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The Mirror Monarch is a crime fighter from the 25th Century. He is a member of the Renegades. He is also a founding member of the Reverse-Flash task Force and an officer of the Court of Temporal Justice. His weapons and costume are based on the Mirror Master of the 21th Century.

Major Story Arcs

The Dastardly Deaths of the Rogues

For more information see: The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues

Mirror Monarch dead

The Mirror Monarch first appears in the 21st century as a dead body falling out of a time portal in Central City. It was first thought that the blond man was the Mirror Master but that was quick dissolved. He is still holding his mirror gun and it appears he has been in a struggle. There are defensive wounds on his hands and powdered glass under his finger, meaning he fired he Mirror Gun just before dieing.

It is later learned that he also has, Barry Allen's blood on his gloves. This goes along with the Renegades' accusation that Barry Allen killed the Mirror Monarch. Barry then spends time in both the present and the 25th century disproving this theory.

Barry later learns that Mirror Monarch was kill by his friend and partner Top. Top killed his friend as a elaborate plan to frame Barry Allen, so that he would not have time to investigate a crime committed by the Top's ancestor, Rory Tork. The Top believed if his plan worked the past would be rewritten and the Mirror Monarch would be alive again. This prove to be incorrect, and the Mirror Monarch stayed dead to this day.

Character Evolution

Mirror Monarch only appeared alive in the first Flash : Brightest Day issue, but only briefly before dying. Barry Allen was accused of killing him in the future, but The Top, who told Barry Allen what had happened (which soon turned out to be a lie) so that he didn't kill Mirror Monarch at all. He appears in the other Flash : Brightest Days as flashbacks, or merely being mentioned by his teammates(The Flash Renegades).

Powers & Abilities

Mirror Monarch supposedly had all the powers and abilities that Mirror Master has, but with a slight advantage of 25th century equipment/technology.

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