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Hourman's original Timeship
Hourman’s Timeship was a ship created by the android Hourman of the 853rd century. It served as his base of operations in that century, orbiting the planet Jupiter. On the outside, it originally resembled a sailing ship, however it rode on the currents of time. At a later point, Hourman restructured the Timeship to more resemble a starship. On the inside, it was a tesseract, and was much bigger on the inside. Besides the main pilot’s chamber, there also existed a number of rooms, including a laboratory.
The Timeship could travel throughout the timestream and through Hypertime, and could be used independent of Hourman’s powers. The ship was predesigned to only allow a number of time-trips, as a security measure. The Timeship had carried everyone from Hourman to Metron to the entire Justice Society of America.
Hourman's redesigned Timeship
While the methodology of the construction of the Timeship was never revealed, a future version of Hourman revealed to Hourman that, as an idea, the Timeship could be reconstructed from thoughts if it is ever destroyed. The Timeship has been destroyed a number of times (once by the Lord of Time, once by Extant) and Hourman had rebuilt it, presumably using that manner.
The control of the Timeship was given to Rex Tyler after the death of the android Hourman. However, the Timeship had been heavily damaged at that point, and believed to have just one trip left.

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