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Bethany Lee and Hourman

Bethany Lee is the daughter of “Big Chief” Andrea Lee, chief of police of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. At some unspecified point in her past, she both married and divorced Justice League honorary member Snapper Carr, much against her mother’s wishes. While she is divorced, she still remained friends with Snapper.

Both she and Snapper befriended the android Hourman when he came to Happy Harbor to try to find his humanity. Hourman, Snapper, and Bethany went on a number of adventures. Bethany had been transformed into a toddler, attacked by Amazo, captured by both the Lord of Time and Dr. Togg, influenced by demons during the Day of Judgment crossover, stuck in the timestream aboard Hourman’s Timeship, and attacked by the Snatchers and the Undersoul's demon torture cult.

Over the course of their adventures, Bethany and Hourman fell in love. However, Bethany’s feelings for Hourman changed a bit when she was manipulated to fall for a future version of Hourman. That future version was actually Amazo in disguise, and Bethany and Hourman returned to each other when the deception was revealed. Bethany and Hourman finally separated when it was revealed that in a future she would eventually marry Gary Lenin.

Bethany attended college multiple times, for a variety of majors. She once held a workshop entitled “Freeing Your Toddler Brain,” based on the time she was accidentally transformed into a toddler by Hourman.

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