. Banshee and his daughter, Siryn are able to do this.
  • Energy Aura Projection
  • Thermo-Chemical Energy - The ability were a person's body generates this energy allowing them to use it in various ways. Cannonball possess this powers, and is able to use the energy to thrust/propell himself through the air and generate his powerful blast field.

Miscellaneous Powers


Lady Mastermind: The Illusionist

Ability to alter or deceive the perceptions of another. Can be sensory, a light or sound-based effect, or an alteration of mental perceptions. Some superhumans with this ability, such as Lady Mastermind, can make the person's body re-act to what she makes them see, by changing their perception of the area around them. Also, when Lady Mastermind casts her illusions, the person who it's being cast on doesn't seem to question the sudden change of the surroundings. She can also make they're body re-act to what they see, making this an effective way of killing people. Although Lady Mastermind hasn't been seen performing large scale illusions, it is thought that she has the potensial as her relatives, such as her sister, Martinique (known as Mastermind) and their father, Mastermind have been seen perfoming illusions on a vast scale. Martinique recently turned the whole of San Fransisco into a "hippie land" and her father was able to use his ability to make the whole world forget who the Sentry was. Moonstar had the ability to cast illusions, but only on the persons greatest fear. Another illusionist, Candice Willmer tends to use her power to alter her physical appearance (sort of like shape-shifting). Although Wilmer has been seen to use her powers to alter the environment around her also. Pixie like her sibling's and father( Lady Mastermind, Martinique and Mastermind) has the ability to create illusions but she unlike the rest of her family can't control these illusions. Pixie does this by producing a pink glitter like substance which cause's "cheerful" illusions.

Shape Shifting

Mystique: A Mistress of Disguise

Ability to change appearance or body structure at a molecular level. Mystique is probably one of the best known shapeshifters in the comic industry, using her power to it's full potential. At first, she could only shapeshift to appear as someone who is of the same height and weight as her. But, a few years ago, Mystique was exposed to very, very high levels of radiation, and now she can morph into anything, and normally when in battle grows claws and talons etc and uses them to fight with. She can even use her shapeshifting abilities to create her own clothes and weapons! Changeling, a member of the X-Men for a time also had this ability. He was killed after a while so his ability wasn't explored that much, but he did appear in the X-Men Animated Series under the name Morph, where he had very good control over his ability and was able to copy the physical structure of another being at the very least. In the DC universe the Martian Manhunter has this ability. He usually shapes into a dragon and uses his powers by taking the shapes of his enemies, alien or human. Beast Boy also has this power. Beast Boy's powers of shape shifting is when he turns into any animal he wants.

Animal Morphing

Beast Boy

Ability to take on animal forms. May be able to take on the abilities of the altered form. One of the most well known characters to possess this power is Beast Boy. He has the ability to transform into any animals and even extinct species. In the show Teen Titans he would turn into a T-Rex. When morphing he can stay as an animal without it having any effects on him and he also picks up the animals abilities when changed into the specific animal. If turns into a cheetah he will be able to run as fast as one. Also when morphed into different things he always stay his original color which is green. Wolfsbane a member of the New Mutants also have this power, but here power is more of a sub-catagory, with its own name called lycanthropy, meaning that she is able to turn into a wolf. Wolfsbane can turn into a full wolf, or a half-wolf half-human. When she is in these forms she tends to be a lot more feral and aggressive and gains the enhanced senses of a wolf.


Mr. Fantastic

Ability to stretch, deform, expand and contract one's body into any form they can imagine. Some of the most well known characters in comics to have this power is Plastic Man, Elongated Man, and Mr. Fantastic. Plastic Man gained his powers from being struck by a falling drum full of acid. The acid would go through his wounds which would give his elastic ability. Plastic Man taking up chemistry would create a formula using extracts from a plant called Gingold giving him the ability to stretch his body. In the Marvel universe, Mr. Fantastic has this abililty. He can stretch over three miles or fit himself through a pin hole, or even smaller. He could also expand just one part of his body or he could expand his organs so he is able to have a longer breath. Mr. Fantastic can also change his appearance and even imitate an inanimate object.

Inorganic transformation

Ability to transform completely into an inorganic substance while retaining organic properties


Ability to turn partially or completely into a liquid.

Size Shifting

Ability to increase or decrease one's size. A person who has this ability for

example would be Giganta. Size shifting often ignores matters of mass over volume and the basic laws of thermo dynamics and energy exchange where a person or creature inflates to a new size an somehow gains mass without any visible means of accruing it. This manifests itself in a massive increase in strength while keeping the same basic body-shape and structure. Some creatures will warp into a new more visually powerful form as well.



The abiltiy to turn into a gaseous state. This skill can be a magical power to be come ghost-like and invisible but due to the visual nature of comics it more often gifts the user with an insubstantial form that can pass through openings, or even solid by porous walls and barriers, many times smaller than their physical form. When in gaseous form the character my or may not keep their general physical appearance to aid with recognition or become fractured to the point of being unrecognizable as an amorphous cloud.

Often being in gas form has significant down sides making the user susceptible to weapons and situations that would not be an obstacle otherwise for example: being trapped inside glass without the mass to break the relatively thin glass nor have enough room to re-solidify.

As with size shifting this often ignores the laws of thermo dynamics where mass and weight are ignored, or not explained, as the character changes forms.

Matter Mimicry

Ability to transform into substance touched. Absorbing Man is very well known for having this ability and has defeated countless heroes by turning himself into concrete, steel and sometimes by even copying their power via skin to skin contact.

For a time also, he would touch drugs, turn into them and sell himself on the streets.

Mimicing a known material has long been a popular trait for super heroes as firstly it can help name a new character, names of metals and substances giving an idea of the implied abilities of the hero, or a nickname (e.g. Man of Steel *bad example i know please replace with a better one*). It can also be visually represented where a character changes into a crystalline form, for example, as an artistic and dramatic visual.


A partially animal form that allows enhanced physical abilities like Wolfsbane. Anthropomorphic characters like werewolves have a large established folklore of strength, aggression and a list of vulnerabilities from which to draw from when imbuing a character with traits. Its often used as a form of curse on existing characters to give them a spin during an arc or one-shot. The effects can be either beneficial (enhanced powers: strength, agility, speed, scent) or negative (forced transformation, loss of rational thought and feral nature).

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