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Brief History

 Engaging Connor in battle

The Bamboo Monkey appeared during  "Brotherhood of the Fist"  storyline"  and was one of many belonging to the Monkey Fist Cult who sought to kill Green Arrow Connor Hawke.  While attacking his quarry he defeated Dick Grayson  and Tim Drake  in combat, making his skill comparable to the venerated master I-Ching . Despite his speed cunning and skill however he fell before the skill and might of  Connor Hawke.
 Defeated by Connor

After his defeat he led his clan in a tournament to challenge Connor, 
Lady Shiva  and  Richard Dragon  in the new Richard Dragon series. They never made it to the finals thanks to the three but regained a bit of respect, with Dragon noting how dangerous they were. 


He appeared again in the "Dragon Blood" series where he was personally invited to the archer competition by the man in charge. He attended all the meetings outlining the competition and seemed to have gone mad or at least was very unstable psychologically.
 Death of a legend
He may or may not have tried to assassinate a friend of Connor Hawke and was shot through the chest by an arrow. As Connor questioned him however he was hot three times more through the chest by ninja assassins thus killing him. The age of the Bamboo Monkey was over He later died in its third Issue.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'9"  
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Brown
 Hair: Black

Skills and abilities

 Nightwing and Robin are Humbled by his skill
As a single mobile member of the Monkey Fist Cult  he is highly ranked among them next in line to the silver monkey in skill and cunning. 
He has mastered  bamboo style Kung-Fu. This type of martial arts if very acrobatic and is seen as an external form of the art. In addition he wields a bladed bamboo staff which incorporates Bo-staff, whip cane and spear mastery.
As a testament to his strength and flexibility he is also a world class skill with the bow and arrow as noted by his personal invitation to the archers competition. 

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