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Commander Cold and the Flash's Renegades

Commander Cold commands the police force known as the Renegades, a time traveling police force from the 25th century. Like the rest of his team, Commander Cold uses the gimmicks and a similar persona of Flash's enemies the Rogues. He wields a freeze gun similar to, the leader of the Rogues, Captain Cold's and he also wears a similar parka-esque costume and blue sun glasses.

Major Story Arcs

The Dastardly Death of the Rogues

For More information see: The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues

Commander Cold and his team first appear in the present with the intention to arrest the Flash, Barry Allen, for the murder of fellow Renegade, Mirror Monarch. Barry is clueless about the accusations and claims that he had not killed anyone to which Commander Cold says "Not yet." Upon Flash wondering when will this happen, he informed him he was going to kill him in 84 days, seven hours, and thirty-three minutes, and informs him that he regrets having to arrest a man whose example inspires the Reverse Flash Task Force. He then tosses at Flash a Bilzzard-Starter in hopes of arresting him, but Flash was able to escape from his trap by singling out his Blizzard-Starter from amongst all those snowflakes. His actions are explained to his fellow Renegade officers as necessary precautions for their future encounter with Professor Zoom. The first time they try to arrest Flash, they were unsuccessful due to Flash using Trixster's own handcuffs on the Weather Warlock, damaging his time portal in the process, and forcing them to go back to their own time precinct. They tried to arrest him again, being more successful due to contributions from Trixster and Heatstroke, but were unable to leave due to the interference of Captain Boomerang.

While dealing with Captain Boomerang, the rest of The Rogues show up. They unleash their weapon, a giant mirror said to contain the Mirror Lords. When Captain Boomerang breaks it the Top knocks the Flash through it and spins away. When the Flash reemerges the Renegades recapture him and time travel to the 25th Century. There the Flash is going to be put on trail, but Commander Cold comments that the fact the Renegades posses don't seem all right.

The Flash escapes and steals a time platform and travels back to his time. There Commander Cold and the rest learn that the Top killed Mirror Monarch. They arrest the Top and take him back to the future, never saying sorry to the Flash. Back in the 25th century Cold comments to the judge, his boss that maybe they should tell the Flash about the Time fissure is his time. But the Judge says no their responsibility is to the 25th century only.

Powers & Abilities

Commander Cold has the same abilities as Captain Cold, such as below 0 temperatures, ice blasts, and more, but an extra addition of 25th century technology.


DC Universe Presents

The Flash #1: Case One: The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues, Part One

The Flash #2: Case One: The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues, Part Two

The Flash #3: Case One: The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues, Part Three

The Flash #4: Case One: The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues Part Four

The Flash #5: Case One: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues Part Five

The Flash #6: Case One: The Dastardly Death of the Rouges Part Six

The Flash #7: What Goes Around, Comes Around

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