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Dr. Togg was a geneticist in the 1940s who experimented in the combining of animals. He used a ray to combine various animals (dogs and birds, for example). He used these creates, called Gombezis, to perform heists in order to continue to fund his experiments. The Gombezi assaults brought him to the attention of the first Hourman, who followed the Gombezis back to Togg’s headquarters. Hourman rescued the kidnapped mayor’s wife, and attacked Dr. Togg. In the fight, Togg was affected by his own ray, and transformed himself into a Gombezi. Hourman captured Dr. Togg, and Togg was sent to prison.
Togg remained in prison for 58 years. He was released, and approached William McDowell, CEO of WorldFarmCo. He asked to restart his experiments, and McDowell approved. However, McDowell realized the insanity of the experiments Togg was performing. Togg hounded McDowell, who recruited the third Hourman to help him. The third Hourman, instead of fighting Dr. Togg, cured him. Dr. Togg and Hourman became allies.
Hourman put Dr. Togg to work finding a cure for the second Hourman, Rick Tyler’s disease. While Dr. Togg was not successful, Rick Tyler was cured and released from the Timepoint. During this time, Dr. Togg harbored feelings for Bethany Lee, ex-wife to Justice League mascot Snapper Carr and current girlfriend to Hourman. He would frequently show affection, but Bethany did not share his feelings. Dr. Togg also joined Hourman and his friends on a visit through the timestream. They visited past and future version of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. During the trip, Dr. Togg and the demon Torcher schemed against Hourman. They reactivated the defunct head of Amazo, which then allowed Amazo to rebuild himself. Before fighting Amazo, Hourman returned Dr. Togg and the rest to the 20th century.
Dr. Togg’s location since the death of the third Hourman is unknown. 

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