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Hourman’s journey through the timestream with his friends  is underway. Snapper Carr discovers one of the goals of this trip, to use up what’s left of the Timeship’s juice to travel through time, as the party enters the year 1954. The crew land for a bathroom break, and are accosted by Roy Munson, the police chief of Happy Harbor in 1954. When Munson tries to arrest Hourman, current chief Andrea Lee quickly drops him, using her martial arts skills. The group decides to leave quickly, before they run into more trouble.
After back into the timestream, Hourman's girlfriend Bethany Lee coerces Hourman to show them her future. Hourman brings the timeship into the future. However, instead of seeing Bethany together with Hourman, they find her future self together with Gary Lenin. Bethany is shocked, and both Chief Lee (Bethany's mother) and Gary are quite happy about the turn of events.
Meanwhile, in the 853rd century, time-travelling Rex Tyler is working on the next generation Hourman androids in his future company Tyler Chemorobotics. He is approached by the Batman of that era. After a brief skirmish, Batman shows Rex that his creation, Hourman, is squandering his time by taking his friends on a tour of the timestream and has confronted a policeman in the year 1954. Rex decides that Hourman is malfunctioning, and that the only course of action is to junk him. 

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