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The Trixster is a member of the Renegades, a Reverse Flash Task Force from the 25th Century. Whereas the Rogues fought the heroic Flash, the Renegades use their gimmicks to combat the Reverse Flash. In particular, the Trixter uses the gimmickry of the Tricksters.
When the Flash is framed for the murder of the Mirror Monarch, the Trixster is one of the Renegades dispatched to the 21st Century to arrest the Flash. After escaping from one of Commander Cold's artifiicial blizzards, the Flash is able to escape one of Trixster's robotic handcuffs. The cuffs cuff the Weather Warlock, and during his struggle, he damages his Cosmic Disc, sending the Renegades back to the 25th Century.
Afterwords, the Renegades attempt to apprehend the Flash again. This time, he is succesfull in cuffing the Flash, as well as glueing him to the ground using sticky, pink goo. His protective aura is burnt off courtesy of Heatstroke, so the Flash couldn't vibrate his way out of it lest he catch fire. However, Captain Boomerang and the Rogues interupt before the Renegades can apprehend the Flash. The Rogues have one of Sam Scudder's Mirrors with them.
In the resulting fight between the Rogues and the Renegades, the Flash is thrown into the Mirror after Captain Boomerang breaks it.  During this, the Renegade Top  breaks away and confronts Iris West, revealing the story about the Mirror Lords to be a hoax, and that he killed the Mirror Monarch to keep his ancestor from being arrested, barring him from the Renegades. The Flash is taken to the 25th Century to be put on trial, but escapes to the present and is able to apprehend Top, clearing his name of murder.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to the standard issue Cosmic Disc, which allows flight and time travel, the Trixster is armed with several gadgets. Among them are robotic handcuffs and super sticky goo.

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