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The Snatchers were agents of the Undersoul, a human who wanted to create the perfect world. To that end, he created an organization that created “retail hells” in various strip malls across the nation. He would then use Snatchers, Skippers, and Imaginauts (all dressed as demons) to steal the homeless and worthless off the streets. The Snatchers would them torture their victims, “beating the evil” from them, turning them into productive citizens who were loyal to the Undersoul.
By the time Hourman and Snapper Carr discovered the Undersoul and his Snatchers, they had taken over 100,000 wayward youngsters and beaten them into successful members of society. Snapper was captured by the Snatchers and tortured. Hourman, using his alias as Matthew Tyler as bait, disabled the Undersoul’s network and rescued Snapper.



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