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Hourman’s friends are stranded in Hypertime after Hourman was kidnapped last issue. Anchored on an asteroid floating in Hypertime, the group begins to argue about what they are doing. Snapper, frustrated at the group for losing faith in Hourman, returns to the Timeship for a snooze. Meanwhile, Bethany is coming to terms with her future with Gary, Chief Lee is encouraging Gary to date her daughter Bethany to fulfill their future, and Dr. Togg and Torcher are trying to turn Riker’s son Sticky against Hourman.
Chief Lee and Gary get into a fight with Dr. Togg and Torcher, but Bethany breaks it up. The group realizes, though, that they could use the defunct head of Amazo to bring Amazo back, and use his powers to bring them home.
Onboard the Timeship, Snapper is awoken by a returning Hourman. Hourman reveals that he found out that Rex Tyler is his creator. Snapper reveals that the group has been getting snappy since Hourman left. Hourman wants to get the trip started again, but Snapper thinks it’s time for them to talk instead of continuing to run from whatever is in Hourman’s mind.
Hourman reveals that this trip was supposed to be one last time together before he leaves. He and Snapper reminisce about their times together, and Snapper asks why he plans on leaving. Hourman reveals his end goal is to rehabilitate Amazo. Hourman wants to act as Amazo’s guide just as Snapper has acted like his. Snapper, at first hesitant, approves of trying to reform Amazo. Before they could continue, the ship shutters with an explosion.
Outside the ship, Dr. Togg has successfully reactivated Amazo. Hourman quickly transports the entire group back to 21st century Happy Harbor before he goes into the timestream to confront Amazo.  

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